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Where are you goddness

Where are you sorceress, goddess, queen?
Life giving, deluding and bloodthirsty phantom.
Hundred headed thaumaturgus, immortal Hydra of Lerna.
Siren who calls me to Scylla singing of the graves

"Where are you goddness?"
Antoni Lange (1863-1929)

Today in Poland in Presidential Palace they has hold yet another anti-crisis meeting. Some will say it was stypa - a slavic traditional meeting after funeral. However nobody knows after who... It could be some cat, it could be Europe... But I will say for sure it was our Commonwealth.... And there is somebody that is today more that happy - it is Radziu Sikorski. Yes, Radzio - you will have chance to get your famous body today - cat was engineer. But, you know, even in the Germany they not only say but also write that after your 'soviet strategy' you do not have a chances to become a head of the NATO. And because of this pseudo-schizm that i want to break - and the scandal around it - nobody except him and some Bulgarian - that is know from Saraievo Zion Train on the 4th November - is an official candidate. Still not wondering why others wait...

Well, Radzio is going to meet today with our Snow Queen - Hillary Clinton- to give her my 'Voice of Truth' on the Israeli Broadcast as a gift from thier corrupted hearts. It is just like murdering our culture and tradition in name of thier crimes and corruption that i am pointing and exsposin to the people. This is how they are going to contribute  to Round Table aniversary and 60th years of NATO... Yes, they are just defending this way a crimes done on our nation - and at primo - defending our stolen national heritage and thier lies - like CASA one

This is how they are going to celebrate 30 years of my personal oppression and molestation by very this people and corporation behind them...Celebrating in the mid-west style...By silencing my well know and popular broadcast and then me - solving problem by problem - during my pilgrimare on the sixt-deep of Jonh Paul II... This is a way they are going to contribute to the long and complicated proces of the beatification of our pope?

You know, before me there was many on broadcasting on this wave - most of them has died in suspected circustamces. When i started to brodcast my audition i did this in the spirit of pre-war audtion that originaly was an effect of the radio experiment conducted in the central eastern Europe - together with creation of the Holy See - as part of famous Raszyn radiostation project. On end of 50'ths Fidel Castro was broadcasting on this same waves - when he was leading his revolution on his island. He was an obviousl enemy of the NATO - still was able to do this. It was a Cold War era, still he was brodcasting... And there was deep religious, cultural and historical reasons - in Poland we call this mesianism. Polish Television has made even some intelectual portal and documentary on this topic called SYSTEM 09 - but it has been removed as some bright journalists that was saying to much truth to the people...

In Poland newspapers headlines are full of criticism to the Tusk goverement - Rzeczpospolita calls it - 'Worst governement since 20 years' other newspapers are stating that mafia and neo-nazist with roots in Scandynavian ideology - are buiding up rapdily. And even in the Police... Well, Police is just after first - HISTORICAL - protest. What does TUSK in this time?


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