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Tęgoborze Omen

Tęgoborze Omen

In two years decades will come to times,
When fire will erupt from sky,
Songs of Wernyhora will complete,
Whole world will choke from blood

Poland will stand up from world conflagration,
Two eagles will snare shattered,
But still her fate is bad for long,
and dreams that still are not sold.

When thirty years in tears and loss
the people harms will be,
at end the one big heart will come,
and alone will make the marvel.

When black eagle will tain a sign of cross,
When will lay out his evil wings,
Two states will fall, which nobody would save,
its still a force before the law.

When black eagle on crossroad will come,
When will look towards the east,
While spreading his Teutonic play,
will return with broken wing.

The cross defiled with hammer - will fall.
Nothing will be left to the partitioner.
Mazury soil will be Polish again,
and in Gdansk our fort will become.

In hard strugle against Teutonic pride,
world will colour red by blood, again.
When North will feel danger of East,
In quadro unite will change.

But when on West abjectly betrayed,
by his liberator,
joined with squawk for lion defense
will put a young on the throne,

Power of world mudders will broke,
this time for the ages.
The brother will give hand to brother, and Enemy will go distant land.
At sunrise a hammer will broke,
steepe already in fire.
When eagle with hammer will take others corns,
at river will be cut off to snag.

Valian Bealorus, thick Zaporoże
under polish standars want come,
our Eagle spans even to Black Sea,
returning on his primeval path.

Witebsk, Odessa, Kijów and Czerkasy -
They are European bastions,
and the barbarians in fear will flee forever to Asia

Warszawa will become a middle of the World,
but we have three capitals.
The Asian will left far mires,
and dragon will renew face.

Bear will fall after second journey,
Dunaj again is drowing in luxury,
and when peace will come to Warszwa,
three kings will water thier horses in it.

Three rivers of the world will give three crowns,
to Anointed One from Krakow,
on four courners of world
allies will make thier oaths.

Hungar with Pole, when will join thier hands,
three states together with Romani,
At the majesty of polish throne,
will make an eternal union.

And crimeran Tatar, when will come to river,
when he will not change his faith -
will ask powerfull Poland for protection
and will stay faithfull to this soil.

Poland will uprise from sea to sea,
waiting on this through half of age.
With protection from mercy of God,
so suffer and pray - a human."

Kontur Tusk has gone mad again. In Poland are making big cheek against me - trying to use even my mother - which since soviet occupation is using hard psychiatric drugs and is in realy bad state - an effect of another cheek after my father. What an inhuman people from Teutonic Platform.
What a teutonic pride...
For his crimes and sins Kontur Tusk has gived our country for another 3 years into hands of political policeGestapo - using army is continuing fight with political opposition that does not want to sign his Teutonic nutes. It is realy like in occupation - whit gates closed not only to the Parliament but to the country... There is positive sign - i had recived a list of MEPs of PiS oposition - from prof. Religa asistent. But nothing more...
I am continuing my pilgrimage in name of John Paul II - and his values - human rights and world peace. The people behing Targowica betralay has been hanged few yers after giving our country to the Central Powers and Katharina. And this people - that are defending poisoners of our pope - will meet this same fate...

Our Katharina - Aunty Democracy is on anty-priglimage at Middle-East and Europe. This same cold-war tunes as usual. Nothing has changed - kontur Tusk is crucifixing again....

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

Today is my 3 day on piglirmare. I have arrived sucesfully into Roterdam and soon going next stop.

Hope to write about this next days...