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Mars Smoke at Wawel

The situation right now is just like after givng a mar smoke - a termin well know in the diplomatic circles - but this time it is ultra unique. Our Prime Minister has gave a full spectacle in our Parliament - correctly blaming for part of the problem our President, but forgoting about his Davos - Munich - Dresden - Wawel track record. The oposition has gave him a time to this midnight to give an access to the documents on my case. He knows that he then can have realy serious problems including the Tribunal of State. Today, like a crazy man was shouting something about that he is 'solving problem after problem'. About scale of the corruption - which is similar to the scandal in Croatia. He do not care about dangerous situation that Poland is facing in this truly pre-war time - he is blidnly defending his crimes and core of this corruption... This is a stigm that has been very well described by weekly National in Croatia...

Croatian fraud

The goal of the suboptimal process, as stated publicly by Franjo Tuđman, was to create a core of 200 Croatian families who would leverage the majority of Croatia's wealth. The plan, unsurprisingly, failed miserably on its economics, but it proved a useful distraction from dealing with the baggage of post-WWII communist nationalizations. In fact it was the HDZ in 1992 which enacted into law the right of corporations (the vast majority of which were under state ownership) the right to finally formally register themselves as the owners of nationalized property thus completing the process of nationalization started by the communist regime after WWII.

Many tycoons emerged in a pattern of state-sponsored loans brokered with HDZ influence, with the purpose of dissolving the state of ownership and accountability to the public of the campaign financing by companies privatized in this way. This model was abused, not only by the HDZ, but also by other political parties in Croatia, even though their share in the privatization was barely significant.

Ivo attack and Empire defense

Nacional under direction of Ivo Pukanic has taken editorial policy against leading figures in the ruling HDZ. He was the first journalist to attack Croatian general Ante Gotovina with accusations of criminality (Nacional 204. 10.13.1999). These attacks continued between 1999-2000 in the run-up to a crucial governmental election where the HDZ was replaced. The articles bore a familiar pattern: Croatian war veterans were liberally denounced as drunkards, war profiteers, arms fixers and drug barons. Some verged on the farcical. Unidentified senior officers of the Croatian Ministry of Defence were accused of arms dealing with the IRA and ETA. This was clearly intended to signify General Gotovina whom Pukanić had previously accused as being the chief collaborator in an alleged presidential coup. The allegations were later discovered to have been fabricated in order to boost Nacional’s sales.

In 2001, General Gotovina was indicted by the ICTY and went into hiding.

More: Wikipedia

When Tusk today was saying that 'we have a perfid and evil enemy' he was right. But this enemy is an iternal enemy at first place and after his famous journey - some kind of anty-pilgrimage - a shadow of Clinto visit - nothing will change this. If begar Parliament asking 'do not put knife in my back' - you has forgoten about into which body you wanted to put your Minister of Unjustice - two sharp knifes... To many confesions of your intensions to change my ultra-negative stance towards you and your evil and perfid actions... Situation is realy critical...

Yellow sea again
North Korea steps up its war rhetoric against its southern neighbor as US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pays a visit to Seoul. 

A spokesman for the North Korean army said Thursday that the country was "fully ready for an all-out confrontation" with the South, AFP reported. 

South Korean Defense Minister Lee Sang-Hee has warned that a limited naval clash may break out around the two countries' disputed border in the Yellow Sea -- where bloody clashes occurred in 1999 and 2002. 

More: PressTV
Yes, you  see it right - it was South Korean Defense Miniter that has warned about another sabotage on the Hitler-Himmler-Goebels path...

In this same time Poland and United States at the Wawel has signed - an historical memorandum - as our storyteller from the Ministry of Defense has announced. They do not care about the Constitution and are expadning the work towards political police - american Uberagency... It is like a mars smoke for me...

And, they has just silenced the MP from the opposition that has made an ultimatum for our Kontur... 

Mreover, under the slogan - 'Parliament  should shine by example' the Sejm commision - has banned all the persons that has been convicted  under the criminal code - from taking part in  the elections. Fortunatly only to the national parliament - they cannot - for now - to block the European one. But for me is just an closing the gate to the Sejm and Senat. As i am criminalist that has spent more that month in polish prison for one joint... For me it is a clear signal to give up my nationality and look for another 'fatherland'... 

Change your anthem - my dear Generalgouvernment!!!

And tomorrow. Well, tomorrow Mech will do another moves in the 11110 style... And Clinton  will make another steep - deeper and deeper into this war limbo. She can be sure that more that milion of angles will be together  with she - her networks and cult...

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