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Kermit Question

Today i would like You to ask for some help and vote on my very simple question to President Elect Barack Dunham Obama. Here it is my question that i had put in the category 'Foreign policy'. However i need to add that i had thought long if to not put it in the 'National Security' as my 'nuclear briefcase' or 'royal file' as they say in the Orange Kingdom involve also such people as a core of the NATO and the co-founder of it - General Norstad.

However i think that Ms. Clinton, our Lady in Greenville will be beter predispositioned to answer it as she should better understand the issue of my father and so called 'the False Jan' our beloved 'chemik', teacher of Rebecka Dunham.

And the question is:
In which of his hotels Radziwill sleeps tonight?

You can find it on by entering 'radziwill' in the search box.
Please vote on it...

For me it is very fundamental one, the opening question...

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