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Krakow snowdrop

Well, for a bit longer we are staying in the tinctur of so-'Polish flowers'. This time a snowdrop, from Cracow. The historical 1919 like police has taken place two days laters. But this was even better as the heads of NATO has gathered on this day on informal conference at Royal Wawel. 

The Zdradzio islamic fantasies was not a problem for the American counterparts - or well, it was even perfect for them to continue thier sweet dream and mislead public opinion for a bit longer. The Kontur was at this time in Polish Parliament in a rush explaining his 'obsession' on my person. His and his mirmindoms - that was continuing a fight with me. A fight that has started sixt years ago on the very front of human rights and dignity.

I hae started my public strugle from the manifestation in March 2003 - the first in Poland a global march for a rights of drug users. This addicted and this that was using it recreationaly. It was historical one - the realy first one in history - also because in practice until 1997 and in law 1984 -  the drug problem was always outside the criminal code. Literaly, there was no criminal code that was regulating this phenomen - that was present in our culture since pra-slavic times....

Well, this Warsaw snowdrop from 2003 is much smaller to this one we has seen when our leaders - or as i say - betralayrs - was conspiring again on the Wawel. Intensions of american are realy clear - the Uber-agency de facto created by Bush administration - was set-up to futher fortyfiy and expand. In the similar strategy that was an effect of the 17 April 1968 deal - offering thier foreign recruits an american citizenship...

The problem is that this Uber-Agency is already operating as Gestapo - on the political front - and in some sense some of our European leaders are part of this conspiracy - and in some cases are paralyzed - blackmaled. By continuing this technic - we will very soon see Europe Anschlussed by United States. And this was a deal that was lobbied at Wawel...

The reminder of powerfull strikes in the police forces and the general population that marshalled through Old and New continent in 1919 have this same cause as this one that we has saw for the first time in our history in Krakow, but also in Wroclaw. The corruption and the wrongdoings of both President and Premier of Generalgouvernment has become too visible and too painful. Lobbing from Polish and American side for an Anschluss was not very wise - but if you are sure about war... Well, you see and even police officers see it - and does not like it. They has called this stirke - 'The Escape from Schetyna'.

On this banner they has put a boldy slogan - POLICE IS GOING TO DIE IN 2009! They say that more that 3000 officers has taked part in this historical march. And this time - thanks to our American dictators - it has gathered arm-by-arm people that want to have healty workplace and serve justice in dignity but also such movements from the other side - as socialists and anarchist. Yes, everything in one day - with very this same cause...

Well, this moral snowdrop is for real and kicking in the asses of top of our politicans - practicaly in all of polish parties presented in the Parliament. And it looks that even our Kontur feels it on himself - he has announced that he will replace the Minister of Injustice and soon will visit parliament to discuss our crisis that long time ago escaped local corridors. From other hand - one of suspected by me - leaders of opposition has announced that is ready to put Kontur into court. But, well, with such huge stimulus - the shot can be made from any-side of the world... Anyway, some in the United States that understand what vision of American is handled by Obama are protesting too... In the very strong way - as the threat represented by this thinking is...

GOP governors rift over stimulus

While Barack Obama’s stimulus package faced nearly unanimous Republican congressional opposition, it also exposed an unmistakable fault line among the 22 GOP governors, several of whom took high-profile positions in support of the $787 billion plan.

The governors’ rift was ostensibly about the economic recovery plan, but there was another high-stakes conflict behind the scenes, marked by two competing visions of a new Republican Party represented by two governors who may face off in the 2012 GOP presidential primary.


And, well, some experts says that London will see a wave of strikes, too. Perfect 100 days - my neo-theo tyran.... Something like strikes on 24th April.

Police fear 'summer of rage' with middle-class protests

Police are bracing themselves for a "summer of rage" as they fear that middle-class people affected by the recession may turn to violent protests.

The head of the force's public order branch, Superintendent David Hartshorn, told the Guardian newspaper that since the credit crunch, activists have become more "intent on coming on to the streets to create public disorder".

He said he fears that known activists will use the anger over the economic crisis to stir up unrest.

Supt Hartshorn said: "Those people would be good at motivating people, but they haven't had the foot soldiers to actually carry out protests.

"Obviously the downturn in the economy, unemployment, repossessions, changes that. Suddenly there is the opportunity for people to mass protest."


And, so sassly, some in the british police instead of joining the people like our police did in Krakow or they did in 1919, now some are just using this same defense against activist that Nazi-Gestapo did - this same thinking....

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