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Show Time

I think that if there will be no Jan Radosz 30th years ago, we will not have such a problem and the complication that has completly paralyzed League of the Nations, just yesterday. I was hanging over some military video-phone in the Salvation Army with one of the top Israeli commanders talking about crizis we are facing right now. It was not easy thing as whole talk was beign recorded and she, was spoking in the name of her nation, as i was doing in the name of my familly and friends.

Somtimes i do such a things with top leaders of this circus. Sometimes i am taking with them very face to face. Yesterday, i was watching CNN live transmition from the Israel, very exceptional regime that does even not have full rights in the League of the Nations and is there under very special status. It  was very dificult thing to talk with her, because she see as I that some of thier leaders has lost thier minds in the defense of fraud and crimes, also narcotic ones, that they did. I am still at the position that i has wrote in my Fatwha, that they need, at very first, to be throw away from the families of world nations and after making peace-deal with Palestine (with first step - to from the Comonwealth of Both Nations) to be bringed back with full rights and as the permament member.

They say in the Israel that they do not want to have war with Lebanon and our cousins Suleimans, but i must say, that if this operation - the Cast the Lead - will be continued, they can in very short time be treated as the roughly state with the nuclear arsenal. Then this regime, whatever they whould be 'PLA PLA"-ing, can be bring to the justice and such an anti-terrorist operation with military support from the West is also an option on the table...

I was sure that we all have full understanding of the situation, and soon they has even sent a signal throught the Western media, that the scale of thier exceptional, some say, millenium operation - Cast the Lead -will be reduced to zero and the operation save the face will be conducted instead.

Later, we has changed channel to watch some movie and enjoy free-time. Alought we was diffrent in ethnical, cultural and religous aspects, all of us -  still shared a common hope to not see another bloody Sunday conducted by the Israeli and thier Munich friends

But then again i was shocked by the movie, this time for different reasons. The movie - the Show Time shocked me beacuse it was just like a story of my father - but in the post-88 western style. A story of the agent Joy and agent Ros that are fighting super-terrorist Pilsudzki. Officialy, as the NYPD could tell you, Pilsudzki was a close friend of another terrorist Mahmud and together with the king of terrorists from the Lybia has kidnaped some Lady in Greenville in the elevator to trade it for the Senator.

Well, there is another version, Bollywood version, just in production, so soon you will know whole story. But this terrorist. Pilsudzki - a polish banditen super-hero - communist and fashist in one body, and even more - from father and grandfathers - an evil coultist of the Yasna mountain has been spectaculary killed by our brave agents at the very happy-end. Lady in Greenville has even shouted loudly - 'What a television!' Well, i must add, 'what a break you has cooked for Amsterdam in this one very special second!'.

It could be funny, but this is so true story. Story about some case that has started whole corruption string. But in the backgrount also a story about some let say - nuclear briefcase - about some trains on the line Berlin-Moscow, some Zion Train on the eve of 4th November. With very serious package - some will say it was pluton bomb - some that a crack-cocaine. Such a caliber! And well, there is also a dog called Sharik that has put his nose into the Greenville flapjack and was trying to understand owner of the powder he has found, because he also found one milion such people in the american prisons. However, they has poisoned him on the very special day....

Still i went sleep with hope to not see any more blood in the Gaza. And with serious problems to some people that has lost thier minds.  Some purple MONDAY that will come with the return of Obama from my familly island, where he could see on his own eyes - Kohala heritage and where he could talk with all the locals about history and also maybe some very old fraud. Some bone wars. The opressor and the opressed and his roots...



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