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Il Divo

"Everything will be good Janek"
they used to say 
to my father

They say that there is no better gift at the Saint Sabina day that the Rose. But with the poison on the prick. An appoitment of Dennis as the war-head is some kind of this gift - but seen by so many as the reverbersion in the water-plane - some are just to old to change thier cold-war thinking. Emanuel Kant would say that this is just like an illumination of 'the radical evil'. An very poisounus and plastic rose.

But the fly of Radoslaw Sikorski to the Washington was not joyfull, as it should be. The plan to silence your pilgrim brodcast has meet some unexpected obstacle from Jaroslaw Kaczynski. He has announced publicly some time ago that of course he is not going to take part in the upcomming presidential election and this Causus Dei is also important for him and his party - when it comes to the cause of the Jean Paul II. What should be also obviousl for the Prime Minister. And to make situation even worse - today from the Presidential Palace they has sugested thrutfully that in August - our goverement - should make corrections... The other observation is that they - Tusk team - are not going to change thier stance...

Radical evil - definition

Central to this account is the development of the notion of “radical evil” in human moral life and of the moral conversion that is needed to overcome it. He presents the notion of radical evil in Book One of Religion under the guise of a philosophical counterpart to the Christian doctrine of original sin. His discussion of moral conversion in Book Two then parallels the Christian doctrine of redemption. Kant places particular emphasis upon human responsibility for both radical evil and moral conversion.

Unlike original sin, which Christian belief has understood as inherited, radical evil is self-incurred by each human being. It consists in a fundamental misdirection of our willing that corrupts our choice of action.

In Kant's terminology, it consists in an “inversion” of our “maxims,” which are the principles for action we pose to ourselves in making our choices. Instead of making the rightness of actions — i.e., the categorical imperative — the fundamental principle for choice, we make the satisfaction of one of our own ends take priority in the willing of our actions. We thus inculcate in ourselves a propensity to make exceptions to the demand of the categorical imperative in circumstances when such an exception seems to be in our own favor.

More: Standford University
Yes, these are very important words in the face of the historical proces of the beatification of our Pope Jean Paul II. It is of the higest importance to the Holy See, as it is also an important founding-stone in more broad efforts to continue our Pope way. It can lead world religious leaders and the Church itself towar greater understanding and the true rebirth of the religion and the moralit. In the spirit of the modern world, but still as deep into the history of mankind as the Old Testament or maybe even deeper - as the Avestan book of Yasna. Yes, i see a next Synode on the horizon...

The Church is now focused on the beatification of controversial Hawaii Father Damien - an patron of people sick on HIV/AIDS, but it is only a small step on the slow and gloomy way towards the beatification of previous Pope. On this same day - he will also canonize pole - Zygmunt Felinski - born in so important for me - Wolyn - a founder of Franciscani Sisters of the Family of Mary. Very important step on years long way, as important as the Pope Benedict May pilgrimare to the Middle East. The visit in Palestine and Israel is already confirmed and the Tel Aviv is going to prepare for it with full responsibility and recognition of the importance of this case. The problem is that they sometimes go to far - and we already has saw too many innocents victims, as well a mistifications. If they are going to clean-up the stage they should do this in french style, instead of convicting some in the secrecy, as some there did in past.

Jerusalem prepares for Pope's visit

Pope Benedict XVI's planned visit to Israel will likely cause some inconvenience to Jerusalem's residents, who are already used to the traffic jams associated with every major figure's visit to their city.

But the Pope's visit is also expected to have some positive side effects for Jerusalemites, as the municipality intends to launch a massive clean up and rehabilitation project aimed at upgrading the capital's shabby appearance in honor of the event.

More: Yvnet

Well, pope will come to Tel Aviv from the stop at King Abdulah II country. So this wall - will be again in the center of the debate. And they cannot avoid this unles will go on total war. This was exacley a force that was pushing Churchill toward pro-war stance at the end of thirties - when together with Roosvelt they was publicly stating that fate of my Commonwealth is a foregone conclusion and it will fall in Hitler jaws... Nobody punish the victorious ones. And at the end of the day - they was victorious, bigest loser was as usual Poland even amid the heroic efforts to bring back an independence  to our 'Wersal bastard', as they used to call our young Poland...

The reason of the high consternation in both Radzislaw  Sikorski plane and the White House was of course this  old grump - Gargamel from Vatican - that has broken Clinton rotary and in the another plane has sent unusual gift. New Cardinal for the New York. The one - that i think is one of most predisposited for the hard task that is behind him. I hope he will look very closley at each of the bead in Hillary pink chaplet - what can be very interesting also for Obama - personaly. And Obama is aware very well... 

President Obama calls Archbishop Dolan with congratulations, prayers

President Barack Obama called Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan Feb. 23 to congratulate the Milwaukee archbishop on his appointment as head of the New York Archdiocese, according to news reports.

The 59-year-old archbishop spoke about what he called the “extraordinarily gracious” call during a late afternoon visit to St. Joseph’s Seminary in the Yonkers suburb of Dunwoodie, where he celebrated evening vespers and had dinner with seminarians.

Archbishop Dolan said that when he received the call he thought at first that his brother was playing a joke on him.

He said he and the president briefly discussed the financial problems facing the United States, with Archbishop Dolan offering a tongue-in-cheek solution – that the church hold additional collections.

Archbishop Dolan invited Obama to his April 15 installation in St. Patrick’s Cathedral and said the president told him, “I assure you of my prayers.”

There was no official announcement of the call from the White House.

Source: Catholic Review

The late Pope John Paul II described the position here as being "archbishop of the capital of the world." He was good pupil of JP II and very resonable person that understands a chellenges that he is going to face there and h e has loudly told who he is going to defend - stating that Catholics "have to speak up for the most defenseless in our society, especially when it comes to defending the culture of life."

In Poland in  meantime -  yewish in origin - Gazeta Wyborcza has published a very interesting and deepfull article on the core of the poisoned jewish-vatican relations - on the polish arm of the Econe. This can be shoking for some of Poles - but this article is realy touching the issue and it would be good for Prime Minister Tusk to read it as the whole blog. It is  entitled  "The mops of God" - and present this small but powerfull movement in Poland. Of course in the relation to the poisonous friction between St. Pius X leaders and the late Pope... But Donek - has been caught by snow storm when he was going by plan to support one of his champions at Mazury district...

And well, he just today has become a grandfather... What a irony of fate. Again 'Dziady' Mickiewicza on the way to Rome... This time spring one. Prague spring one... Well, if you will look at the Library of the 'Czech Broders' you will find that beside my father Jan, in XXVII - there was also Hrabia Jan - Jan Radosz - yes - for real Mr. Tusk. And i have traced  us - much deeper. Hope to write you what I and Adam had in common. It is much more that similar pilgrimage... Much more about Freemasonry lodge - Francais et Polonais Reunis...

And please accept my invitation to watch this movie - Il divo. While you will do this - remeber  this one quote form it - that  i love - 'It is not always easy to explain our country to foreigners. In Italy the slowest trains are called "fast" and the evening news come out in the morning'.

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