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Bruner's ball

In this same time as an information of the December 2008 visit  of Kissinger that was sent by Obama to Moscow on the ultra-secret mission - is again spearheading American foreign policy. On the Old Continent in the Munich there is other important meeting where of course - the circle of security chiefs gathered around NATO boss - Jaap de Hoop Scheffer - is pushing hardly to repeat of my father way on me. After return from Munich our Prime Minister can find himself in very difficult position - as even people in Gdansk see our Flying Dutchman comming again to our port. Just like some mare from pre-war time - famous Schlezwig-Holstein - that is comming there together with the Operation TAURUS. This pair Merckler-Tusk is a loud accent of this weekend Munich summit.

Security chiefs in Munich

EU foreign-policy chief Javier Solana says Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's call for a new security treaty in Europe "deserves to be taken seriously". Medvedev launched the call for an international treaty aimed at outlawing the use of force "from Vancouver to Vladivostok" last June. Solana made the remarks whilst addressing an international Security Conference taking place in the southern German city of Munich.

However, the Nato chief - Jaap de Hoop Scheffer - still continues to defend Shakashvill regim and keeps same blind criticism towards Russia... And our Prime Minister - as Kontur is againe doing some secret deal with Merckle.

Source: Deutche Welle

Well, some are really commited to defends themself and are not going to drop thier bloody strategy undertaken in defense of private or foreign interests. It is quite shocking to discover Henry Kissinger - somebody that i think 'in the guise' has diffused to the American government year ahead of second war and was an architect of the Cold War as well as front person behind 'so called' Vietnamization of Nixon policies back on scene in his life-time journey to Moscow to remind them so called 'Vietnam Janek'

Yes, they are some there that are not going to chang any bit. It is so visible and so symbolised by some recent ball that was held in Paris. With the thrid wife of the President of Republic of France in the society that has founded our ESKADRA. They was so loudly celebrating it just few days ago. On the begining of military operation Taurus. The planned one - that has failed - but officialy on they way until the September 2009.

But it is Tusk who personaly can be quite surpraised in comming weeks. No, he does not have strong position nethier in his party - that is bored by his texts and asks - nor inside of the police or army. My letter that was sent recently to the institution created in 1919 by Marshal Pilsudzki is realy scaring some sick children of the Kissinger styled politics. 

For the first time in modern history of Poland police is going to hold direct protest on the streets. Officialy because of too small wage - but you can be sure that both CASA and recent revelations on Velvet kiddnaping in Pakistan will be on thier mouths too. What an effective politics of Mr. Tusk...

It is realy like a Boston Police Strike initiated not by accident on 1919 by another figure that i hope will return in futher post on this blog - John Calvin Coolidge, Jr. What a spring wave in the air. But still - some on head with Tusk - are agressivly pushing - for Vietnam Jan solution - again.


U.S. - Our God That Failed

The high doctrine of Economic Correctness of the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush years is as bankrupt as Soviet Communism. It is all but officially dead. Why then are the president's economic advisers paid to prop it up and apply a sickly rouge and embalm it and set it in motion with galvanic shocks to simulate life? All the money proposed to be donated to bankers and brokerage houses to keep their discredited privilege is a proof of religious belief. 

The hundreds of billions in public funding to indemnify a huddle of private owners represent a sacrifice to our own god that failed -- an idol we cannot surrender the habit of adoring. And the plucking of state subsidy out of taxpayer pockets to ensure that nothing is state-owned: a form of savage prayer or burnt offering.

4 Febraury 2009
David Bromwich,
Professor of Literature at Yale

Well, at Munich - on the line Walt Disney - Kontur Tusk - this same Vietnam Janek cold rythms. Donek is happy as never before - after meeting american vice-President... He has forgoten that the case of 'abbducted worker' Piotr S. is not solved by thier announcment of his beheding did not solved thier phantasies. Our Minister of Foreign affairs is waiting in this time for another chellenge - a case of Jan Solecki - another abducted. 

He will need also to explain to the public what was this '95% of things that was done around case of this abduction and what was not know to the public.' But they still continue this mad ball - maybe waiting for the Donek return maybe a results of ellections in the Israel - which is truly key to solve all this mysteries... 

For me personaly - nihil novi - this same pla pla pla - this time directly from Munich... And wee see how deep this riff - this riff between most of EU leaders and some of generals and chiefs of epsionage from the NATO... Unfortunatley - this second seems to be stronger at this moment - alought much smaller in number... What a school, Donek! Everybody awaits you in Poland - better stop thinking about Biden Reset Button!!!

What I can say - after hearing from our Prime Minister - that this econe crisis - this ball - was a test of solidarity of the European Union, a failed one... Yes - so far failed one... But test on what? Well, i will repeat after families of victims of this same school...
Munich Olimpic'72

"The real struggle is for somebody to say, 'we are responsible. We made a mistake and want to be forgiven'..."

* * *

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