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800 year of la Chapelle

Yesterday i have send just another letter. This time to the King of Belgium. Reason? Well, just an beard... Well, no i am not joking. It is still this same story, cousins, uniforms and a fraud also done on local king. This time just before I World War... AND OF COURSE IN THIS SAME TEUTONIC TACTIC...

800 YEARS of la Chapelle

His Excellence King Albert II,
Prime Minister of Belgium
and others

While i am making my pilgrimage in the intention of beatification of our beloved pope Jean Paul II I had come to Brussels. During my travel i am also looking for a traces of my family history that is rooted as far as the polish bishop Radost. or even deeper. In this city I has discovered something amazing Notre Dame de la Chapelle that was founded in 1210.

It is notable discovery as it contains a pieces and traces of history of both Poland as well the Kingdom of Belgium. While polish bishop Radost has founded a cathedral at the royal Wawel in this same time another bishop has founded la Chapelle. It was a bishop Baudouin. It is realy interesting church that is very symbolic for a deep Belgian-Polish roots.

Next year it will be 800 years since foundation of this unique church. I would like then to ask You for a meeting with to talk about an opportunities to celebrate such beautiful anniversary. Just on my way to the Holly See…

Waiting for reply,
Best Regards

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

well, just another good omen that was published just in time when i have sited down to read news in internet caffe ;)

The Pope's press officer, Fr Federico Lombardi, is to resign after Benedict XVI's visit to the Holy Land, according to Italian and German press reports. Hat tip: Catholic Church Conservation, a traditionalist blog run by Chris Gillibrand in Brussels.