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Kissinger in Moscow again

In Poland they has started to discover the american religious mercy, as the scale of the post Round - Table - post 88 - corruption that is still eating our country, as the cancer. But they see also young predators that just startet to egg and they see dady dream on french styled Wawel at sixt-deep. 

Yes, even sport circles - which since 1937 was our common enemy - both in the U.S and Deutche Bank says that Davos strategy - that was freezed temporary by Ms. Conodleeza - and is still trying to be executed - was bigest mistake in the so-called modern Olympic games ever. In some sense this status quo - this Munich styled Olympic games - are effects of the fraud - which is psychicaly represented by the corruptional process in the Artek camp at Crimera and the Aztecs in the U.S.

In this same time birds in Poland has started to chrip about Maciej Hunia chief of the Polish Epsionage - an Lodzk KALISKA relative. It was a part of executed by Kontur TUSK operation on the east side of the Poland that he started at January 2008 - when he has visited Biala Podlaska because of the border guards strike. Well, this was just another move in the cycles that usualy are intesifing in the election times...

The effect? Well, my travel to the HIV/AIDS conference at World Trade Center in Moscow was a truly epic story - that has ended by throwing me to prison when i was returning to the country. In this same time when i was in prison, he has visited city - and he has announced Hunia as a new chief of the epsionage. 

He was aware about my situtation - as i was conducting my hunger strike that was very visible in the local media and some national one - like TVN - which was accomplishing me since i started my public activities. Whole region was trumpeting about this... But he was not there to help me - they was celebrating. It was just like turmenting on me... Truly Teutonic move. Well, they has even orgaanized festival - which i has heard in my cell.

In this same time in America - Barack is blaming a Congres for delays in the help of some 'one-shot' financial packages that for a moment will stop a hyperinflation that is more and more visible in poor countries that realy has felt what it means to re-concentrate capital in the U.S in the defense of less and less valued dollar. 

In my personal case - this is also defense - but he - who just in one second can move his armies to the total war - has completly forgoten about how to use his ambasadies. I know that recently they was used exclusivly for the murdering of people... His 100 days are just like Adolf play - true horror. And his defense and blaming Congress for his team faults is really like kidding from the Americans. Who buys this?

In this same time - inteligence community is shocked again - that they realy was trying to repeat what they did on my father. Completly forgeting about Chernobyl and other  cases mentioned here - Barack has sent Henry Kissinger to the Moscow - it is his second visit there.... Yes, this is for real... What a cold-era millitary hunta. Is not this NEOCON and thier corrupted pins on the very front trying to defend thier common crimes - through commiting next one? 

Cold warrior Henry Kissinger woos Russia for Barack Obama

Henry Kissinger, the pioneer of Cold War detente during the Nixon era, has made a return to frontline politics after President Barack Obama reportedly sent him to Moscow to win backing from Vladimir Putin's government for a nuclear disarmament initiative.

The decision to send Mr Kissinger to Moscow, taken by Mr Obama when he was still president-elect, is part of a plan to overcome probable Republican objections in Congress.

More: Daily Telegraph
I do not know what to say. Yes it is for real. And some continue to walk this path of shame. It is both true for Obama and our Prime Minister - as some others world leaders. Just look at the recent clash between President Sarkozy and over-compromited Brown. Well, Brown was terrible scared - because Sarkozy has announced that is not going to join british way - the Evening Standard way...

No, Emanuel - i do not think that you can now silence both of Presidents - from France and Poland - even if they have also dirty things on thier back - things has gone to far... But this battle between the Old Continent and so called 'socialists' from the UK in the context of this Paris incident with Kissinger on the very front put some - like our Prime Minister in the very bad light...

Operation Condor

On May 31, 2001, French judge Roger Le Loire requested a summons served on Kissinger while he was staying at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Loire wanted to question Kissinger for alleged U.S. involvement in Operation Condor—a mid-1970s campaign of kidnapping and murder coordinated among the intelligence and security services of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay—as well as the death of five French nationals under the Chilean junta. Kissinger fled Paris that evening, and Loire's inquiries were directed to the U.S. State Department.

More: Wikipedia

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While i do not think Kissinger will be able to gain anything in Moscow - at the present time. The return of my cause was realy loud in the post-soviet part of the world. Some western leaders seems now for the common mens just like our dictator - General Jaruzelski that speakes to us from our color tv. But this western one... 

Well, at West - still - nihil novi... 
And what i can say about my country???

I see return of my case - through finishing a case of my father - this one that was not finished in 1984 by the Tribunal of State. You know, this was totalitarian regime - even if faulty was some Israelis from the West... And later, later there was Chernobyl... And the other shows, other kisses...

Well, we will see. In meantime Kontur Tusk  has sent a letter to President - looks will be traiding 'crimes' to save the face... Some realy do not understand that thier political carier should end at this point - Davos. See childrens of Hitler - see our Konturs and betrayars of the nation paralyzed by thier crime. Poland going toward new deal with leaders that should simply go out of scene and be replaced by younger - not so corrupted one... Still in inaction - even in my fatherland....

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