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I really do not get this Auschwitz jokes made by USS representatives - it is just a continuation of Bush humor. While just today Mr. Obama has announced that he is going to make a 'quick millitary withdrawal' from Iraq to Afganistan, he has just forgotten to inform public that they are going to do this through the Islamic Republic of Iran. And it does not look as joke, read more on millitary operation called from my name... Special brava to our trimas regimes - Israel, U.S. and the United Kingdom. Yes, i know, London will call me back...

Just a day after a Chiness New Year - his team has setup up in millitary calendars - together with the British a millitary 'manevour' of group of 8 warships called - 'Taurus 09' - that is going to be held in the Middleterain-Asia seas from 27 Januray 2009. I guess - that on the morning he will then ask Iran - And How (No i jak)? Just another 'Gleiwitz incident' styled provokation. Sorry, i do not buy this joke... Looks very serious.

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - The USS Mitscher will participate in the deployment of the United Kingdom's Royal Navy Taurus 09 Task Group in the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East and South East Asia.

The Navy said Thursday that the Norfolk-based Arleigh Burke class destroyer will deploy Jan. 27.

France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey also are participating in the deployment, which will be under the operational command of the Royal Navy.

The Navy says the Taurus 09 Task Group will include eight ships, two nuclear-powered submarines, and a variety of rotary-wing aircraft.

Source: Wavy

Today we has observed a military build-up on Russian-Georgia border zone and very aggressive rethoric of Shakasvilli - man that on the celebration of the Crystal Night has closed independent tv station IMEDI. It is interesting to note - that he has said that his enemies are not Russians or Ossetians, but has pointed on Putin - "Georgia has not had such a vigilant enemy since Shah Abbas I,". Shah Abbas I was a Persian shah who suppressed a rebellion on the territory of modern-day Georgia in 1614-15. After your arbeit George S. i would like to realy repeat what my cousin did to you...

The Pentagon had also under Bush administration a plan to use Georgian teritory - as a launchpad to make an attack on Iran. Mainly from air-bases and a fameous in the intelligence community - the port of Poti - where we are observing this same USS military moves repeated in the cycles, that has intensified in last months.

Just on the eve of the New Year - to this port a USS Taylor has arrived. Then another strange thing has happened. The U.S. embassy said in a statement that this visit is focused on "social and community relations projects where members of the crew will participate in a beautification project of the city"".

The problem is that we has heard exacly the same words with another suspected visit of USS Barry (DDG-52) that was made in very hot perriod of time - on the 18 October 2008. The USS embassady has then stated in this same words: that a crew will take part in 'a social and a community relations project where members of the crew will participate in a beautification project with the mayor's office'...


And also on the ground in Iraq some see this strange moves:

US envoy takes swipe at Obama

The US ambassador to Baghdad, Ryan Crocker, has criticized the Obama administration for planning a quick military withdrawal from Iraq.

Crocker took a veiled swipe at US President Barack Obama's policy on Iraq on Friday, saying "a precipitous withdrawal" from Iraq could run severe risks.
Source: PressTV

On the 10 February - the Israel regime will have an ellections, they have last days to perfom an attack to which they was preparing so intensive and precisious - from years. After discovering OPERATION TAURUS - it is for surre not a time to relax - we still need to be on alert - as never before...

Continuation of this blind and sassy tactic can have a sense - if Omlert and rest will be able to make his attack - the Blitzkrieg on his ideological enemy. But, this can be a truly appocaliptical move. Oh, fly Andreo, fly - but watch the video and see what you can meet there - this time in whole Persian Gulf...

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