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Pope tear-drop

"The sky will open. The lights will come down. Celestial choirs will be singing and everyone will know we should do the right thing and the world will be perfect!"

Well, it can happen for  real. Our  Generalgouverment garden is full of hope for spring time that can welcome Obama in his visit in my country in full of polish flowers, bloomering. Obama is realy good at many things, well he is posed  to some roles by his genes, but it is not global politics  for sure. He  is  perfect gardener and can realy perfectly grow flowers in his neo-Dresden style and he will get a fruits. Well, he have also real vietnam-janek specialists to achieve his perfect spring time. Today we has been as usual informed that on the front of the Iran-Contra new millenium scandal - an fanatic crusader has been posted. People are waiting for You too, this time Silesia Miners are sending thier invitation to celebrate our spring aniversaries...

Obama picks anti-Iran man for Iran post

The White House names controversial Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross as its special foreign policy adviser for Persian Gulf affairs.

The US State Department announced the veteran US diplomat's appointment as special advisor on the Persian Gulf and southwest Asia to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday after weeks of speculation.

More: PressTV

Well, there are also good signs - some will say - divine one. Some time ago when i was describing a problem of Jaroslaw Kaczynski cat i did not wished him well. But Almighty is even more precisious and in his perfect rule it was cat of Clinton that has meet spirit of my dog... Yes, this unbelivable thing has occurred - cat of Clinton - socks is dead... I understand her pain, just think about this my, after lose of dog which i had grown from very litte kid. God is even-handed...

This divine sign of course does not solve nethier my official fight with american political police that is continuing even today thier activities and will lead my may march. Emperror should be asking on his knees for forgivness for what his forces did on my nation but also personaly on me and my family and friends. He should put 'black flag' on the White House. Instead of this he continues his call for war - as an solution to the economical problems.... Well, in such situation our President and Prime Minister should take care about the problem, instead the second one is trying to use a upcomming meeting to continue his 'extermination' policy. His obsession in 'solving problem by problem'... We have a old saying in Poland that he have a cat on this point...

But going back to the topic of this post, lets take a look again at the Rome. It is very good to observe in last day an intesified pilgimare movement of top European actors to the Rome and the Holy See. But when looking at thier intensions - you need to keep current context of some kind of broken-in-the-middle a real schizm which is progresing - together with Obama ultra-powerfull Department of Religion. The effect and aims are even to much visible. For me it is a process that hundreds years ago with formation of the Avinion Anty-Pope has lead the masses to the 100 years long, bloody war. This time - with modern technology, oil dependence and powerfull and fully prepared armies this war can just take 100 days. And White House has put thier knifes into hearts of almost all religions...

The real manifestation of thier intensions and power we has observed at 14 February in the Rome and in the London when two linked demonstrations has been mounted. Both was hold under slogan "NO VAT" (NO VATICAN) and was aimed at 'undemocratic influence of the Vatican'. 30 000 people in Rome and 1 000 has called to stop giving the Holy See special legal and political privileges. Well, it is a very special place - an exteritorial one - and even during II World War and different difficult moments it has stayed continiously so. Is there any other reason - that this semi-mechanical 'schizm' - to not listen to what pope is trying to say - but go blindly to demand to wipe Vatican out of the map. In context of dangerous development in United States that during Obama administration we will be constantly facing - it was a trailer of dangerous intensions that thanks God, simply did not worked out as was presumed... But so symphtomatic and worring... As the Neo-theo regime on the other side of the Atlantic...
NSS supports Italian protests over Vatican interference in politics

One hundred protesters marched to the Italian Embassy in London on Saturday 14 February 2009, in solidarity with a simultaneous 30,000-strong demonstration in Rome. Protesters in both cities were demanding that the Italian government cease appeasing the Vatican and stop giving it special legal and political privileges. They urged a secular Europe.



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