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For first - it will be a war anyway!
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Voice of Truth
13 Febraury 2009

Well, finaly i had decided to not wait for a change in this country anymore - as i do not think will come before chief of the NATO will be replaced. He is dutch man - so it is natural that is supporting thier crown and this fraud. I had decided to continue my almost 4 year pilgimare and I am going to Rome. In the very difficult time. 

The way from Adam to Holly Sea is not safe even for the pilgrims - not to say - such special one as I. Well, we are living in the XXI century they say - but somwhow some things stay this same. Well, not exacly this same. This monumentum is realy at the top. Today world just discovered full 'explosion' of the neo-nazi movement - as well as thier oponents - visible so much, again, in the Germany... Ironicaly - so called neo-nazi has put on thier ideological standards - thier so bloody defeat  - Dresden 1945. Lets take it as good omen, but remeber where thier ideology has leaded us and them... And how bloody Brits and Americans can be....

Protestors counter German neo-Nazi meet

BERLIN (JTA) – A protest against a neo-Nazi gathering in Germany began with a public Sabbath service.
In what is being called one of the largest gatherings of neo-Nazis in Germany's post-war history, some 6,000 right-wing extremists assembled on Saturday for what has become an annual demonstration recalling the February 1945 air-raids on Dresden.

But the neo-Nazis were not left unanswered. According to police, some 10,000 protesters also gathered, including political and union activists. The two demonstrations were kept apart by a massive police presence.

The centre of Dresden was completely destroyed in the air attacks on the night of 13 February in the final year of the Second World War. Twenty-five thousand people, many of them civilians, were killed by the bombs and the subsequent fires.

Source: JTA
Well, we see this clash of ideas - this same we has seen in 30ths of past cenatury - this time not only on the ground, but also in the sky. Yes, i am thinking about this miracouls collision somwhere at the Earth orbit. I do not think it was accident. Well, this year is a year of astronomy. And the 13 Febraury have so much in common with the founder of modern one - Gallilelo. But before i will go deeply into this scientifical world and this clash of ideas visible so much on so many layers of our societies, lets look closer at the Vatican. Not only because it is my target for next days. This cosmic weekend was very special, also there...

Let’s ask the Lord to continue to watch over Peters ship

(Vatican) Benedict XVI attended a concert commemorating the eightieth anniversary of the foundation of Vatican City State. Our Lady’s Choral Society and the RTE Concert Orchestra, both from Dublin, Ireland, played the “Messiah” by Georg Friedrich Handel. At the end of the performance, the Holy Father pronounced some brief remarks.

This concert”, he said, “which celebrates such a significant anniversary for Vatican City State, is one of a series of events organised for this occasion, on the theme: ‘A small territory for a great mission’.

"Let us ask the Lord, Who guides the fortunes of the ‘Ship of Peter’ among the not-always easy events of history, to continue to watch over this small State. Above all, let us ask Him to help, with the power of His Spirit, Peter’s Successor who stands at the helm of this ship, that he may faithfully and effectively undertake his ministry as the foundation of unity of the Catholic Church, which has its visible centre in the Vatican whence it expands to all the corners of the earth”.

More: DFW Catholics

The Pope words are very true. We are facing not-always easy events of history - that day by day is often just dictated by the White House. The worsening situtation in the United States - and step by step strenghtening a NEOCON legacy - has realy put U.S. in the Neo-teo regime. The intentions of total war - this same which my grandfathers needed to chellenge during the Young Poland period, are back again. 

This Department of False God is just like an institution of the counter-pope and which announcement of his plan of Uber-police - we - as the Europeans - are again throwed on the front of this war - war against human-dignity, the neo-colonisation. His Emperor has just made another step on his Nixon way - instead of dissolving operation of his political police that is continued oversea, he has promised his adepts - a quick path for U.S. citizenship and passport. 

It will be a founding stone of this political police - a 6 month millitary training for the Empire... Black-water is dead, long life Black-water...

US military service, path to citizenship

Those who are in the US on temporary visas will have a chance to acquire citizenship, if they enter military service as little as six months.

According to a Sunday New York Times report, for the first time since the war in Vietnam the US army has expressed willingness to recruit the immigrants who long for US citizenship.

More: PressTV

For sure this move will make easier for him to both recruit an agents for his millitary service directed also against Europe, as well as the soldiers - crusaders for his fanatical war in the Middle-East...

In this context it is worth to ask if he is really democratic president if he is using such kinds of methods and is even strengheting something that has been left be NEOCON is completly outlawed - by many national legislations we have in Europe as well as the international conventions. But Emperor does not care - for first it will be a war anyway - as they say in Pentagon and as Hitler was saying... In this context - it is interesting to quote words of his Republicanin opponent - made just year ago... 


ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- At a town hall here this morning McCain told a crowd of well over 500 people that America's involvement in a "war" in Iraq is almost over. When asked about the benchmarks that would have to be met before American troops could start coming home, McCain was reminded of his controversial comments from last year that American troops might be in Iraq for 100 years.

"That reminds me of this 100-year thing," McCain said. "I was asked at a town hall meeting…how long would we have a presence in Iraq. My friends, the war will be over soon. The war for all intents and purposes [will be over], although the insurgency will go on for years and years and years, but it'll be handled by the Iraqis not by us, and then we decide what kind of security arrangement we want to have with the Iraqis."


No - unfortunatley - Mr. McCain - you are not right. Whit this progressing Kissinger Vietnamization - we can expect that in the year - there will be a total war - that of course will start from Iran strike. This Beast that has been installed on 4th November and deployed in the White House during exciting inauguration - is with full energy expanding his illegal influence and preparing an offensive... Sometimes claiming that it is just like a second Pope from Avinion. Simply, acting as this blind Confederate from not so old poem...

* * *

While in next days i am going to be back on my track in the pilgimare which next major step at the Sixt-Deep of Jean Paul II - i am thinking about the 'Religion & Play' event - that will be held in the United States on 4th of April 2009. On the 60thy aniversary of the NATO. I am thinking about their 'play' and the so artistic split with Baronessa - from very this same circles that are going to celebrate thier 'Religion & Play' event in full of splendor.

 I am think why some close to the Papal - was pointing at me and this split - that has occured, not by accident as i see it cleary now - on the night of death of our Pope. Now i know why some doors of the elevator has closed in just this same time - in which EKG of our pope has made a Pi.... I know also why he was dying 11 days. Yes, i know also technical details - it is forth year of my pilgimare... I know very well that it was not a accident... It was an episode of the american 'Religion & Play' - move - that has corrupted some polish Cardinal - and together with him - so many from our political ellite. A move that has originated from the St. Pius X fathernity in the Switzeralnd - but was effect of another outer plot - an steered hatered through manipulation - against a hope of better world - an respect of human rights and dignity...

Well, anyway, not listening to the Beast i am continuing my Romeria, my pilgrimage... This Emperor is not going to solve my case for sure, but i have a time... And he is only a President - whatever he says and do - his days in the office are also counted... In Europe we are still far away from the american dark ages - while fully spiritual - but in another way... Most of us... Hopefully, thier stupidity waves from the MTV did not eated brains of most of us...


In religion and spirituality, a pilgrimage is a long journey or search of great moral significance. Sometimes, it is a journey to a sacred place or shrine of importance to a person's beliefs and faith. Members of many major religions participate in pilgrimages. A person who makes such a journey is called a pilgrim.

A Romería in Spanish or "Romaria" in Portuguese is a religious pilgrimage. The word "Romería"/"Romaria" comes from "romero"/"romeiro", meaning those travelling towards Rome. It is a Catholic celebration that consists of a trip or peregrination (in cars, floats, to horse or on foot) that ends at a sanctuary or hermitage. It is not necessarily always a trip, but in some cases a celebration that lasts all day long.

More: Wikipedia

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