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Commonwealth of Religion

Well, i am almost ready to leave Amsterdam and make new step on my road to the sixt-deep. I think i will just move straight to Brusels, as this is pre-election time. It will be worth to check an alternative before leaving Rome for South America. Here, they are well aware that i am leaving and for another time has put near my Drzymala boat a car. Of course not the Fiat Bianchi or polish version Fiat 508 but the Saint John Ambulance. Looks that Cardinal and his followers for another time are trying to cross the purple one... Our Bavarian professor is on thier Kissinger mission - this time in Berlin. Looks - deal is done again. Zdradziu is 100% sure - he wants my body... Yes - it is FULLY CLOSE YOUR CHANGE - yes - DRESDEN 2005-2009... Again in the purple...

I do not think this night will be easy, so maybe i will depart Amsterdam very soon. Maybe will go Arnhem, before taking a course on the Brussels. I see that for again Dresden has gathered both sides of some old story. And i see both - my President, Governement and the U.S. aparatus to repeat scheme of my father, forgeting about other ancestors. Well, this is like a sasly continuation of the cosmic pre-plan, and  after Dresden it is just shining.

Ths year March in Rome can be very interesting and i still hope that will arive there with some very special letter addressed to the Pope. Well, they are going to hold there an very special conference on creationizm and Drawinizm - a topic that can be a breaking one and can even lead us toward new Synod. Well, for the Pope it is a time to  rethink current strategy and rebuild a influence that he has lost. The situation with the americans is a chellenging one - and of course they are weaseling. They are also giving the Pope thier advices, sometimes trying to mislead him on the wrong track... Well, they are specialist in this, very arrogant one.

Clintology to Papal diplomacy

The failure of papal diplomacy over the past several hundred years can be attributed to several things, but two reasons in particular should be noted: pride and stupidity, Jon Haron-Feiertag writes for Diplomatic Courier.

More: International Relations and Security
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Well, we just entered officialy this astrological course - with such persons like Copernicus, Galileo and Darwin - that will 'visit' the Holy Sea in March 2009 - for another time opens old question -  was a so called 'ultra-conservatism' the only reason why the Church was taking a side of creationizm and called our 'scientist' a heretics? In my opinio - there is very deep reason - and well, the turth is just in the middle of this two extremums. 

In the United States - that with thier specific proclamation of Neo-theo regime - has started a real battle for influence on the religious arena. But look - how they are presenting it to the public.... I would realy ask the author of this International Relations and Security to rethink his statement about stupidity. Because, the address was wrong... Well, i must add that the effects of the Vatican diplomacy maybe sometimes are not so visible - but establishing and continuing the souveren Vatican through this very dificult eight decades - is a succes itself. 

Although i must agree that Pope need to revitalize Catholic Church if he want to keep his position with so agressive and powerfull opponets in the U.S. The conference on the Darwinizm and creationism is very importan step... For the moment americans are just blindly using thier power in the very specific for america - way - but after this team we can excpect more profesional ones in next decade. This one is for sure dangerous and powerfull... but so plastic - well, just read this Mid-West styled invitation:

Pope's star watcher to visit Nasa and talk aliens

The Vatican is to go head to head with Nasa over the possibility of life existing anywhere else in the Universe except Earth.

The discussion is actually likely to be rather convivial when Lynn Rothschild, astrobiologist at NASA's Ames Research Center, debates the topic with the Vatican Observatory's director emeritus George Coyne at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco next week. The chat is happening under the florid banner of Are We Alone? The Dance of the Fertile Universe.

More: The Register
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Well, our Bavarian professor Mr. Bartoszewski has just ended his 45 min. meeting with Merkel. It looks that even without Mr. Zdradzio recomendations of beign historical person with great history he would be sucesfull. Officialy he has moved away an membership of some fanatical women - but did he needed 45 min to do this? I do not think so - as I am from so long in center of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of our Generagoverment efforts to beign removed from the stage. Well, that is one of reasons why i has escaped my country... They are happy - one again - and I... well, still keeping my pilgimare - that has started in 2005... And Bartoszewski just announced - that 'nothing will harm the polish-german relations - in so important year' and that his talks was in the spirit of 'the loyalty'. It is good at least - that he did not called this a solidarity...

In this same time our Aunty Democracy is going with first visit to the Island of the Honor - Japan....

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