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Frond Heyday

"The United States had to take some very drastic measures with this stimulus package"
Hillary Clinton,
22 February

The Aunty Democracy has made true show in Pekin - she is proud that she has informed Chines side about her drastic operation that want to conduct. For me it is another eugenic firework - as so many i had saw in past weeks - but for the world leaders it should be as another strong warnining. The United States as expected is going the Rosvellt way in solwing the economic problems

India to oppose US protectionism‎

India shows concern at growing US protectionism and vows to firmly oppose such moves by Washington to deal with the economic crisis.

"We are already witnessing worrying signs of protectionism in the world's biggest economy. We will need to argue against this trend at the international fora (forums)," External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee told a labor conference in New Delhi on Friday.

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India will not attend a US-sponsored Summit about the Pak-Afghan border security situation scheduled for later this week in Washington.

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And, well, I know that she is more that angry on me - after my Holly See intervention and my Ghandi way - my march - that has changed some minds - when they wanted to provoke with Indian navy a repeat of Yellow See incident know from past time of Clinton administration... This time leading to full scale war...So, it cannot wonder why India has choosed to officialy act against U.S. strategy... While, thier Prime Minister is in this same situation that our - because of the Moon family...

Northern Limit Line

Northern Limit Line or North Limit Line (NLL) is a disputed maritime demarcation line in the Yellow Sea between North Korea and South Korea.

It was unilaterally set by the U.S.-led United Nations military forces in August 1953 after the UN Military Command and North Korea failed to reach an agreement. It is not officially recognized by North Korea. In particular, it is not included into the Armistice Agreement of 1953 between the two states.

Disputes between North and South Korean naval vessels often occur in this area and its issue periodically arises during their talks. Occasionally violence flares up along the line and deadly skirmishes occurred in 1999 and 2002.[1]

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In thier millitary play - this Taurus oper - I am for this eugenic personalities as kind of 'personficiation' of Iran. It is like this legendary Frond Heyday - an fern flower - that allows to understand speeche of this animals. In original - praslavic - meaning it was bringing fortune to the person that was able to  find it. It was like my coat of arms... But, in this  teutonic oper it is for some fraudists an target -  it is like an Iranian soul that has growed into one very polish heart. It is something to burn in the flame of teutonic devation... And whit the litte break - 21 years of young poland - they continue it since partitioning of my Commonwealth... Yes. This deviation is about crucifiction... Problem after problem, as some say.... Yes, by us modern 'instruments' in the medieval way... Methods are better and more subtile but aim did not  changed, even by yota...

Fern flower

The fern flower is a magic flower in Slavic mythology (Polish: Kwiat paproci, Belarusian: Папараць-кветка, Russian: Цветок папоротника) and in Baltic mythology (Latvian: Papardes zieds, Estonian: Sõnajalaõis).

Estonian tradition

In the so-called Estonian tradition, the fern flower is supposed to appear only on the night of Jāņi (Jaaniõhtu or Jaaniöö in Estonia), the celebration of the summer solstice with pre-Christian origins. Here, it is a symbol of fertility. During this supposedly magical night, young couples go into the woods "seeking the fern flower", which is in fact an euphemisim for sex.

Referring to this tradition, Papardes zieds ("fern flower" in Latvian) is the name of an NGO in Latvia that promotes education about matters pertaining to sexuality, fertility, and relationships.

Slavic tradition

According to the myth, this flower blooms for very short time on the eve of the Ivan Kupala Day. The flower would bring fortune to the person who finds it. In various versions of the tale the fern flower brings luck, wealth, or the ability to understand the animal speech.

More: Wikipedia

And, well they was for so long prepared thier chucpa - the Talin cheek - including the faked materials and other hatred provocations that are last days so visible in thier media... And it will be so beautufull.... So I guess that after Clinton return - we will be soon surpised by some fakes regarding my person - stimulus for this chucpa - this cheek - is huge one... Well, i guess, it will be just like with this faked letter...

Hamas denies letter for Obama

The Palestinian Hamas movement has denied trying to convey a letter to the US President Barack Obama through Senator John Kerry.

The movement did not deliver "any letter to US Congress member John Kerry for him to transfer it to any party," spokesman Fawzi Barhum was quoted as saying, DPA reported.

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Well,  i remeber this visit of this Obama couple very well. I saw simillar 'empty' one - like Schreder in Iran or Clinton good-bye from Pekin and i just wonder when they will make new fabrications. When Clinton was leaving China she was making an image that United States are going to make something terrible under the pressure from China. Of course it is not true - but this fabrication machine - this so well know Croatian defense is going to be execute  for another time. I AM SURE - SOME HAVE THIS IN THIER GENES, SOME SIMPLY IN THIER NOSE...

In Poland in the corridors they started to talk about formation of new goverment from the  members of the opposition and the PSL. For our Prime Minister - after going so deep in this political limbo created by Obama G-Team - it is still unthinkable to give his governement to dimission. Instead of this after Wawel - where of couse was lobbing for Zdradziu as chief of NATO - they has announced that the polish James Bond will be handling public relations. I am beign more and more affraid about our journalists... As i saw Tusk methods of problem solving not only on me but also on politicans - memebers of Parlaments. Is this time for journalists to follow the Garry Web way!?!

They are realy specialist from secret services and I know how perfid they can be... You see, i has found this Frond pip during Kupala Night - when somebody has broken into my house and was trying to rape and probably kill my mother. If i will be as i has said over phone - in this time in travel to Warsaw. On next day i would be arressted... Do not wonder then why i has escaped my country....

And here, well, i has found extremly hostile governement and the palace. Together with ambassadies that seems to be used only to 'problem solving' by killing or arresting  people - i have been traped in this secret police game... But, still continuing my Romaria and making a lot of troubles for this sick people from the White House - this half-black agent and thier blind vasals... Still with hope for another Prague Spring -  this  time  sucessfull... But in the face of growing threat of the american neo-imperializm.

Prague Spring

The Prague Spring (Czech: Pražské jaro, Slovak: Pražská jar) was a period of political liberalization in Czechoslovakia during the era of its domination by the Soviet Union after World War II. It began on January 5, 1968, when reformist Slovak Alexander Dubček came to power, and continued until August 21, when the Soviet Union and members of its Warsaw Pact allies invaded the country to halt the reforms.

The Prague Spring reforms were an attempt by Dubček to grant additional rights to the citizens in an act of partial decentralization of the economy and democratization. Among the freedoms granted were a loosening of restrictions on the media, speech and travel. Dubček also federalized the country into two separate republics; this was the only change that survived the end of the Prague Spring.

The reforms were not received well by the Soviets who, after failed negotiations, sent thousands of Warsaw Pact troops and tanks to occupy the country. A large wave of emigration swept the nation. While there were many non-violent protests in the country, including the protest-suicide of a student, there was no military resistance. Czechoslovakia remained occupied until 1990.
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