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UnaVoce - 9/11

Some are working very hard to mislead public opinion about source of 9/11 attack. It does not have nothing common with Islam, as it was conducted by some DuPont growed terrorist and there are some inside both Bush and Obama team that knows very well about it sources and involvment of both local AIVD that was main pool provider and the Switzerland Econe group - that has corrdinated this attack. 

On the american side you will find a lot of people from The Nation of Islam that was involved in it, as a american arm of Econe group - very connected to Rotary and Baptims. Modern, corrupted version of it. 

To celebrate 9/11 they has as usual conducted a very special traditional mass in Dupont family-base - Greenville. In the very unique Swedish curch. Just two days ahead of 9/11. They also recomended to thier Club to marke this day in thier calendars as - the day of recognition of thier Teacher of the year.

The Traditional Latin Mass Returns to Greenville

Sept. 9th, 2001:
First Traditional Latin Mass in 40 Years - Greenville, SC

Please plan on attending the first Traditional Latin Mass in nearly 40 years to be celebrated at the Upstate's mother parish of 150 years, St. Mary's, (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart) in Greenville, South Carolina. Mass will be held on Sunday, Sept. 9 at 3 p.m. at St. Mary's. The Mass of the Missal of 1962 will be celebrated by Fr. James Buckley, seminary professor, Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, the only order to be founded by Pope John Paul II.

Please spread the word to all those interested! For the time being, this is not a regularly scheduled event, but a high turnout will aid the possibility of it continuing on a more regular basis.

Brian Mershon
Una Voce Greenville, SC

Just to refresh your memory. The Mass of the Missal of 1962 was just before a eclipse of the sun in 1963 - very special year for both my family, the fraud and people that has captured Toda ideas - in 1963  killing of J.F.K as well poisoner of our Marshall - his second - sweedish - wife has happend.

It is still about this same clishe, this sam groups and script - and corruptional way - this same bulla and still this same fraud.... Nihil novi since at least 200 years...

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