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Zdradzio siedge Clari Montis

Kontur Tusk has made new orders for thier secret police - he want after his return to my country use the first police strike - against Pilsudzki legend for one more time. He has received words of support from his Kissinger attache - vice-President of the United States - which after creating the Ministry of the False God - and arming his National Security Agency agents - with theology - and the 'moral indulgence' can now fully in the name of law and religion terrorise the world as he was duing when he was part of the NSA secret police force...

Obama to fortify Department of False God

Reporting from Los Angeles and Washington -- It seemed like a firm campaign promise. Barack Obama pledged to continue President Bush's faith-based office in the White House, but with a key change: Groups receiving federal money would no longer be allowed to discriminate in hiring on the basis of religion.

Source: Los Angeles Times

On the theological ground he has fortyfied a Teutonic order even futher - creating some kind of the throne of the second pope in the Washington. The institution to influence each of the faith. This move can in future very shortly lead us to futher expansion of this secret corporate police that is know to the world as the National Security Police that in thier arogance will be calling the name of God - with impunity even bigger that now. While his intensions could be good - an healing - with such advisors and the Kissinger figure at his back - together with this Velvet Islam adventure in the mystic Pakistani belt - his move - was extremly wrong abd so dangerous. It is like a preview of totalitarian government - global one. Neo-theocracy...


"Neo-theocracy" (often shortened to "neo-theo") is a term political commentators began using in the first decade of the 21st century to refer to a (perceived) sudden growth in the popularity of the acceptance of the legitimacy of the combination of religion and politics. Those who use this term (often a term of disparagement) point to, as examples, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, including but not limited to belief in Shariah as a basis for modern laws.

From Voltaire to Nietzsche, intellectuals had been for centuries predicting an imminent demise for religion. Its resilience implies for many the necessity of a re-thinking of the entire Enlightenment project, and thus neo-theo is often seen as a symptom of the post-modern condition. For proponents of liberal democracy, rooted as it is in the Enlightenment tradition, neo-theo presents a threat to the fundamental principle of the separation of Church and State.

Source: Wikipedia

While thier perfid slogan of 'global healing' can be achived and is as needed as never before - such strategy is not the way forward... Healing can be achieved and will be - if not in comming months then in next decade. If not through European Justice institutions or our Causus Dei and the continuation of my father case in the Tribunal of the State - then through Iranian Tribunal that can just perfectly play together with 800 years old Pope and my family institution - the Apostolic Tribunal. But - his team aims was to create schizm - to futher fortify thier fraud - so he is continuing this Kissinger heresy - complicating world issues even more. Some say it is total war also with the Holly Sea. I see that Swedish camp is just again storming mount of Yasna.... And the orders was given in Munich. Just again - our Kontur has breaked constitution.

IRGUN ideology and Teutonic roots

Until 1939 the Sarona neighbourhood in Tel Aviv was the home of the German Templars - a Teutonic arm.

“They were very respected, they were really good, religious people,” says Uri Avneri, a leading Israeli journalist. “But when Hitler came to power in Germany and Germans all over the world started to be proud of the new, strong Germany, these settlers, who had already been in the country for almost a hundred years, became slowly infected by Nazism.”

At the beginning of World War Two, the British decided to kick them out and sent them to Australia far away from the war, but this didn’t put an end to Nazism in the Holy Land.

More: RT 24/7

Yes, they see a troubles in Poland. While Radzio in Warszawa and Kontur Tusk in Munich was just again wanted to execute thier hucpa (eng. cheek) in the 'Huzia na Jozia' style - breaking polish constitution again - by involving Army directly in the politics (art. 26). They as I are aware about growing indignation in ranks of the Polish Army as well the Police forces. The thing that can move the masses - in the Western world - from decades is this same - the economic conditions. Yes, with growing economic crisis - we are going to face a wave after wave of strikes. This is basic reason behind many strikes - as well as this one that is going to take place under Wawel - in Polish Krakow. Our old capital city.

This time - the protest in Krakow is truly historical one - it is first time when Polish Police is going directly to the street on the 17 February. This is monumental one - a similar one to the police strikes that happened after first world war. In 1919 - year of the establishment of the Chief of Military Prosecutor Office by our Marshal Pilsudzki. As then, people in the police and jurdicary see how they are used in the name of injustice - while thier wages are going to be relative smaller with each month passing. It is again historical opportunity that in that time was used so effectivly by sons of the light. Yes, our Marshal as whole family had a whole circle of silent friends - in London but also on the New Continent.

For our Prime Minister and his regime - wieght of my letter to the Chief of Millitary Prosecutor is comparable to the letter that was sent to the chief of the Scotlandyard and was begining of huge police strikes - not only in the United Kingdom but also in the United States. The reason was a this same corruption and a govermental intervention in defense of thier crime that was done with the Police Arbitration Tribunal pay award. And as then 90ty years ago - we see this same circles and this same countre-tactics - an order to the members of the secret forces - made by our Prime Minister. And this old time radio show - my family show - the Voice of Truth - just again calling for the global revolution...

Scotland Yard letter

During the afternoon of 27 August 1918, a letter addressed to the Commissioner of the Metropolis, Sir Edward Henry, was delivered by hand to Scotland Yard.

The writer was PC John Crisp, the secretary of the National Union of Police and Prison Officers. The letter was an ultimatum. Unless the authorities conceded, by midnight on 29 August, a substantial increase in police pay and wartime bonuses, the immediate reinstatement of a PC who had been dismissed because of his union activities, and the immediate recognition of the Union, it would suspend its “no strike” rule, and “hold the authorities responsible for any situation that might arise”.
Source: The strike that shook the Empire

This historical police strike that will be held in Krakow on the 17 February is just like a repeat of the wave of police strikes from 1919. The process of discovering for the public the scale of some leader that was so activly defended thier past actions during Munich summit has already provoked a strikes in other countrie.

And, with return of so compromised Premier from the Munich - with prepared strategy - for another punch agains our nation and the heritage of our country - in a call not of soldarity with the families of victims of thier Velvet terrorist but in defense of greenville blasphemy. His return from Munich is just like a spark of fire - that can lead us consequently to the repeat of Marshal May coup de'etat. We are observing and are participating in the growth of real moral revolution - as well contr-revolutionary moves. Not only in the Poland - which is again in center of the world game - but also overboard...

Norwegian police on strike

Oslo - Norwegian police officers Thursday staged a nationwide strike in protest against changes in regulations for working hours.

The 90-minute strike was called by the Norwegian Police Federation.


It cannot be hidden anymore - current leaders of our goverement on front with Donald Tusk, Sikorski and Klich - to name only top - has lost thier Kissinger game... Tusk Munich meeting was just like a coronation of the false king in the Swedish camp - like an outh given to foreign forces - occupants - that has sold our contry - because of his wrongdoings from past. He was so sassly that has even declared during this summit - that he acts not in polish interest - but as he called it - some boarder - European one.

The truth is that he has jumped on the wagon of current chief of the NATO. And this one - can disapear in huge scandal. His days are counted. No it is not secret! And the riff between this clishe and rest of the Europe is going to grow. In addition - they has lost thier intrigue in the Pakistan. Looks - that some there - in the tribal Pakistan - has droped thier Velvet connections and has started to act on the Light side of the Force...

People are waiting on Tusk return form Munich. But they are aware of his wrongdoings - on his use of army and police for the political purpose in past - and his another prepared secret service plot - just like during PRL - an action against me - like on my father - under arrogant slogan 'Thank you for attention'... ELECTRO BREAK. He returns from Munich just like from this fameous betrayal in Swedish camp, just before attack on the Mount Yasna - with orders that breaked our constitution...

Thank You for attention KONTUR DONEK!!!

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