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Walesa confesions

Actions speak louder than words...
English saying 

The Causus Dei in my country is going to be louder and louder as with each month passing we are closer and closer to the so many roundly aniversaries. The week started from 2 April is going to be some kind of week of the Independece of Europe. It has become obviousl for some... For some in Israel and our Froggy President of the U.S. it is still not. He is sure that Kontur Donek will welcome him as the Liberator in the Danzing...

Our goverement looks  completly crushed after Davos, but still seems to hope that it will be able to keep this Chernobyl illussion in the air and nobody will discover the shambo that they are fuelling with every day passing - with new illusions. They are silent about CASA, no personal moves has been made, simply nothing else that the illusion in the James Bond style.

Public has been just told that the our velvet Talibans from Benazir killers tribe has extended thier ultimatum and that our brave goverement has just sent to the Pakistan our super agend - polish James Bond to help relase him... I think that they should sent him to the White House or to our Monk Kramer and this way this ilussion would be disolved for free...

But there is one person - maybe not so well know to our Emperor - that has just after years - made truly shoking confesion. It is Lech Walesa - a person - that has been stylised on our liberator. A person that just today has confesed about our Round Table fuss and in which perfid missinformation he has been keept by our common opressors - so called liberators...

Round Table talks "a rotten, base compromise"

Former President and legendary Solidarność leader Lech Wałęsa has said that the so-called Round Table talks had been “a rotten compromise”.

February 6th is the 20th anniversary of the start of talks between the government and the opposition which led to the fall of communism and political transformation not only in Poland but throughout Central-Eastern Europe.

(It was) a very rotten compromise, base, but without it we wouldn’t have been able to move on. Certainly, one day communism would have toppled, logically thinking in 30 or 50 years, and it would have ended then in a bloodbath, Lech Wałęsa said.

Lech Wałęsa also said he has an uneasy conscience because he’d had to behave so dishonestly in that situation but, he added, he’d had no other option and would do the same again today.


And in the very interesting way has been commented by soviet time PRL leader - General Jaruzelski:

Jaruzelski - 20 years after

General Wojciech Jaruzelski gave a major television interview, Tuesday, explaining his view of Solidarity and the Roundtable talks of February 6 to April 4, that brought to an end communist rule in Poland in 1989.

The general, who is currently on trial for his role in declaring martial law in Poland in 1981, told the TVN 24 station that Solidarity only emerged in Poland when the time was ripe for it to do so: “Everything needs to mature," said the former communist leader, explaining why Poland had to wait to re-legalize Solidarity for so long after martial law and be brought into the governing process which culminated in the Round Table talks.

"It was in 1980 that I first started thinking about an agreement," claims Jaruzelski, alluding to the so-called “meeting of the three" in November 1981 that involved Primate Jozef Glemp and Solidarity leader Lech Walesa. Jaruzelski also stressed that as the meeting did not result in any clear solutions, further progress was much slower, “step by step," with numerous obstacles.


About the Round Table he has said: “I am happy that it happened so," said Jaruzelski, adding that he did not bend under will of Walesa, but under circumstances which gave him no other option.

General Wojciech Jaruzelski was chosen by the government to be prime minister of Poland in February 1981. A couple of months later, on 13 December, he imposed martial law. The debate whether the draconian laws imposed at that time - and the murders of protesting miners and others that followed - were necessary to stave off a Soviet invasion, continues.

Source: Polish Radio

But there are other interesting and shoking quotes by Lech Walesa - that was not translated. And which shows how Walesa was manipulated - especialy when it comes to my family. So symptomatic...

Walesa on Round Table

Walesa has told that he does not like to talk about the Round Table and prefers to avoid comments on this topic.

"I have a moral headache, because i was signing by one hand - and i was aware that i am playing with unhonest people - that they want to defat me - so when i was signing i was counting for next jump to the throats of communism..."

"It was not educational what I was doing, we cannot play that way in the normal circustances"

"You wanted to fool me and us - so i had fooled you. Yes sir. And i am ashamed"

In the opinion of former President "we needed to make bad compromise, to take tomorrow, what we have today".


What i can say... Dark and cold, just again...

And tomorrow - Tomorrow they have in the Parliament - a conference - with another plastic leaders - about the Round Table, of course...

And our so compromised Kontur Donek - just on the good evening - has again repeated his Aushwitz wishes...

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