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Flowers for Democracy

Yesterday i was going to the European Parliament. Well as they say Mountain could not come to Mahomet so Mahomet has come to the mountain. On the way in the Brussel park i have meet a Sri Lanka demonstration. I love to join the demonstrations in good cases and at first look it was such. But then i has discovered thier banners. It was a pope Benedict XVI and some Europeans leders blamed for status quo there. Well, after thier failed schizm they has just used a somethnig that was printed and prepared before. Just another arm of the Admiral and Clinton arms... Well and just few days ago they has made some suiced bombing which is so symptomatic for Moon lemings... I decided to not to join them and warned them against such methods and their false leaders...

I have corsed Bruksel park and there i has found another strange thing. When i have arrived to Bruksel i has found very stirring exhibition on the wall there. It was a banners with a photography of some jewish people that on the night of 19 April 1943 has been put to some train and sent to the Block X of Aushwitz concentration camp. The exhibition was entitled TRANSPORT XX. They was taking it off. Well in the context of failed schizm it was not looking good for some here...


On 19 April 1943, Transport XX departed with 1,631 deportees.

This was the first and only time a rescue was attmpted when three young local men attacked the train in an attempt to rescue Jews being transported to the East during World War II.

Transport XX was an exceptional convoy because it carried an unusually large number of victims and it was the first time that the Nazis resorted to the use of a cattle train. In previous convoys third class railway carriages had been used and deportees could, from time to time, escape through the carriage doors and windows.

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On the ground i had found some flowers. I taked them with me to bring to the building of European Parliament.

On the way, just few houndreds meters i has found another group of protesters. They was making a protest against ING bank. I have joined them under slogan 'Free our savings'. When doing this i was thinking about fraud done on me, but also aout this night train to Aushwitz. About a criterium and savings that Hitler and his Leutant Baron did in past...

After the demo i had go on my bike to the European Parliament keeping in hand this flowers. I needed something more, something to make a banner. On a spar near the Parliament i have found nice announcment made on red card by European Commision. It was perfect one. I have wroten:

R. I. P

Bronislaw Geremek

Under it i have drawed a fish, a symbol of the first christians. I know that he was poisoned by Tetraodontidae which is made from puffer fish and sleeped behind wheal of his car on 13 July 2008. It was just one of many murders commited on member of opposition an people that was a threat for ethier neotheo or uber agency. Nobody however did anything to solve this and other cases... And you know. The recent funerals, it is just like an funeration of Democracy...

I had put this red card on the wall of European Parliament together with flowers.

I wanted to take part in this year elections, i have wroten several letters to polish meps waiting on the ground for the meeting... Nobody responded positivly... 100% of totalitarism...

Quo vadis Democracy?

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