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Murdocha - finishing JFK dream

For another time an enslaved pepole of the United States has been roobed by thier elites. Obama is to stimulate his war game by sending them 878 billion $ of the public money. It will not stop crisis but will be able to put new life in his Velvet Revolution futher - in the move that will lead us to another pre-planed conflict.  This Austrain school of economy is a based on this fameous saying - for first it will be a war anyway. This will not stop the growing crisis as the dollar has alredy lost a real - countable - value. 

If you will look at what J.F. Kenedy was doing before his assasination, you will discover that his truly democratic strategy was to rebind a dollar again to - first  - silver and then to the gold. But economical situation of that time was much better that we  are facing now. We are again at the eve of great crisis that we has observed in mid-war times and as then has been caused by basing dolar not on something that is countable, but on the monopoly of the oil trade and the backup - the  millitary power still waiting in the Persian Gulf - to warm our mother earth few deegres more...

Well, JFK was in more confortable situation that our Black Regiment - but it is not an excuse. This stimulus will not solve at all economic problems - but will for sure stimulate futher violence by supporting his extremist groups... No, he do not follow democratic remedy - in his tyrany he is going even one step more that most of the conservative Republicans  that has cooked this situation and want even to end the Federal Reserve System...

This means only one thing: after Davos he is sure that the current monetary system will be again monopolised by the dollar. And that dollar will rule entier globe. Yes, we can excpect another global conflict, another global war to keep 'illusion' of dollar value....

Executive Order 11110

Executive Order 11110 was issued by President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963.

This executive order allows the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury to issue $4.29 billion in silver certificates ($2 and $5 Notes) against silver bullion based on authority delegated by the President to the Secretary under the Thomas Amendment to the Agricultural Adjustment Act.

More: Wikipedia

For me - personaly - this stimulus - together which continued treacherous strategy by his UberAgency - means another round of milliary hunt in the smoke screen... Well, just listen to this speeches - made by JFK and Malcolm X - to understand what kind of error this Werble Fly is...

Sources expose covert Israel war on Iran

The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad has launched covert operations to sabotage Iran's nuclear progress, US intelligence sources reveal.

Israel has commenced a clandestine war against Iran as an alternative to direct military strikes against Tehran's nuclear program, The Daily Telegraph cited US intelligence officials as saying on Monday.

According to the report, Mossad has been using hitmen, sabotage, front companies and double agents in a bid to delay Iran's nuclear research as much as possible.

"Disruption is designed to slow progress on the program, done in such a way that they don't realize what's happening," an unnamed former CIA officer on Iran told the daily.

Source: PressTV

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Yes, this cancer is progressing with every day passing. And even in the American Congress they has noticed this and are calling for an acction that can end this catastroph as with the Nixon... Some doctor have a real reciept for You - my Emperor...

Many of you on here have seem me preach sovereignty, out of desperation of escape from government tyranny. A user here, MikeLawson, has told me that he didn't what to do about our "government". Well here you go Mike.

Here is my proposal. We amass a HUGE fax/phonecall/email bomb to every congressman, senator, and house representative letting them know that where fed up. Primarily Congress.

First we give them a notice, from my understanding on the internet a lot of our government is being forced into making decisions because of one simple fact, the NSA records every single phone conversation to dig dirt on politicians so they can force congress to vote in the dirty deeds of the shadow government. Congress, among other branches of government, are afraid of the American people finding about their skeletons in their closet. Americans are more concerned about our country then some politicians secrets!

I SAY WE FORGIVE CONGRESS! - We tell congress that we will forgive them for their past negligence and we want them to do the right thing. We will tell them that we know that the NSA is keeping taps on them( and every single American. We tell them that we know about the shadow government and secret societies(

We tell them not to fear martial law, it would be the last time the Military would even think about policing the American people. We want them to do the right thing and stand up as a whole. If we can reach a few congressmen to stand up that's all it would take for things to start moving. If we wait for Obama to implement his "security spy force" it will be nearly impossible to do anything anymore, we need to act now.

Key points we want addressed are:

1. Obama's fraud birth certificate; Not natural born citizen.
2. Ending the federal reserve and continuing JFK's goal of instituting united States Notes; EO 11110 
3. NO NEW WORLD ORDER. National Sovereignty and State Sovereignty.

If we can pull out all the stops, hit every freedom loving/anti NWO forum, radio, chat rooms, website, etc. Anywhere we can get people to participate in sending a MASS message to the members of our government letting them know that we know and its OK to speak up! Hitting Alex Jones alone will give massive exposure, including international. My proposed date would be Jan 19th, a day before the inauguration. About 13 days from now. I will draft up a text, post it here for editing by community members. Anyone think this is a good idea or a shot in the dark?

p.s. It would be interesting to see all of these offices going crazy with all of the calling, emailing, and faxing!

Source: Daily Paul

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