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After 100 days - our duet Kissinger-Obama has made another Munich accord. Just over this weekend world has electrized another message from the United State. In very sumbolic manner - one of persons that has helped Obama sit down in the Oval Office - was arrested by the police. In producing saints - his Deparment of the False God is realy amazing... Still, this same blind path of shame. His embassadies still terrorized by Imam Khomeini... Well, this is exacly whit what my old master from Japan - Mr. Toda was fighting...

Obama artist Shepard Fairey in graffiti arrest

US artist Shepard Fairey, who created the iconic red, white and blue portrait of President Barack Obama that appeared on thousands of T-shirts and posters, has been arrested on suspicion of graffiti charges.

Media reports in the US say that Fairey, whose ‘Hope’ image of Obama hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, was arrested on Friday night while travelling to Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art to launch his first solo exhibition.

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In Poland we are observing our Teutons going deeper and deeper into Munich Talibans story that has killed 'hostage'. Our Minister of Injustice has announced that our so compromitated epsionage knows very well the names of his murderes and blames Pakistan goverment - saying that it supports this bandits - while the action as excuse - why my own goverment is not takin care about our national heritage and our Causus Dei... Moreover, ignoring the sources of orders of this group - that it is also suspected for making assasination of Benazir Buttho - he claims that Pakistani goverement 'supports this bandits' - while it is determined to solve this cause to the end. In this same time other member of Donek Civic Platform - knows from his heavy hummor - calls for killig of this 'Pakistani executors' - before they will make another assasinations. Somebody has completly lost a mind... Yes, it is again this same Department...

But while our LaFayet french-left party - SLD - that has hosted one of person that with military support against constitution has destroyed my association - KANABA - calls Minister of Foreign Affairs - this one from the soviet-era photo from last post - Radziu Sikorski - to make a resignation. Well, he should as others from this goverenment...

Instead, they seems to simply continue this mad ping-pong game - as a exsquse pointing at Washington - while with whole premeditation they was using our army - secret service in particural - for political purposes. And this recen Kontur-Walt Disney vietnamization - this Popieluszko plan - is continued. Moreover - so deffended and so compromised person - President of Sopot - that is a symbol of this Danizng corruption and our Cardinal Dziwisz are safe again... 

What i can say - when i read - a true solidarity message like this:

Bolivia reshufle cabinet

Bolivian President has formed a coalition cabinet urging ministers to put the implementation of the new charter high on their agenda.

The new constitution which is going to advance indigenous rights, strengthen state control over natural resources and permit president Evo Morales to seek another term, was approved by 61 percent of voters in a Jan. 25 referendum.

"We must start to change everything if we want to change Bolivia. That change begins from the president, vice president, followed by you (ministers) ...Here we do not come to be famous, here we come to work. We are not here for money, but for the homeland… (We want) the cabinet to give answers to the Bolivian people," he added. 

This same is needed in Poland - yes we need to restart our cause - this one from 1984 - from Tribunal of State - to solve myster of my father - but also others that was murdered in fully arogant and bestial way - to take away attention of public opinion from the cause... But our goverement which right now - after Munich decision of continuation of his sick strategy - by our Kontur - was never as close to the idea of Generalgouvernement as never before... And Radzio is continuing this same mad trip on his Bezpieka motorcycle.


The General Government (German: Generalgouvernement) refers to a part of the territories of Poland under German military occupation (that were occupied in September 1939) during World War II by Nazi Germany and was an autonomous part of "Greater Germany".

According to section III of the Fourth Hague Convention (1907),[1] accepted by Germany, all these acts were illegal from the beginning in the terms of international law (The Law of Nations), and civil law too. The area was not a puppet state and had no goal of collaborating with Poles throughout the war, regardless of their political orientation.

More: Wikipedia
* * *

I had gone to make a phonecall to check my long frozeen acount. Nihil novi. While in one of first acts our Emperor has sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the products of pinki abortional pigs including my long time opressor Mr. Soros - my account is still below ground zero. I am missing 300 Euro to make my transatlantic emigration to the South America. Well, i do not have even to make a call to my mother - which by the way - was destroyed in this same way - by Bezpieka servants. Such perfidion - such technic - this same one - western agents was using - provoking soviet servants to bestiality...

No, instead of supporting somebody from which legacy - including material one - has been grown - he prefers to support my direct opressors and the people that while beign part of his american secret services - so called Velvet Manequins. Yes, for people that has made him a president - but from outside of this Velvet Circle accomplished by NEOCON - independent from Soros deviant Open Nazi Society - he offers continuation of his very own opression, molestation and festivals... No, he is not democrat - he is just a corporate pawn inspired by Kissinger scrips - and paralysed by his very dark past - when he was agent of the NSA. Well, his darker skin has gave him an advantage when was working as the agent of the Empire....

Now - as part of his Munich message - he plans to futher expand his agency - NSA - that works against citizens and civilian objects with violations of international treaties and national legislations. Including our Constitution. The Fourth Reich - the General Gouverment was in fact proclaimed. During this Munich weekend... Just after Davos.



Proclaiming Generalgouvernement

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama plans to overhaul the US National Security Council (NSC), expanding its size and its national and international dossier, the Washington Post reported on Sunday, quoting the president’s top security aide.

He noted that the national security community historically has meant the Defence Department, the NSC itself and a parts of the State Department, but now could be extended depending upon the circumstances to include the Energy, Commerce and Treasury Departments, law enforcement agencies, and the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Source: Pakistan Daily Times
* * *

Just moment ago as was ordered Radziu has sent a diplomatic note to the Pakistan to protest - continuing Kissinger styled lies. I do not know how much he need be crazy - correct address is still this same - IV Reich Department. There is no dimission in the air in Poland - it looks that Prime Minister has completly drowed but still is preparing his Krakow chucpa - just like in 1919 in the Boston they was trying to counter-punch and use good case for wrong purposes - the Boston strike. 

The money that under the fire from foreing and national circles needed to be cut off from Rosomak projects - that was main part of the Ministry of Defense funding. It was just like a pumping a public money in the private hands and to the Israel. Yes, to the regim of Israel - as the Rosomak armored cars did not had good armor. Well, it could be good when used against the civilian population in Poland, but it was too light for the mission in Afghanistan. And the only provider of such armor was in Israel, they say. This way and through anothers unbelivable ammount of money was stolen from Polish budged and progrees - on so many fields - has been frozen if not declined... And guess what - Rosomak producent has announced on Friday - that he simply thinks this contract will be renegotiated...

But, listen. This money can be simply used to buy this policemens and with Cardinal Dziwisz that is still on my family Cathedral in Wawel it is easy to influence this police protest. Under the slogan - 'Thank you for attention' - and brutal strike - Vietnamization. This way - using this money - and another wave of agents - claqiuers - for the corruptional purpose you can improve 'loyalty' and can win new souls. Such kind of clut and such scale.

How i feel after observing this specific Munich Proclamation - sorry but they has given orders? Somehow like Pilsudzki needed to feel when he get awared about pact made on 24 April 1926 between Berlin and Moscow. For him it was a signal to return on the political stage and the motivation. What he did at 12 May - driving off similary corrupted President and Prime Minister and founding a Sanacja.

My situation after the Round Table - and this 'liberation' of Poland by people that has terminated my fathers is completly different. But i am continuing my salt march and i ask policemens in Krakow that can be asked by thier 'over-motiated' coleagues to follow this cheek - this hucpa - to first go to Wieliczka to this deepes chamber - where they say in so old legeneds - King Arthur was sleeping until time when he will again make a fight for justice... 

And you my Prime Minister - and you - twins brothers President and Chief of PiS opossition - think in name of what are you continuing this brutal game in Priest Jerzy... I hear lots of nice words but what i see is just a Proclamation of Generalgouverenment... I do not want to see again such string of so brutal murders that was designed to terrorise and bring the attention of the Tribunal of the State from 1984 - in which center was also my family case and fate... It could be useful for another Tribunal as the proofs that behind it was Kissinger clowns not the soviets. But i would not see this same again - this same was Bezpieka doing with my mother when i was litte child. Exacly - this same ifantility but behind back so aggressive, immoral and bloody tactics by pigs. But well, go back to the begining of this post - what i see is a historical Proclamation made after 100 days, what i can expect... 30 years this same Guantanamo camp... Now to be expanded - to futher enslave people...

* * *

Ahmadinejad wants 'war igniters' in court

Iran says global failure to commit the igniters of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon for trial inevitably led to the war on Gaza.

If world powers respected the rights of other nations, the world would never witness the deaths of innocent people during the occupation of Iraq and the attacks on Afghanistan, Lebanon and Gaza," said the Iranian president.

"If the international community had brought the igniters of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon to a court of justice the world would have never witnessed the catastrophe in Gaza," President Ahmadinejad added.

More: PressTV

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