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Paterson Rottary

Our Most Compromised Secrettary of State ever - Hillary Clinton does not know temperance. There was some General Jaruzelski that when was announcing a Marial Law in Poland has said one very important thing - 'There are borders that should not be crosed'. It was in time when IRGUN backed team has made bigest crisis in soviet Poland, thanks to thier brainless clacieurs and Malta Order backing. 

As you can see - Hillary does not see this border. In thier madness, instead of making resignation together with totaly compromised people - from thier position in the White House - they are pushig deeper - the acting governor of the New York Mr. Paterson  has appointed Ms. Kristen Gillibrand - a long Clinto friend - from so compromitated Bill Administration. What is wrong with her - well, as usual - the problem is in the 9/11 Rotary. This time... Patterson Rottary club have some speciall message to us... What a arogance... See the Democratic Party in a new perspective...


On Thursday, September 11th, fifteen Past Presidents of The Paterson Rotary Club were honored for their past and current service to the Club by the Club's current President Tony Shakkour and membership. Those Past Presidents who were able to join us were: Femi Ayodeji, Carnie Bragg, Gloria Counsellor (not pictured), Richard Dabagian, Joseph Dino, Jamie Dykes, William Fenners, Sheri Ferreira, Irma Gorham, Tom Horsburgh, Tony Pecci, Barbara Jean Schell, Art Scialla, Bonnie Sirower. Paterson Rotary is the 70th Rotary Club to be chartered world-wide and the oldest service Club for business professionals and community leaders in the City of Paterson.
Source: Petterson Rottary

Yes, she is also connected and was working on this Pink Hillary-Roosvelt legacy. She was the Chair of the Women's Leadership Forum Network and was on the Boards of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee and the Commission on Greenway Heritage Conservancy... She comes from familiy with strong NSA/Hollywood connections. YASNY SZLAG! What has happend to the Democrats?!?

Paterson selects Gillibrand

Gov. David Paterson will select Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand to fill the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton, Democratic officials say.

As a currently second-term congresswoman from upstate New York, Gillibrand would be selected as New York senator, Fox News reported on Thursday night citing a Democratic official with knowledge of the governor's decision.

Source: PressTV
She looks very Aryanic, so Aryanic. So bad that not original - 'Juranic'... What a fakes, what a Animal Pharma...

And just by the way, arent this two womens simillar? And guess who is near the Nixon wheelchair on a photo from this post. What they did to the Democrats, my dear Abraham? 

NOTE: On this very wise video you will find a lot of Bush, but it was not he who was behind this... He was simply using oportunity provided by some others...

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