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Transatlantic emigration

Today i was shocked by Obama as usual, this time by his move that is futher fortyfiting the Dark Alliance in the official american regime. His recent move to appoint as the head of the Central Intelligence Agency an officier from the Clinton era has acted on my as the electro shok. It is obviousl that by such corrupted and immoral anti-democratic people like some in the upcoming team we will not make any progres and i am really affraid about my fate.

That is reason why i has wrote to one of advisers of Mr. Evo Morales thee president of Republic of Bolivia (which maybe soon will change a name to the Commonwealth of Bolivia) and a friend. I see a moves that my grandfather would interpret as I. I do not like their Dunham's 'sport' that is so rooted back in the Hitler ideology and is so brutal. When i see such a moves i am starting to be very affraid as i know very well this paralys that has throwed the world affairs into such state of absurd and nonsens. And i must say i will try to emigrate from Europe to continue my process away from poisons and legal threats, sometimes very brutal. It reminds me emigration of another famous pole - Gombrowicz and his play - 'Transatlantic'. Why this rosvelts machinery and ideology - a founding stone of the NSA - that was a cause of second world war has eaten completely the Democratic party?

Bolivian Postcard

well, things with Obama administration and
my life are going worst day after day

that is why i did not visited your country as
i hoped in November

but with appointment of Clinton era chief of CIA
i am really afraid about what will happen to me
after his inauguration and takeover of White House
by people from Dark Alliance

i want to make huge criminal process
against his administration and his personnel
and i am very afraid about myself

that is why i am still looking on making
trip to South America and hide somewhere
until i will be prepared enough to make
this war criminal case in the Internation Criminal Court

i will try to move there asap,
but wanted from you and maybe your
friends to hear about option with staying
in Bolivia or Venezuela longer - probably one year

best regards,

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Artur 'TAUTUR' Taurus said...

well, today i will not vrite anything more,
just watch presstv and enjoy operation cut the voice of prawda off the world stage

with nuclear briefcase and the old reciept,
which you can briefli see in this trailer
of the 1871 oper - thespis

watch the video:

and think of obama grandmother
she is also there - pre programed
as in the oper - super Brodway

they has come so far in thier madness...