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Round Table Fuss

We just celebrated 50th aniversary of the Cuban revolution, but in the recen public opinion pool polish internet portal has asked which aniversary can bring bigest scandal and can be a reason for political row on the polish stage. There are many round anniversaries in the year 2009 -  in chines calendar - year of the Ox (pol. Jak) that are important for the history of Poland. 

Among them you can find such one as aniversary of the begining of the second world war (8%), 5 years  since we has entered the European Union (7%), the 65 aniversary of the PKWN Manifesto (Polish Comittee of National Liberation) and 20thy aniversary of the governement of Tadeusz Mazowiecki

However most of the readers has pointed to the aniversary of the Polish Round Table as the common bone of discord. More that 29% has choosed this one among other, as it was a symbol of the transformation under slogan - 'Change the image - do not change the system'. Many of polish citizens still see thier opressors in power and feels that we did not accounted our past, also  personaly and still did not  payed what we should  to the very victims of the regime that at this  time  by sacrificing some very few has changed a flag from Soviet one to the NATO... For so many it was just another Targowica!

It is interesting that at 2009 we will hold another round aniversary - 60th years of the NATO. Just in April they will gather to celebrate it. Looking from my personal point of view they will celebrate organization that from protectors of our  heritage has changed itself in the 1988 with the very cynical death of 'Inspector Cruzoe' into protectors of the bigest fraud ever...

And we will celebrate it on very this same time. We will start on the second of Aprli, as the polish round-table has started in 1989 and will end it on 4th of Aprli - together with celebration of the 60-years of NATO. However this time we will start it from the celebration of very mysterious death of the Pope Jean Paul II.  And they say in the Holly Sea that he will be  made saint on  this day. The chances of making a saint of DuPont as some was proposing on the paper are very litte right now... And guess why, my dear reader...

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