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Tuskawki on Great Canary

Today - just after the elections in Israel that has put thier political future and my fate in even bigger limbo that it was so far - i had meet Swidnica team. Yesterday, they has missed me and today one of them has told me that they are going out of Amsterdam with whole gang to the Canary. They received money just overnight and are going to celebrate on canary islands. Good, that this self-professional team is leaving the city, but i do not think our Kontur will leave me alone...

In meantime second cope de'etat in Saudi Arabia has been discovered and the Interpol has issued arresty warant for some of this dangerous Velvet Islamists....

Interpol issues alert for 85 in Saudi terror plots

Interpol has issued a worldwide alert for 85 suspects involved in plotting terror attacks against Saudi Arabia.

An "Orange Notice" alert was issued on Tuesday for 83 Saudi nationals and two Yemenis, described as highly dangerous, Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble said.

More: PressTV

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Well, i just returned from our Flying Dutch where i had passed this Orange Notice to our two Obama Yemenis - sent here months ago to give a show of thier 'friendines' and 'smoke screen'. Yes i know about who Interpol Secretary General was saying.

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In Generalgouverment nobody today is blaming Pakistan, nobody sets 'a fire' under our Zdradzio incident. Yesterday, our media has informed about a  financial cases waiting on our Minister of Injustice in Chicago - when he was also before 'Round Table'  brodcasting his audition - since infamous 1988.

It  looks our Hegemon started to realize that he cannot simply tell the lies and use army for political purposes - now they are trying to silence thier catastroph - and are trying to mislead public opinion on the other threads. Of course - as thier Teutonic tradition guides them - it seems they are trying to terrorize other political parties - PSL - thier partner in coalition and LSD - LaFayette french left - and keep the status quo. With such compromitation of thier top figure situation is realy serious. And the vision of the Tribunal of the States - and cells without cocaine - is stimulating them futher in thier actions against the Polish heritage and interests...

But the Pakistani investigation is progressing and new pepole from this Velvet groups has been arested.

More Velvet Moles Aressterd in Pakistan

Pakistani police arrests eight allegedly Indian spies planning to attack installations and politicians across the violence-wracked country.

The arrests were made in Abbotabad, Mirpur and Rahimyar Khan cities in Panjab and Sindh provinces , a Press TV correspondent reported.

The police sources claimed the suspected spies were working for India's Research and Analysis Wing (RA&W) spy agency.

Sources: PressTV

This people and this game is realy dangerous one - and the Empire seems to continue thier agressive action - still i hope - that we are realy moving to another stage - also war like - but more psychwar. But look what they did just yesterday... Some was not arrested in time...

Pakistani lawmaker 'killed in blast'

A lawmaker has been killed in a blast in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar after he was seriously injured, local TV says.

Alam Zeb Khan, a member of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) Assembly from ANP, died in a local hospital of critical wounds, the private Express TV quoted Awami National Party (ANP) spokesman Zahid Khan as saying. 

More: PressTV

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Well, in my last posts i has mentioned 'Talibans from Foreign Ministry'. And look now, yesterday some suiciders has taken over the Ministry of Justice in Afghanistan. 

Suicide attacks hit Afghan ministries

Government buildings in the Afghan capital of Kabul have come under terrorist attacks that have so far left at least 8 people dead.

Suicide bombers targeted five separate buildings, including the justice and education ministries. In separate telephone calls to media outlets, the Taliban took responsibility for the attacks and warned that it intends to carry out similar attacks.

Four or five civilians and one policeman were killed at the prison directorate, which has been hit by a double suicide attack, an Interior Ministry reported.

More: PressTV

I has wroten on the very begining about who this people serve and which methods of attack are symptoms of involvment of Velvet Islamists in difference to this one on the true path of Islam. Suicidall attack - with as big as possible range of civilian victims - is something that differante them the best from a real fighters - which was by agressor - forced to take up arms to liberate thier countries. They - are aiming at millitary personel... 

The Velvet Islamist are usualy serving the Zionist entity so close connected to the Nation of Islam and the Pentagon. It was a cause in this quoted incident - which is just on the eve of visit of high official from the U.S. And will show that NATO must increase thier contingent on the Afghan soil...

The correct way is demonstrated by different group here:

Two foreign soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Two NATO-led ISAF soldiers stationed in Afghanistan have been killed and another one wounded in a bomb explosion east of the country.

"Two alliance soldiers were killed by an IED (improvised explosive device) and one wounded," Lieutenant Colonel Rumi Neilson-Green, a spokeswoman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), told AFP.

More: PressTV

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