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Bue October - Lost confidence

Some mad devotes in this Teutonic Kingdom today has realy got a Jaroslaw cat. Fueled by blind hate they was making a background 'noises' for the upcoming military provocation that can lead them and our planet to the hell. This blind people has just becomed mad and are sowing to the world how perfid and sassly they can be. It was just one day - but so sympthomatic. The Pope scandalous move has elated them so much...

God one knows why this specific barbaric haterage is directed on my person. Or, maybe, the Operation Taurus - this name - as the Operation Cast Lead  - this holo cause is the reason? Well, it is 'Huzia na Jozia' a fameous cruseders hucpa, as just before and after the death of our Marshall (watch the videos)

They has forgoten, what on the silvester thier masters has cooked for them - and what on 27 January they want to repeat in the Arizona style. Or maybe even in the USS Liberty one. Yes, this operation called after my name is still on the way... And as Adolf Merckly would say 'Germany will soon visit Iran...'. Well, i think that on 27 Januar  Ms. Merkel would do thier own, and could be faster and in better style, that  thier ex-leader that is going to talk with Iranians in February. Bringing new facts and evidences to our common case.

The Betrayal of American Veterans - USS Liberty

On June 8, 1967, US Navy intelligence ship USS Liberty was suddenly and brutally attacked on the high seas in international waters by the air and naval forces of Israel. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. Survivors have been forbidden for 40 years to tell their story under oath to the American public. The USS Liberty Memorial web site tells their story and is dedicated to the memory of the 34 brave men who died.

More: USS Liberty Memorial

It is good to look behing pla pla pla of 44th President which beyond any doubt represents Empirer thinking - he thinks that there are no borders and he will rule forever. No, you will not - and you can end very quickly as Nixon did. And what i see throgh your acts - a placing all the people responsible for fate of my Father back on the fron line is a greates tragedy for the Democratic party ever. Further, while he speak about closing Guantanamo - and in very this same time opening another one in Afghanistan - what kind of intensions he have? What kind of perfidion?

I see that you realy want to make quick withdrawal from Iraq through Iran to Afghanistan. As i see police making arest of Muslims in this city, just on the eve of the Operation Taurus. While they say it is 'for security' it is a move similiar to ethnic cleaning. Why they has never arested Israeli war criminals that are still continuing thier scary tactict on this land and others.

And well, why instead of throwing some Generals from the Pentagon - like most shamefull one - this 'feminist' favorite of Bush - yes, this logistic General Ann E. Dunnwoody - you are commisioning or ordering just another U.S.S batleships - like U.S.S Green Bay. You do not have a time to think? What intensions you has proved through past time?

But lets go back on the water - look closer on the potential of this 8 international ships that on 27 January was going to make a 'Gleiwizt incident'. Yes, they was going to do just like during thier 6 days war - Israel was trying to do with U.S.S Liberty - to involve United States in thier Middle-East war - to extend this regim from Euphrat to Tiger - without Iran. Yes, this Operation TAURUS is for the current leaders of the fake regime of Israel thier last chance... On the 10 Febrauary they will need to face an elections and are going to lose it...

They are just like on the submarine and are going to repeat thier New Year incident - that thanks to Republican administration did not happened. This time as thier last resort (i hope) weapon thier has choosed an incident like this one with USS Liberty, but with such power like the Pearl Harbour. By using this  same tactics that thier predecessors from IRGUN in 1967.

After the New Year, not by accident, on the 2 January 2009 some oficer from the United States Submarine Group 10, was relieved from his position as commanding officer due to a loss of confidence relating to the command environment aboard the USS West Virginia. This time we have two submarines that will participate in the Operation Taurus... This oper is sheduled on 27 January 2009 by the United Kingdom Royal Fleet. The direction is in general Georgia and Iran.

Loss of confidence results in change of submarine command

A loss of confidence has resulted in the temporary reassignment of a submarine's commanding officer at Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, Navy officials announced in a written statement on Monday.

Although there were no major incidents reported after Capt. Charles Hill's first patrol as the commanding officer of the USS West Virginia, he was temporarily reassigned to the office of Submarine Squadron 20.
Source: Tribune Georgia

* * *

Well, last days are very dificult for me as i am thanks the Democratic party and thier Walt Disney team literaly freezing while the political atmospher is reaching thier warmest point with the exposition of this Oper. I see that Oper Taurus has just today becomed important point in the pre-election debate within the fake regim of the Israel, so at least it is not probable that they will shoot from this submarine. At least this time... Thanks to some broadcast on thier Radio - thanks to the Voice of the Truth...

However i see that people responsible for this move, for preparation of it - also from the Likud - fruit of Lublin IRGUN are going to rule Israel after the 10 February and just hailed Israeli Army. Even relative newcomer to this game - Livni - see this and says that this can be breaking-point in the relations with the United States. 

I am personaly not so optimistic as i see on the vey front this same people that was responsible for a case of my father - so called Walt Disney team. Also in the so teutonic Poland where a position of the Minister of Justice has just been given to somebody close to the Lodz Kaliska and Lodz filmakers. It is like horror without happy-end... I see it each day... This IRGUN as the Damocles sword - but why on my head? Why they are striking the shield with the sign of Agnus Dei? Isn't this Teutonism in full krasa...

In Poland The Teutonic Platform and Presidential Palace that is occupied by Targowiczanin are very happy from progress in the Israel with IRGUN team back in the United States and Israel they will be completly safe and can continue thier fashist scripts and play. The Chief of Teutonic arm in Poland has just announced that they are not going to replace this Lodz Kaliska compromitation in Ministry of Justice or head of Television with the corporate-nazie past and connections. No it was not accident that this group was born on 1979!

They are happy going to celebrate 20th aniversary of the Round Table. 60th of the NATO fraud. And with thier usual arrogance - has just said that they has showed 'different class'. I must add that class full of clowns, fakes and also a clones. Real clones - i has saw Adolf and even my grand-grandphater Jozef - some kind of - from the Dupont animal pharma as i call this enslaved and sometimes geneticaly modified people. Fully Disney team going to celebrate so many round aniversaries. Ahh, i must say that inauguration of Minister of Justice was very specific - he has bringed full happy moon-familly to the Presidential Palace. President was happy as never before. Nobody need to think about mystifications like CASA. They have thier Super Thuesday - 27 January - oper Taurus - encoded. There will be other problems on the people heads... I realy do not know why i feel like during occupation. Maybe it is because of my grandphaters? Anyway, congratulations for thier style!
* * *

But lets go back to the battleground, Rybunko. What we see is a very special group of battleships under the leadership of the UK Royal Navy and participation from the Kingdom of Netherlands, Belgium, France, Turkey and of course the United States. We have so called 'rotary-aircraft' and one or maybe even two submarine at our service. 

We see thier moves also in the regim of Israel and we see this Thursday morning and one ship missing. Of course at our submarine they have a proofs that this was Iranian torpedo. Also Shakashvilli have simillar one. Yes, Rybunko we are well prepeared and supported even from the futhure administration of Israel. The question is which ship we has hit. Of course not Blondon one, also Antwerpen is on safe-list. Which one was better then as the target - France or Turkish one. Sarkozy have recently some problems to some Israeli clishe, so maybe it was french one.

And what our Kermit - sorry, i do not have nice word for him for this froggy tactict. What he will do with thier forces - is not this perfect ocassion to make 'a quick whitdrawal from Iraq to Afghanistan', but through rottary ideological arch-enemy, so often, demonized Iran. Will he take a revenge and will start new world war?

This is a case like with the USS Liberty - very serious one - and some has put everything - once again - on this Gliwice card to ask the world on the first day of chiness new year - and how? No i jak?

No it is not funny. I do not like this operation TAURUS... But is not this scenario like this one from the Hollywood Red October. This time it was for real on the NATO side... Again...

* * *

* * *
You know, it was maybe most serious post i has wroten. They was reading it while i was wrting it with breaks more that 8 hours. 

And now i am going to eat some french sandwich, thinking about another Purple Monday - I  am sure they will not shot from this libeators submarine. And, well, even our Prime Minister was shocked and has said that is not happy from arbeit of his Ministers - looks some has put too much on this Oper Taurs....

And Pope, well, he says it is bloodbath that is supportet by 44th... 

But i see, that this submarine is not going to make thier liberating shot and Andreo will not fly... There will be no super Tuesday on 27 January. Some police has made questioning on somebody that was so sassly that was calling himself a member of new Israel regime - he was so sure of this - hailed this so loudly. I do not like Kdima - in my eyes they are just a bit better from Likud, but what this IRGUN circle did... Oh, my God!

Lieberman's daughter, aides grilled

Sun, 25 Jan 2009 18:14:35 GMT

Police have questioned the daughter of Israeli hawkish politician Avigdor Lieberman and six of his aides over a corruption scandal.

The move came as part of an investigation into a series of bribery, fraud and money laundering allegations, which seem to have implicated the circle of the Yisrael Beiteinu chairman's close associates.

Source: PressTV

* * *

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