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Omlert last shot

Yesterday our Kontur Donek has said that he is ready for a meeting... Well, he was aware that Omlert will do everything to keep himself in power. He was just building his image for the public. It was last 24 h when he could do something.

And he was trying by using somebody in local police connected also to Nathanyahu to make assault on me. I know that local police have a hard proof of this. As when i was returning from Gare du Midi near police headquters i had found an ambulance and dead body inside. Just behind the ambulance i noticed another car with some yewish guy writing sms on his phone. It was very sad picture, but building my heart. I saw so many bodies of failed assasins in the past weeks, just one more, but so signifant one. They never listen...

It was last chance for Omlert. The to be or not to be. If he will make assault on me and show his fabricated proofs today in Knesset the Nathanyahu government could be blocked and Kadima would have another chance to form new one and stay in power. But this is not going to hapen. And our neonazi team would be broken. It will put Tusk and Obama in very difficult positions...

But they does not changed thier course. Still pla pla playing to the people. Thier Uberagency is still operating on my soil. Even my annual march will be organized by thier operatives and paws. And the political parties are completly paralysed by his blackmalls and terrorist methods. Most of polish common people see this situation as clear as I but they cannot do anything... So to express this they has decided to not take part in next elections. As i was calling them to do on my Voice of Truth brodacast. Vote on Geremek, stay in home. 71% does not see sense in voting on this circus.

Tusk is still optimistic, thanks to his blind lemings it will make his party an 40% victory... It is problem, but people does not see any alternatives - they see this paralys on my example. The only one leader that could make a problem to Tusk and could give me a chance to take in elections has been assasinated on 13 July last year. It is tragedy that in so obviousl case is still not solved. And well it was very symbolic politican holding many of military orders. In past they had some meening now it looks just like a decorations...

Bronisław Geremek received many decorations and distinctions, such as the Großes Verdienstkreuz mit Stern - the Grand Cross with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Pour le Mérite, and, in 1998, the Karlspreis (Charlemagne Award) of the city of Aachen . He was an Officer of the French Légion d’honneur. In 2002 President Aleksander Kwaśniewski honoured him with the most important Polish decoration, the Order of the White Eagle.

More: Wikipedia

He has been murdered by the people from Tusk knife, very this same that has also participated in murdering of John Paul II. But Barus team through CIA instead of blaming Malta Order, in which hands they are, just is continuing to blame others. This time casting doubt on Kremlin and KGB = but he has forgoten that it was also infiltrated by this people from Malta Order even in the soviet time.

When tomorrow the new minister of Commiunication in Israel will take the office he and his coleagues will be in very good position to look once again from new perspective on the mystery of his arest in the Soviet Union in 1984. The point is that its cause was not the soviet KGB but the Malta Order that was trying to use his russian agents and influence to make an enemy from jewish people against CCCP. My personal problem to them is that they was also involved in case of my father. Some to recent days was very influential in Russia. So if he will folow, he will go as deeply into this cabale as I did. And his coleagues should do this. As Bibi should be personaly interested in solving the mystery of murder done on his brother Yoni, that you can find on the portrait on the beginig of this post... Yes, he will also find not so polish Munich school and ... Obama team in White House... And Simon Peres that is still President of Israeli regime...

He is - or rather was - the brother of the former Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. He was born on March 13, 1946 - and died died July 4, 1976, at the age of thirty. He has been kille during an operation Entebbe.

The problem is that this terror plot was constructed in a scheme as others about which you can read on this blog.

According to UK government file on the crisis, an unnamed contact within the Euro-Arab Parliamentary Association told a British diplomat in Paris, shortly after the hijack, that the Israeli Secret Services and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), acted together to seize the plane. According to this version, the Shin Bet helped design the operation to undermine the PLO's standing in France and its rapprochement with the USA.[19]

Well, this gives some hope, but i am leving Brussels whitout any positive achievments, nothing has changed for me personaly. Nethier polish MEPs nethier King of Belgium has not answered. It looks that instead of celebrating his and my family and nation 800 years roots he prefer to continue to celebrate 300 years of bombardment of Brussels by DuPont family which is continuing to terrorise this land as well as my and american one... I rely does not understand him as he has also not only blood bones but also material interest on the very similar fraud that was done here in 1900. Yes, by Teutons...


800 year of la Chapelle

Yesterday i have send just another letter. This time to the King of Belgium. Reason? Well, just an beard... Well, no i am not joking. It is still this same story, cousins, uniforms and a fraud also done on local king. This time just before I World War... AND OF COURSE IN THIS SAME TEUTONIC TACTIC...

800 YEARS of la Chapelle

His Excellence King Albert II,
Prime Minister of Belgium
and others

While i am making my pilgrimage in the intention of beatification of our beloved pope Jean Paul II I had come to Brussels. During my travel i am also looking for a traces of my family history that is rooted as far as the polish bishop Radost. or even deeper. In this city I has discovered something amazing Notre Dame de la Chapelle that was founded in 1210.

It is notable discovery as it contains a pieces and traces of history of both Poland as well the Kingdom of Belgium. While polish bishop Radost has founded a cathedral at the royal Wawel in this same time another bishop has founded la Chapelle. It was a bishop Baudouin. It is realy interesting church that is very symbolic for a deep Belgian-Polish roots.

Next year it will be 800 years since foundation of this unique church. I would like then to ask You for a meeting with to talk about an opportunities to celebrate such beautiful anniversary. Just on my way to the Holly See…

Waiting for reply,
Best Regards


Flowers for Democracy

Yesterday i was going to the European Parliament. Well as they say Mountain could not come to Mahomet so Mahomet has come to the mountain. On the way in the Brussel park i have meet a Sri Lanka demonstration. I love to join the demonstrations in good cases and at first look it was such. But then i has discovered thier banners. It was a pope Benedict XVI and some Europeans leders blamed for status quo there. Well, after thier failed schizm they has just used a somethnig that was printed and prepared before. Just another arm of the Admiral and Clinton arms... Well and just few days ago they has made some suiced bombing which is so symptomatic for Moon lemings... I decided to not to join them and warned them against such methods and their false leaders...

I have corsed Bruksel park and there i has found another strange thing. When i have arrived to Bruksel i has found very stirring exhibition on the wall there. It was a banners with a photography of some jewish people that on the night of 19 April 1943 has been put to some train and sent to the Block X of Aushwitz concentration camp. The exhibition was entitled TRANSPORT XX. They was taking it off. Well in the context of failed schizm it was not looking good for some here...


On 19 April 1943, Transport XX departed with 1,631 deportees.

This was the first and only time a rescue was attmpted when three young local men attacked the train in an attempt to rescue Jews being transported to the East during World War II.

Transport XX was an exceptional convoy because it carried an unusually large number of victims and it was the first time that the Nazis resorted to the use of a cattle train. In previous convoys third class railway carriages had been used and deportees could, from time to time, escape through the carriage doors and windows.

More: Expatica

On the ground i had found some flowers. I taked them with me to bring to the building of European Parliament.

On the way, just few houndreds meters i has found another group of protesters. They was making a protest against ING bank. I have joined them under slogan 'Free our savings'. When doing this i was thinking about fraud done on me, but also aout this night train to Aushwitz. About a criterium and savings that Hitler and his Leutant Baron did in past...

After the demo i had go on my bike to the European Parliament keeping in hand this flowers. I needed something more, something to make a banner. On a spar near the Parliament i have found nice announcment made on red card by European Commision. It was perfect one. I have wroten:

R. I. P

Bronislaw Geremek

Under it i have drawed a fish, a symbol of the first christians. I know that he was poisoned by Tetraodontidae which is made from puffer fish and sleeped behind wheal of his car on 13 July 2008. It was just one of many murders commited on member of opposition an people that was a threat for ethier neotheo or uber agency. Nobody however did anything to solve this and other cases... And you know. The recent funerals, it is just like an funeration of Democracy...

I had put this red card on the wall of European Parliament together with flowers.

I wanted to take part in this year elections, i have wroten several letters to polish meps waiting on the ground for the meeting... Nobody responded positivly... 100% of totalitarism...

Quo vadis Democracy?


Narutowicz letter

"Tusk will cook to us a totalitarian state"

10 March 2009

It was two days after meeting of Marshal and Gabriel Narutowicz - the first President of II Commonwealth of Poland - when he was assasinated. It was two days after me receiving a letter from office of Zbigniew Religa when he has died. Maybe it is accident, maybe for another time somebody has used opportunity to blame my involvment. Just look at the last posts...

When in Tegoborze Omen post i have put a grave as an ilustration, I was thinking about me that will land in it never finishing my pilgrimare, but the words, letters and this picture was so inspiring to blame me - as they was doing after Narutowicz - Jozef Radosz aka Pilsudzki. I am very affraid that it was not a accident. He was not only somebody that while in Ministry of Health wanted to help me and our case, he was a perfect candidate for next President and most dangerous opponent. It is just like a repeat of Narutowicz story...

Gabriel Narutowicz - of his own coat of arms (born on March 17, 1865 in Telšiai; died on December 16, 1922 in Warsaw) an engineer, a hydroelectrician, a professor at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, the Minister of Public Works (1920 – 1921), the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1922), the first president of the Second Polish Republic, a mason.

More: Wikipedia

And also a schizm opportunity and so well prepared hucpa can lead many to the conclusion that it was not natural death. My intervention during elections of head of Polish Church was sucessful. For next 5 years they has choosed this same person that was runing church and it is good. Because if some from compromised figures will be elected it will quickly lead to real schizm in it. And they was well prepared for this. Just look at top headlines:

  • Euthanasia supporters gains another score
  • Death of Religa. Funeral on Friday.

  • Cardinal Dziwisz elected head of Polish Church
Well, the last one has never been put into print, but we was so close to the total compromitation of Polish Church. And when it comes to the Religa funeral - they has undescored that it will be lead not by priest but by women. Just like a prepared breaking point... But the schizm has been blocked...

In this same time when young french styled leaders of so caled left was attacking Presidential Palace instead of Prime Minister, the old Rysiu Kalisz has once again supported my stance presenting to the public documents about plans to create an gestapo database for invigilation of polish citizen - by Bush-Obama uber-agency. They planed to cover 100% of population by 2011...

Well, i have seen another leader of opposition from the Presidential Palace behind Rysiu backs and today our media are full of informations about number of investigations that has just been started. They has also showed a corruptional connections between PSL and PO which are coalitians. I know how Tusk has black-malled PSL just days before so i think that the gates to this party are closed for me. Well, if they will continue with Tusk cabinet they are going to drow anyway...

Well, today Berlin, Paris and London has expressed thier disaproval for Zdradziu Sikorski, i do not need to mention an reasoning. Well, let say that it is Council of Europe that is going to celebrate thier 60 years anniversary in May in ... Madrit. Yes, NO PASARAN TO GESTAPO...

But for Kontur... Well, he do not see any problem and does not see a reasons to disolve his compromised goverement. If PSL will not break this trqgedy then it can be a Sopot referendum that will lead Donek to the Tribunal of State.

I am going to continue my pilgrimage with next stop in Brusels... Let see if there is a hope for me to participate in so called democrating elections. Yes Benazir, Democrats will help us for sure...

Ahh, and Interpol has finaly announced that he has received our red card. But while 100 names of gestapo officers was provided they are talking only about 25. A quater...


Culture of Fear vs Hope

Yesterday i have arived in Antwerpen to meet with Joep Omen. Old coleague from ENCOD which i suspect on colaboration with this uber-agency. I have hard reasons to belive in this as i was working with them on top position. Still, the political situation is different and i can understand, but not accept, the presure that i also started to feel on myself in time of my Council of Europe work. Yesterday he had a conversation with some Bolivians. I wonder which ones, as i had seen ENCOD used for sabotague of serious work on this highly sensitive area - human rights and drugs...

In Poland they continue thier hucpa, but this time has focused on Presidential Palace. Both Teutonic Platofrm and french lewizna SLD is making hard attack while main problem is our Prime Minister. It does not look good as just on Sunday member of presidential party - profesor Religa has died. Yes, this one that has replied to my email, while was so close to death. Now i look at it as true gesture of solidarity and understqnding. It is second member of Parliament that has passed away in last months. I think this death while was not good omen was maybe natural as he was fighting with lung cancer. The previous one was not so.

It was member of PSL from Podkarpacie that has passed on stroke while was conducting serious investigation in the commission headed by... curent Minister of Injustice... Well, i put bigest hope in this small party for allowing me to take part in upcomming elections...

But this is not end of shamefull events in Generalgoverment. Polish church is choosing new head and they say that Cardinal Dziwisw or Glemp have bigest chances. WHAT A SHAME. First one was only person that was together with our pope on night of his death - very second of april. And so far has told so many lies that he is first suspect in line. The other, Glemp, well, after summoning of PRL era agent Prorok and his coleague to Vatican they call him bigest obstacle in beatification of priest Popieluszku. A case that is also a key to my father mystery....

However there is also something positive that i would like to share with you. This time it is some wise voice from the United States. Well, thanks to Bush and Obama some can think that Americans are just stupid, but this one for sure is not. He understands and share my observations. Just listen to this interview on culture of fear and culture of hope. Something optimistic at the end of the polish day...

And Obama... Well, pla pla as usual. He says that he will review Bush order while continuing to expand both Greenvill blasphemy and thier uber-agency. Pla pla pla. Nothing real. VOTE ON DEMOCRATS DIE ON STREET... 650 000 in February alone. What a performance, what a style...


Tęgoborze Omen

Tęgoborze Omen

In two years decades will come to times,
When fire will erupt from sky,
Songs of Wernyhora will complete,
Whole world will choke from blood

Poland will stand up from world conflagration,
Two eagles will snare shattered,
But still her fate is bad for long,
and dreams that still are not sold.

When thirty years in tears and loss
the people harms will be,
at end the one big heart will come,
and alone will make the marvel.

When black eagle will tain a sign of cross,
When will lay out his evil wings,
Two states will fall, which nobody would save,
its still a force before the law.

When black eagle on crossroad will come,
When will look towards the east,
While spreading his Teutonic play,
will return with broken wing.

The cross defiled with hammer - will fall.
Nothing will be left to the partitioner.
Mazury soil will be Polish again,
and in Gdansk our fort will become.

In hard strugle against Teutonic pride,
world will colour red by blood, again.
When North will feel danger of East,
In quadro unite will change.

But when on West abjectly betrayed,
by his liberator,
joined with squawk for lion defense
will put a young on the throne,

Power of world mudders will broke,
this time for the ages.
The brother will give hand to brother, and Enemy will go distant land.
At sunrise a hammer will broke,
steepe already in fire.
When eagle with hammer will take others corns,
at river will be cut off to snag.

Valian Bealorus, thick Zaporoże
under polish standars want come,
our Eagle spans even to Black Sea,
returning on his primeval path.

Witebsk, Odessa, Kijów and Czerkasy -
They are European bastions,
and the barbarians in fear will flee forever to Asia

Warszawa will become a middle of the World,
but we have three capitals.
The Asian will left far mires,
and dragon will renew face.

Bear will fall after second journey,
Dunaj again is drowing in luxury,
and when peace will come to Warszwa,
three kings will water thier horses in it.

Three rivers of the world will give three crowns,
to Anointed One from Krakow,
on four courners of world
allies will make thier oaths.

Hungar with Pole, when will join thier hands,
three states together with Romani,
At the majesty of polish throne,
will make an eternal union.

And crimeran Tatar, when will come to river,
when he will not change his faith -
will ask powerfull Poland for protection
and will stay faithfull to this soil.

Poland will uprise from sea to sea,
waiting on this through half of age.
With protection from mercy of God,
so suffer and pray - a human."

Kontur Tusk has gone mad again. In Poland are making big cheek against me - trying to use even my mother - which since soviet occupation is using hard psychiatric drugs and is in realy bad state - an effect of another cheek after my father. What an inhuman people from Teutonic Platform.
What a teutonic pride...
For his crimes and sins Kontur Tusk has gived our country for another 3 years into hands of political policeGestapo - using army is continuing fight with political opposition that does not want to sign his Teutonic nutes. It is realy like in occupation - whit gates closed not only to the Parliament but to the country... There is positive sign - i had recived a list of MEPs of PiS oposition - from prof. Religa asistent. But nothing more...
I am continuing my pilgrimage in name of John Paul II - and his values - human rights and world peace. The people behing Targowica betralay has been hanged few yers after giving our country to the Central Powers and Katharina. And this people - that are defending poisoners of our pope - will meet this same fate...

Our Katharina - Aunty Democracy is on anty-priglimage at Middle-East and Europe. This same cold-war tunes as usual. Nothing has changed - kontur Tusk is crucifixing again....