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God Wallahs

The Kramer name is still so loudly one in the circles so close to the papal, again. This 27 October - and this front page - has made this Monday again - very purple one and the recent, in some sense, arechological discoveres at the Wawel Cathedral in the context of so called 'Danzing corridor issue' has bringed again so cleary - so familiar faces to the cave of our legendary Dragon... 

Yes, a Dziwisz cardinal for sure, at least, was an false annalist of our Pope - and yes the fate of my father was for them truly Bygdgoski symbol of the christ of past century... In Nigeria they will say it has observed this huricane  Obama, a so called Davos Effect, that has put again my fatherland in the political fire. But, the Mech still is working very slowly, very heavly and as usual dangerously - as Empire has used to be...

The Israeli regime has in meantime announced that in the year of the Ox - this year - so revolutional in the essence - it is going to add to thier theatral troup two new ships U.S. - so called littoral one. Yes, it is still about the fleet, some blue - this time blue - Occtober and so called Crimera wars - that in thier propagandic eddition - would be called the Clone wars - yes, a Star Wars - 30th years later. And the Emperor has just again made his move - as the adepts of the Light side of the force. The Hans is calling for the Conference - which they has setup - on the Russian soil - inspired by the Operation Taurus. Yes, you can call me a Roch Kloss and the J-23 is broadcasting again. Like in the 1958.

Personaly - what i can say after seeing just like for another time some idiots - looks from Obama - Kenyan brothers - just throwing in my face an shoe - when this one - monumental one from Baghdad - has been removed from the place - where it should be until last U.S. soldier will left thier feet from this soil. Yes, i see the short-circuit - post Davos - dangerously continued - and the war against the human dignity continued in the Imperial style. With the impunity in the mind. Well, they see that what i am doing is repainting some walls in the Wawel Catherdral - back to thier original color. 

In this time our Prime Minister has prepared for a tomorrow some appointed with our Minister responsible in Poland for writing Andersen styled stories for kids. Apointment is going to be equal with his termination on his post. The appointment is just before 11 o'clock. And this is not accidential... Still the Czernobyl trashcan - a man - mountain of trash - just like from the Seasam Street is still hidden somewhere behind the shelves of the Ministry of Defense of Poland. He - just on the eve of the so far failed - Operation Taurus - he with the hope for Iranian Tuesday - has silenced public opinion - and saying that he will take all on his barks... Look at the roof of this fraud - my dear reader...

Yes, he was talking about the CASA incident... But this case have much deeper sence -  it have a second - also theological - and some has touched it at Davos. To look into it is like a rediscover a way to look at the whole history from the new perspective - to discover the missing M in the CCCP plan... To discover the heraldy and the different cults at the end of the age of uniformization... It is dangerous like changing a habits - an perspective from black & white to the white & red - like to discover Lelow and Poland again... Some has gone blind because of this...

Yes, the story i would like to write is an invitation for Georgian Prime Minister to discover new face of the Europe - Juszczenko face and his specific - some will say arthurian romance with the Julia... Yes, your horrific personification of the Shah Abbas is again to punish you for your words and deeds you made and said under COCO influence...

George's Chiness 
New Year wishesh 

"And don't believe we have lost the war - in this case Georgia would have lost its government, and found itself in the dark and cold"

Geroge Shakashvill 
on the eve of the Taurus Oper

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