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Boat departues

They say that Hilary is going to meet Lavrov in Geneva. Yes, she is also on some kind of pilgrimage - but it is like with two Kant maximas - like with Sun and Moon. Some others from Hanza will bee soon visiting Russia Federation at the Hansa Conference that will be somwhere in the background of yesternigh so teutonic banquet in which Merkel and others of Bavarian gang was conducting planns. I do not think that she personaly is so stupid to make any harmfull move, but i remeber De Goul 1968 Baden-baden scandal so i warn them. This conference is Hansa Klosa...

I am going tomorrow ahead in the direction of Rome, having in mind both my dog that was posioned by some very evil people and this cat that was almost scamling for euthanasia... And my Causus Dei is not solved, no...

Well, somehow, while i am not millitary, i feel like a major 'Radosz' - a close family friend or maybe our master of millitary phtography hidden as the 'uncle' in some other family, it is very possible - just understand how difficult this time was for us - since XXVII. Well, major 'Radosz' official identity was 'Jan 'Poray-Wybranowski'. 

Anyway - major 'Rradosz' as my gradfather was part of very special squadron 'Sandomirski' - which is an essence - of solving the case and mystery of the Wolyn soil but also my personal one. It could be something like re-creating the legacy. But also rediscovering for Poles and other a hisotry that was long time put into safes of Queen of England and Sweeden for an 100 years. Untold history of my land and family. Bigest fraud ever... But also cause and excuse of the opression.

I know that Walesa at some point in his personal hrenzy called me a worker of IPN and the grandchildren of SB officer. Well, in part it is true - but this was close core of people that realy created - amid the Katyn IRGUN provocation and massacre - polish army in CCCP and with great success liberated our land. With a hope of strong and independent country...

Even in the II war time major Radosz as some others was pointing that somwhere in the headquaters there are Nazi moles on the line. It was this Teutonic arm that has infiltrated 'Sandomir' squad. Anyway, after the war - Radosz's was handling such Nazi cases as well trying to re-build our country. What, after Churchil has put the Iron Curtain has been throwed into ashes. Soon, our Aliants has started other network - also fighting under slogan of liberation - but in fact beign on the side of persons that has overtaked our legacy. For us it was true catastrophe. Whit manifestation - terminations and represions - for all of us... So please Walesa - rethink what you has said... Because even then there was patriots in PRL - sometimes a bit more powerfull - as they was part of our culture - and well, also very specific propaganda that has meet real Vietnam many times...


n a 45-minute address before the Westminster (Missouri) College faculty, as a guest of President Truman, Churchill said Russia constituted “a growing challenge and peril to Christian civilization”and called fro a virtual United States/British military alliance to prevent a third world war. He voiced a grim warning that “Communist fifth columnists” are at work under supervision of Moscow in most of the world. The report continues on page 8 under the subhead: “Iron Curtain Descends.” The great statesman and author then said, “From Stettin on the Baltic to Trieste on the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the continent.” This was the first use of the famous phrase describing the former free nations and capitals of Eastern Europe that were now under Soviet domination.

More: The Stars and Stripes
Nurnberg, Bavaria, West Germany
March 6, 1946

The Wolyn case was partialy handled by my family on the other side of the Iron Courtein - and thous his maybe more precisious - and well you can find a documents in the archives. I did not saw a files of Jozef, Stanislaw, Jan (you will find also false one mentioned on the blog) - Radosz - as they are . But i saw files of Adam Radosz of coast of arms - Poraj - called because of conspiracy Mickiewicz (Mxxx). And i know a lot about secret society and various tricks - it is good that our master of military photography or others has left some traces - even if only on microfilms... As about mystery of Zalin - and hatred against my familly - for something that was done by IRGUN... The Jaroszewicz colletion was problable more detailed - but he has been killed and archive stolen...

I am coming to Rome with the hope that as once Adam i will meet with him. I will not ask this time for creation of Polish Legions alought i will explain our Causus Dei. I will ask the Pope for a special care during batification process of Jean Paul II... Adam was only in part sucesfull...

He has meet with Pius IX and gave a speech. First he has joined with Mariani or even Towianski banner with Sant Mary some kind of procession in Rome that was very against this pope. They said that he was like a prisoner. Anyway, he has lisened and said that he completly does not understand him. Mickiewicz has left then to Paris. 

This time, also part because of this faulty schizm and 'Avinion like' situation, i hope i will be much more sucesful. But i do not know if i will be able to arrive at Rome. My protest that i am performing since Tusk team has throwed me into prison - has exhausted my body and well... Obama has cooked this march in the Adolf style. It is realy like a boat - Flying Dutchman - that is going to depart on pilgrimage.... Into very stormy see.

No, my Enemy - i will not go on your island - i had taken other direction - as Antoni Lange has wroten in Vaisseau-Fantome - a part of Deuteronomion, a mystical occultic poem..

When i has arived there i had a hope that  i will continue this pilgrimage as a human. Still, after so much terrible things in state like an animal waiting for a shot from some unknow hunter, but still on Romaria.. 

My Prime Minister is happy - he had good talk about expelled with Markel and other European leaders. They was talking a lot about Auschwitz. And then gone on a banquet hold since formation of Teutonic inner-empire. What i can say about this when my wieght is around 50 kilos...

Well, today i was at Church - to prey a bit for my pilgrimage. I am happy with moves Benedict has made recently. It will be interesting how he will treat me - i hope better that my President or Prime Minister... To not mention some that from more that 100 days is responsible for this status quo... 

I had taken an small picture of one of this Jesuits - no on this photo above it is not cousin Adam - it is Jan Philip Roothaan SJ. I hope that folks of DuPont know what message i have for them. If not ask thier masters about reason of  thier escape from  France to North America... 

Good bless civilians...

Hope you will too some day start your pilgrimage and write journey... Or stay as in Weimar - be happy like slave...

P.S. Is this Palin or Clinto?

House Divided

Werble Fly has prepared real hell for themself and us. Thier ultra-heavy stimulus package was realy good prepared including fakes and renders. They intensions was just to cook another string of regional conflicts throught produsing higly sensitve and controversial case - and blaming thier ideological enemy. This time it was again Iran... They has also ordered 30 movies from Hollywood for a propaganda, a thing that also my family and friends was doing in the PRL. Well to be honest since long long time before. Well, Hrabia was called in the partitioning time a 'magazynier' - storekeeper - of the lodge. In Commonwealth - he was also somebody like treasuer...

But the dish - or whole dinner - has been already ordered and encoded and is well cooked in fuzzy responsibility way - under slogan of honor - but with the sense that Adolf Hitler has defined so well - honor which is blind loyalty... What Obama wanted to do is creation of another Iron Curtein - just like Churchil did with my grandfather Stanislaw Radosz - what was cause of another string of tragedies in my family. This time - DuPont camp are as usual good prepared but still, there are Sufi, and some has just discovered in thier secret archives that Marshall name was in fact Radosz, Jozef. Stanislaw. Jan. Artek...

Something has divided them - as they see fraglant melefactors that are trying to defend 'slavery' doctrie in Europe - aimed at terrorizing all sectors of our societies: civilian, politican and at primo judicary - calling like Republicans in thie struglle for enslavment - for such kind of 'a unity' - as in the famous De Goul - Pompidou strugle. Yes, and even deeper. This is this same way and effect about which Abraham Linocoln has warned and they are very close to gain thier first important score since Obama has sit down in Oval Office - this Targowica signature - in fact will extend'Washington status quo'- that in propaganda of course Obama was punching -  in his weekley radio broadcast - buth is just a lie. But in Prague our Captain Bruner was during meeting realy alone - others are or conspiring in the corridors or has joined me in my 'spiritual walk'. Yes, just like 'Alo, Alo'. Major 'Radosz' broadcasting again.

In this same time Minister of Finance - Rostowski - a man that some leaders in still fighting and collied Poland want to push to the Tribunal of State as I do. It looks even Minister of Defens Klich do not want to tolerate this status quo - which is betrayal of Poland and last as carier of this Targowica General... Still, order for another hunt - with aim of blaming as usual HiMass and our Iranian nuclear 10- by Israel, U.S. and some European supporters was given and some are working to execute it... Some - like this U.S. Navy Admiral has for once again told the public a lie about Iranian nuclear program - which is a symptom of a intension of U.S. to denny that NSA or National Security Agency did any harm on our soil or is trying to do... While Sarkozy has moved out this circle after his visit in Rome and even hawkish Liberman is changing his tone. A bit of Prague Spring with the so red Paris 68 messages - after some wanted to stir a rams on some undesirables? I think it is rethoric question... Some is painting me as the common public enemy - it is truly maxim of the radical evil - with me - also calling for unity - but to put some from this purple intrigue at the french styled Wawel with full of honors...

Public Enemy Pilsudzki - You and whose army?

"Breathtaking in its scope and ambition," is how one commentator has described President Barack Hussein Obama's budgetary plans for the United States. And while many might not have a problem with the first adjective and the last noun in the comment, "scope" maybe missing more than once from Obama’s considerable agenda.

Obama has already acknowledged in his weekly radio address that passing his budget won't be easy because he says, "it represents a threat to the status quo in Washington."

More: PressTV

But the official order and the slogan of the Prague summit is a 'No to divided UE'. Well, it is imposible as some of our leaders must face real justice. Creation of the 'defense' around this case and around a 'Bush mandate' is an insanity that can lead even to the grown of the anti-semitism and another Kielce... Some has compromitated themself through this 3  years...

This mandate has been wroten down on a paper and signed by Bush - when he has authorized NSA to operate openly in the foreign countries as the political police. Over three years ago. Some instead of protesting in name of our souverenity was enjoying new political police and power of the Unieted States. Through this time - they has produced a lot of corruptional cases - and if we want healthy and strong Europe - we need to break this plex. It is a historical chellenge for each of the Member States. 

And do not trust in any signle word of Obama - see - just moment ago they has assured for once again the world that are going to keep this post-war thinking and will be lieing to the end as in Nixon case.

THEY ARENT DEMOCRATS IN EVEN 1%!!! They lead Democrats as the Nazi Party did and there  is even no litte real sign of the change of intentions except 'sweet wrods' as usual... 

They say - that the hunt for 'wildlife' of Palin - was what his voters expect from Obama... 

The situation is critical and we - as a citizens - need a realy strong signal before casting our votes in the June 2009. The call for a unity which sends both White House and Israeli Premier-elect is wrong. It is a call in defense of some bigest crime done on individuals and societies since the creation of the NATO. The problem is that this time - they are realy going to fight for the dollar through military conflicts - there is no other sign in the air. The Euro which some want to do in Poland - can be realy bloody one - if this will continue this way...

I will give you and advice as Mikolaj Radziwill a duke of Radosz would do... The unity and real acctions from our European leaders are realy needed if we does not want to not only go deeper into economic troubles (some has lost half in one year), bloody conflicts and a problem with weather - which can bring both hurgans as a droughts in place wher it was not observed before but also be brought into state of the slave, a vasal to our Gouvernors and Lords. This proces we see - is just like in the United States and thier own fight against slavery - which has leaded to the North & South war. The Unity of EU is needed, but in the fight against this medival like oppressors - to make a stage for the New Enlighment - also on the religious front. Read and think about this speech - see Neo-Theo like Abraham Lincoln saw this teutonic deviation...

House Divided Speech

Springfield, Illinois
June 16, 1858

Mr. President and Gentlemen of the Convention.

If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.

We are now far into the fifth year, since a policy was initiated, with the avowed object, and confident promise, of putting an end to slavery agitation.

Under the operation of that policy, that agitation has not only, not ceased, but has constantly augmented.

In my opinion, it will not cease, until a crisis shall have been reached, and passed.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.

I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided.

It will become all one thing or all the other.

Either the opponents of slavery, will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new -- North as well as South.

Have we no tendency to the latter condition?

Let any one who doubts, carefully contemplate that now almost complete legal combination -- piece of machinery so to speak -- compounded of the Nebraska doctrine, and the Dred Scott decision. Let him consider not only what work the machinery is adapted to do, and how well adapted; but also, let him study the history of its construction, and trace, if he can, or rather fail, if he can, to trace the evidence of design and concert of action, among its chief architects, from the beginning.

But, so far, Congress only, had acted; and an indorsement by the people, real or apparent, was indispensable, to save the point already gained, and give chance for more.

The new year of 1854 found slavery excluded from more than half the States by State Constitutions, and from most of the national territory by congressional prohibition.

Four days later, commenced the struggle, which ended in repealing that congressional prohibition.

This opened all the national territory to slavery, and was the first point gained.


Well, they see this defect and Republicans are more that happy from Obama performance and intensification of his enslavment efforts on Europeans. Everythig is just opposite it should be - like on the mirror.... His popularity among Republicans has growed from 27 to 42% and soon it will be most 'Democratic' pawn of Confederats - ever.... Inside the Democratic party they are increasing voices of anger and despair - but Emperor does not see, does not hear the common people. He fly toward the catastroph - whith his military clishe - waiting for a moment to increase hatered and move soldiers - from Iraq to Afghanistan throu Iran... Do not belive Adolf - his words are worthless...

Kucinich: Obama extending war chapter

Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich criticizes the president for stretching a chapter of war by relocating troops from Iraq to Afghanistan.

"We must bring a conclusion to this sorry chapter in American history where war was waged under false pretense against an innocent people," Kucinich said.

"You can't be in and out at the same time." - he added.

More: PressTV

But he does not lisen to the people... Continuing his mad Nixon dance. And the ambasadies - well, you know from Evo to what they used it in past decades...

Whatever will happen to me - all our stars including Presiden Lech, Kontur Tusk and this Warble Fly and others among Israelis and Republicans involved in this mega-scandal can be sure that this case will not extinct as the spirit, a soul is immortal... It will be better for them if the Witkacy would be a judge - but they are fighting with him and has almost smashed him...

Kant lecturing to Russian officers

Kant affirms a principle that, with respect to choice and action, such practical use of our reason cannot require of us what is impossible. To the extent that we view these requirements of reason from the sensible perspective of spatio-temporal causality, they will seem impossible of fulfilment. When, however, we view them from the intelligible perspective within which we frame the exercise of freedom, their fulfilment can legitimately be “postulated” in terms of the immortality of the soul and of the existence of God. Thus, with respect to the requirement that we attain the complete moral perfection of a holy will, Kant holds that we are justified in affirming that we will have an unending and enduring existence after death, outside the framework of spatio-temporal causality, in which to continue the task of seeking moral perfection. 

He holds a similar view with respect to the requirement that the highest good be the object of our willing. Even though our moral actions do not seem to have the efficacy required in a spatio-temporal framework to produce the happiness proportioned to virtue that is a necessary component of the highest good, we are justified in affirming that there is a supreme cause of nature — i.e., God — that will bring this about, not merely for ourselves, but for all moral agents.

More: Standford University

We are still waiting for this symbolic signature. But Tusk after today Prague summit was saying something loudly about 100% sucess... Well, he was able to terrorize Parliament to change a Constitution for me and others which was throwed on the margin of society. He is shinig for sure. And has declared that is going to sign a nomination of Targowica General. He is more that happy that this person which actions has expelled me is continuing Gestapo in Generalgoverment. I think that after European summits this weekend gates to European Parliament has been closed for me... Lovely Transatlantic.... And who rules Polish Army on the Bush mandate breaking Polish Constitution. Well, they are going to change it - to close my door to the Parliament forever...


Chicago Tea

"Polish Army and the armoury are riding this same car and cannot be victim of the budget cuts"
Bogdan Klich
Polish Minister of Defense

"Great, but this train  is going to the death camp and I it is simply  the stock-car with guards' 

Do You think that anything has changed? No, ambassadies of this sick crusaders in best cases are paralyzed. Kontur Tusk as usual do not remeber his moves and why i has escaped country - trying to blame - as usual somebody else. He is not in good situation as he is right now speaking with Merkel on the issue of 'expelled'. Presiden Lech Kaczynski has started to be honest in explaining to the nation - that he will do best to silence scandal in case of the tragedy and his brother - forgeting about his crimes and words sassly says that this has never happened and there is no cause, as there is no CASA - no oppression from 30 years and no fraud... More and more words - it is just a bit better that encouraigin this murder like Tusk was doing... Problem after problem... Using, by both, the Polish Army to marginalise political opponents...

The positive thing is that i am still alive - my so awaited 'silencing' in current circustamces would be just like a finishing signature of King Stanislaw August Poniatowski (yes this one from the Pilsudzki bridge) on the Targowica Treaty. After which the Polish Army has laid thier arms down and a last pieces of our pround Commonwealth has dissapeared from the Map and overthowed all the liberties enacted in the 3 May Constitution. This is such process in my fatherland and such hunndred years old perfidion and play on this same stolen nutes...

Targowica perfidion

From the Establishing Act of the Targowica Condeferation:

"The desires of Her Highness Empress of Russia [Catherine the Great], ally of Rzeczpospolita [the Commonwealth], are and were no other than by using her armies to return to Rzeczpospolita and Poles the freedoms, and especially security and happiness to all citizens"

One of the founders of the Targowica Confederation, Stanisław Szczęsny Potocki:
"Each true Pole, not blinded by the Prussian and royalist cabal, is convinced, that our Fatherland can only be saved by Russia, otherwise our nation will be enslaved".

After Stanislaw Poniatowski's abdication and the destruction of the Commonwealth, he said:

"About past Poland and Poles [I don't want to talk anymore]. Gone is this country, and this name, as many others have perished in the world's history. I am now a Russian forever."

More: Wikipedia

They are anyway going to meet thier tragedy if they will not change and thier stance will not help nethier them personaly - as they as heads of our state - are responsible for breaking constitution and inhuman treatment of my person - nethier thier political parties. It is full compromitation of both President and the Prime Minister. Of course as usual both sides of politica stage are blaming others and continuing thier sweet words - as usual... No action... Completly paralyzed - defending fraud done on our nation... And in this same time they are just expanding this corruptional network and uber-agency - against both our laws and interest... Well, they has started to express that are worried about european stimulus  - but will be happy if i will be eliminated and  ell did nothing to help me and our case in any positive way... They will blame others and will silence case... 

They both know that i am interested in the European Parliament seat - as this process will take years and it is a natural - as i want to fuliffy the mission of our small kid - the European Fundamental Rights Agency - FRA - to take it and stimulate thier quest from Parliament. Still, thier strategy is an ignorance and throught this supporting foreign interest against our heritage and tradition. I am just blocked as I was in time of our snap-pool - that has surprised me when i was literrary 'traped' in the Netherlands two years ago. The closing (for now in the Constitutional Commission) of the door to the National Parliament for me - is best manifestation - of both intentions and 'a cowboys way' of making politics by leaders of all political parties in Poland...

In United States thier has discovered the true intentions of the White House 'stimulus' and 6 governors in act of protest - called in States - Chicago Tea - has refused Obama money. They call for the New Republic and moral healing. Obama, well, i think that this crisis has refreshed his personal memory from the time he and Clinton was opponets inside of so called 'Democratic' Party. But of course is ignoring the harms that his very agents has did, for another day and night - like a blind mech - partitioning and brumming under new Iron Curtain... His Cold War dinosaurs are shining in the light of the Moon...

In Iran they would say that I am just following my ancescors footprints in this Ulrich-Radosz dance. And it is realy true, sometimes I do not know if this is just before my death or maybe just before expelling both President and Prime Minister like during May coup... I see for sure return of the spirit of Young Poland coming back - but I also remember how this game in american poker has ended both for our leaders as well to my country. When i look back into Obama 100 days - i see - like others that they are nor different one from other. For me it has becomed clear after first 100 minutes - what this administration represents...

Maybe, after i and others actors of this inhuman dialogue blowed him in his bulls - something will change - maybe not. But I warn You - when Hitler has comme to power - he was not in the uniform from which whole mankind remebers him and the top Reich figuers was advertised hims as progressive leaders. Also some circle of Israelis as well Wester buissnesmans.  For first it was hope of re-establishment of state of Israel on british dominated land for second - it was great hope of good buisness... We, including my ancestors - has saw things differenetly - maybe was old-stylish.... But for sure - my case - for another time will show true face of some of the world leaders....


The Times famous triple-tiered headlines shout: “HITLER MADE CHANCELLOR OF GERMANY BUT COALITION CABINET LIMITS POWER; CENTRISTS HOLD BALANCE IN REICHSTAG.” After losing several elections to President Von Hindenburg, Franz von Papen makes a deal with the WWI general to make Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialist Party, Chancellor of Germany even though they don’t have a majority in the Reichstag.

The story includes this fascinating statement: “The composition of the Cabinet leaves Herr Hitler no scope for gratification of any dictatorial ambition.” (I think history proved differently)! 
Yet, the front page also contains a story by the AP headed, “HITLER PLEDGES FIGHT IN CABINET.” The Nazi statement says, in part, “After a thirteen-year struggle the National Socialist movement has succeeded in breaking through to the government; the struggle to win the German nation, however, is only the beginning.”

Reaction to the news of Hitler’s appointment at German Chancellor is mixed in Europe. Poland hopes Hitler’s new post will help show the world the true face of what Germany will become under the Nazi Party.  

Source: The New York Times
January 31, 1933

Donek was on begining of visit in good mood but the questin about 'euro referendum' has made it bad again. He is aware that 2/3 of Poles wants the healing and formation of the national unity goverement. Yes, it is a sword of Domacles that is hanging and waiting. Common Poles see as I - the dangerous situation and the reason why government is 'banditizing' our country. I know that they are Ministers in his governement that knows Donek 'political terrorizm' very well - as it is mainly 'paralized' - central steered one. But under the presure from members of thier party and public, it looks that at least they has changed official stance of the Polish Goverement. But, still this are only the words - which i have heard even on my broadcast - hundreds of billions trought three last years. And well, just after a meeting with Merkel and speaking 'about explused' they has gone on huge fest - Matthiae Mahl. A banquet that was established here in 1356 to celebrate a formation of HANSA. Yes, Poland serves very well - as Tusk has said during Wawel NATO summit. I had gone this night to sleep after eating a soup for homeless...

On his desk awaits some decision, waiting for a signatured. It was assigned by President and it is about continuation of heading the Polish Army by the General that was doing this - against Constitution - in past... three years. When my horror has intensified. This signature - is my eyes like disolving of the Polish Army. Just like in time of Targowica. It will be a best proof of intensions - continued fighting with political police by foerign agencies with alowance of Polish Government. Yes, it is still about Obama Gestapo... This guy is driving but with Bush mandate... 3 years...

And, well, in the United States - the Chicago tea - the call to protest on Obama econe stimulus is going bigger and bigger. They understand very well the reasons of his insane 100 minutes and some was brave engough to write some symbolic - but very heavy - letter... To the reds.... Well, my Commonwealth seems to not exists for any of this sides...




Il Divo

"Everything will be good Janek"
they used to say 
to my father

They say that there is no better gift at the Saint Sabina day that the Rose. But with the poison on the prick. An appoitment of Dennis as the war-head is some kind of this gift - but seen by so many as the reverbersion in the water-plane - some are just to old to change thier cold-war thinking. Emanuel Kant would say that this is just like an illumination of 'the radical evil'. An very poisounus and plastic rose.

But the fly of Radoslaw Sikorski to the Washington was not joyfull, as it should be. The plan to silence your pilgrim brodcast has meet some unexpected obstacle from Jaroslaw Kaczynski. He has announced publicly some time ago that of course he is not going to take part in the upcomming presidential election and this Causus Dei is also important for him and his party - when it comes to the cause of the Jean Paul II. What should be also obviousl for the Prime Minister. And to make situation even worse - today from the Presidential Palace they has sugested thrutfully that in August - our goverement - should make corrections... The other observation is that they - Tusk team - are not going to change thier stance...

Radical evil - definition

Central to this account is the development of the notion of “radical evil” in human moral life and of the moral conversion that is needed to overcome it. He presents the notion of radical evil in Book One of Religion under the guise of a philosophical counterpart to the Christian doctrine of original sin. His discussion of moral conversion in Book Two then parallels the Christian doctrine of redemption. Kant places particular emphasis upon human responsibility for both radical evil and moral conversion.

Unlike original sin, which Christian belief has understood as inherited, radical evil is self-incurred by each human being. It consists in a fundamental misdirection of our willing that corrupts our choice of action.

In Kant's terminology, it consists in an “inversion” of our “maxims,” which are the principles for action we pose to ourselves in making our choices. Instead of making the rightness of actions — i.e., the categorical imperative — the fundamental principle for choice, we make the satisfaction of one of our own ends take priority in the willing of our actions. We thus inculcate in ourselves a propensity to make exceptions to the demand of the categorical imperative in circumstances when such an exception seems to be in our own favor.

More: Standford University
Yes, these are very important words in the face of the historical proces of the beatification of our Pope Jean Paul II. It is of the higest importance to the Holy See, as it is also an important founding-stone in more broad efforts to continue our Pope way. It can lead world religious leaders and the Church itself towar greater understanding and the true rebirth of the religion and the moralit. In the spirit of the modern world, but still as deep into the history of mankind as the Old Testament or maybe even deeper - as the Avestan book of Yasna. Yes, i see a next Synode on the horizon...

The Church is now focused on the beatification of controversial Hawaii Father Damien - an patron of people sick on HIV/AIDS, but it is only a small step on the slow and gloomy way towards the beatification of previous Pope. On this same day - he will also canonize pole - Zygmunt Felinski - born in so important for me - Wolyn - a founder of Franciscani Sisters of the Family of Mary. Very important step on years long way, as important as the Pope Benedict May pilgrimare to the Middle East. The visit in Palestine and Israel is already confirmed and the Tel Aviv is going to prepare for it with full responsibility and recognition of the importance of this case. The problem is that they sometimes go to far - and we already has saw too many innocents victims, as well a mistifications. If they are going to clean-up the stage they should do this in french style, instead of convicting some in the secrecy, as some there did in past.

Jerusalem prepares for Pope's visit

Pope Benedict XVI's planned visit to Israel will likely cause some inconvenience to Jerusalem's residents, who are already used to the traffic jams associated with every major figure's visit to their city.

But the Pope's visit is also expected to have some positive side effects for Jerusalemites, as the municipality intends to launch a massive clean up and rehabilitation project aimed at upgrading the capital's shabby appearance in honor of the event.

More: Yvnet

Well, pope will come to Tel Aviv from the stop at King Abdulah II country. So this wall - will be again in the center of the debate. And they cannot avoid this unles will go on total war. This was exacley a force that was pushing Churchill toward pro-war stance at the end of thirties - when together with Roosvelt they was publicly stating that fate of my Commonwealth is a foregone conclusion and it will fall in Hitler jaws... Nobody punish the victorious ones. And at the end of the day - they was victorious, bigest loser was as usual Poland even amid the heroic efforts to bring back an independence  to our 'Wersal bastard', as they used to call our young Poland...

The reason of the high consternation in both Radzislaw  Sikorski plane and the White House was of course this  old grump - Gargamel from Vatican - that has broken Clinton rotary and in the another plane has sent unusual gift. New Cardinal for the New York. The one - that i think is one of most predisposited for the hard task that is behind him. I hope he will look very closley at each of the bead in Hillary pink chaplet - what can be very interesting also for Obama - personaly. And Obama is aware very well... 

President Obama calls Archbishop Dolan with congratulations, prayers

President Barack Obama called Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan Feb. 23 to congratulate the Milwaukee archbishop on his appointment as head of the New York Archdiocese, according to news reports.

The 59-year-old archbishop spoke about what he called the “extraordinarily gracious” call during a late afternoon visit to St. Joseph’s Seminary in the Yonkers suburb of Dunwoodie, where he celebrated evening vespers and had dinner with seminarians.

Archbishop Dolan said that when he received the call he thought at first that his brother was playing a joke on him.

He said he and the president briefly discussed the financial problems facing the United States, with Archbishop Dolan offering a tongue-in-cheek solution – that the church hold additional collections.

Archbishop Dolan invited Obama to his April 15 installation in St. Patrick’s Cathedral and said the president told him, “I assure you of my prayers.”

There was no official announcement of the call from the White House.

Source: Catholic Review

The late Pope John Paul II described the position here as being "archbishop of the capital of the world." He was good pupil of JP II and very resonable person that understands a chellenges that he is going to face there and h e has loudly told who he is going to defend - stating that Catholics "have to speak up for the most defenseless in our society, especially when it comes to defending the culture of life."

In Poland in  meantime -  yewish in origin - Gazeta Wyborcza has published a very interesting and deepfull article on the core of the poisoned jewish-vatican relations - on the polish arm of the Econe. This can be shoking for some of Poles - but this article is realy touching the issue and it would be good for Prime Minister Tusk to read it as the whole blog. It is  entitled  "The mops of God" - and present this small but powerfull movement in Poland. Of course in the relation to the poisonous friction between St. Pius X leaders and the late Pope... But Donek - has been caught by snow storm when he was going by plan to support one of his champions at Mazury district...

And well, he just today has become a grandfather... What a irony of fate. Again 'Dziady' Mickiewicza on the way to Rome... This time spring one. Prague spring one... Well, if you will look at the Library of the 'Czech Broders' you will find that beside my father Jan, in XXVII - there was also Hrabia Jan - Jan Radosz - yes - for real Mr. Tusk. And i have traced  us - much deeper. Hope to write you what I and Adam had in common. It is much more that similar pilgrimage... Much more about Freemasonry lodge - Francais et Polonais Reunis...

And please accept my invitation to watch this movie - Il divo. While you will do this - remeber  this one quote form it - that  i love - 'It is not always easy to explain our country to foreigners. In Italy the slowest trains are called "fast" and the evening news come out in the morning'.



Where are you goddness

Where are you sorceress, goddess, queen?
Life giving, deluding and bloodthirsty phantom.
Hundred headed thaumaturgus, immortal Hydra of Lerna.
Siren who calls me to Scylla singing of the graves

"Where are you goddness?"
Antoni Lange (1863-1929)

Today in Poland in Presidential Palace they has hold yet another anti-crisis meeting. Some will say it was stypa - a slavic traditional meeting after funeral. However nobody knows after who... It could be some cat, it could be Europe... But I will say for sure it was our Commonwealth.... And there is somebody that is today more that happy - it is Radziu Sikorski. Yes, Radzio - you will have chance to get your famous body today - cat was engineer. But, you know, even in the Germany they not only say but also write that after your 'soviet strategy' you do not have a chances to become a head of the NATO. And because of this pseudo-schizm that i want to break - and the scandal around it - nobody except him and some Bulgarian - that is know from Saraievo Zion Train on the 4th November - is an official candidate. Still not wondering why others wait...

Well, Radzio is going to meet today with our Snow Queen - Hillary Clinton- to give her my 'Voice of Truth' on the Israeli Broadcast as a gift from thier corrupted hearts. It is just like murdering our culture and tradition in name of thier crimes and corruption that i am pointing and exsposin to the people. This is how they are going to contribute  to Round Table aniversary and 60th years of NATO... Yes, they are just defending this way a crimes done on our nation - and at primo - defending our stolen national heritage and thier lies - like CASA one

This is how they are going to celebrate 30 years of my personal oppression and molestation by very this people and corporation behind them...Celebrating in the mid-west style...By silencing my well know and popular broadcast and then me - solving problem by problem - during my pilgrimare on the sixt-deep of Jonh Paul II... This is a way they are going to contribute to the long and complicated proces of the beatification of our pope?

You know, before me there was many on broadcasting on this wave - most of them has died in suspected circustamces. When i started to brodcast my audition i did this in the spirit of pre-war audtion that originaly was an effect of the radio experiment conducted in the central eastern Europe - together with creation of the Holy See - as part of famous Raszyn radiostation project. On end of 50'ths Fidel Castro was broadcasting on this same waves - when he was leading his revolution on his island. He was an obviousl enemy of the NATO - still was able to do this. It was a Cold War era, still he was brodcasting... And there was deep religious, cultural and historical reasons - in Poland we call this mesianism. Polish Television has made even some intelectual portal and documentary on this topic called SYSTEM 09 - but it has been removed as some bright journalists that was saying to much truth to the people...

In Poland newspapers headlines are full of criticism to the Tusk goverement - Rzeczpospolita calls it - 'Worst governement since 20 years' other newspapers are stating that mafia and neo-nazist with roots in Scandynavian ideology - are buiding up rapdily. And even in the Police... Well, Police is just after first - HISTORICAL - protest. What does TUSK in this time?