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Evo Explains CIA Role in Infiltration

Today i has looked for a moment in the direction when some independent leaders has put thier sight. Yes, to the South America or even closer - into he very eye of the Huragan Clinton - the Island of Cuba. Thier independent news agency was offline at this moment. When, for Emperor it is a symbol - also for his Dunham family to which he is bounded in spirit as I am to my. He would like to resurect a Cuba from pre-embargo time, but without this Communists. Whithout Castro and also our struglle. He could do other way - as Europe some time did, but he want to conquer it and restablish zionists security aparatus. He would like to put Cuba into educational and moral backwardners where most important thing on the people minds will be another bal of Kathrin Dunham on the stage.

Well, it looks that Prensa Latina and this so hated reds are ready for the emigration , as other world leaders are for the real threat of global clash. Well, they have a mirror, an on this server i has found some very precisious pearl. Some other friend from the front of the war on human dignity - also my personal one - which nows is President of Bolivia has described the aparatus that he was able to reasearch using his Army and counter-inteligence services as well just a common people that share this global struglle. This same scheme you will find in so many neo-colonised countries. Also in my one - Poland. Which as other post-soviet countries was founded on the unjust fraud and corruption. And which are closer and closer fading into the neo-Croatian way. This same aparatus was set against me and polish Constitution and has leaded me to so famous in Poland - 'Escape from Sechtyna"

Evo Morales Explains CIA Role in Infiltration

Cochabamba, Bolivia, Feb 24 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales explained on Tuesday the supposed US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) role in a corruption scandal that is shaking the main company of this country.

The president said the penetration in the state Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) oil company was possible thanks to its ex National Trade Manager Rodrigo Carrasco, who participated in over 15 courses in US territory.

Carrasco was trained and bought by the CIA, which provided him with abilities to develop secret works, including establishment of a corruption network, the president asserted in Lauka Ñ town, in Cochabamba, where he re-launched the Kausachum Coca community radio station.

According to the file read on the Internet by Morales, the ex official went to several US entities in charge of forming experts in intelligence, security, communication, and even in political profile issues.

The School of the Americas stands out among those centers, and I do not have to explain its mission to the Bolivian people, he said, referring to the entity renamed in 2001, which forms Latin American dictators.

President Morales said that from his CIA agent position, Carrasco complied with numerous missions in regional countries, as Argentina, Brazil and Chile, and also in Iraq, beneath the facade of a security expert in the hydrocarbon expert.

He always kept close contact with Washington's embassy to Bolivia, and with the USAID, and entity that receives directions from the State Department.

He was also a police member and part of the dismantled Special Operation Command, a political intelligence group related to the US embassy, he said.

I asked how someone like that could join YPFB, and the answer was: "due to his knowledge," Morales said.

The head of State asserted to have ordered the dismissed oil company Chair Santos Ramirez four times to fire the mentioned executive, to whom he also made responsible for the lack of fuels that recently caused unease among the population.

The president said they continue investigating about the case of corruption unleashed in late January in YPFB and the CIA participation.

Other ex officials are being investigated, he announced.

Source: Prensa Latina - mirror

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