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Kohala cyclone

Yesterday i had spent first night in warm environment of the Salvation Army. Usually they do not offer a places for sleep for foreigners, but they open it at very cold time. It is nothing strange that they limit such social help to Dutch nationals in such truistic places as Amsterdam. It was also an occasion for me to watch a western television. 

I has watched a weather forecast and i must say that i see something like Kohala cyclone coming back to the Hawaii just like in the 1871 when it just devastated this magical island. People there say it was last one so powerful in the history. And it is very clear that it is coming for another time, but now in purely political dimension. Some people has simply fucked up some very perfidy plan that was going to be executed in the holiday time and has lost thier minds. Their doctrine is completely ruined and they has really hardly hit not only image of Obama as President but the whole Democratic Party.

Even in my country people see this Kohala cyclone as they write in polish media about gossip that Barrack Obama want to visit my fatherland to celebrate in Danzing the Round Table and so called liberation of Poland from hands of the totalitarian Soviet Union and MO (totalitarian police). I must say that many does not see him in good light there and if it will bring also his current gang with him, we can have a true catastrophe there. Even worst that with visit of Dalaj Lama there on the Sant Nicolaus this year, when he has meet with our so infamous Lech Walesa. 

Well, to be honest i must admit, that Obama team is not very good perceived by the american public as they do not see any change. And it is some phenomena that we can observe all over the world. While i had called some time ago to black-out so called american flag on the White House some are just burning it, and i do not see any signs that it is going to change, what hurts me even more...  

Well, while we do not any sign of change from upcoming administration - that i call worst ever - still there are some journalists so brave that even write about the source of this situation very explicitly. So still there is some hope for a change...

A New Year begins with a century old conflict: The Obama administration must address this, pre-plann

by Hassan Giordano

When I began the pursuit of journalistic politics, my mentor gave me two pieces of advice that he said would take me a long way, in a field known to burn reporters out, in a short period of time. The first was to never allow your personal feelings, emotions and/or political views, blind your unbiased coverage of a story and lead you to slant an article based strictly on your opinionated beliefs. Second, whenever following or investigating a political story, if you want to get to the bottom of it or find out the real factual basis of such, always follow the money. While both have brought me a long way, in a journalistic journey to excellence, I found that the latter is a whole lot easier to remain disciplined.

While investigating this current topic of historic warfare, known as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which dates back over a century in time, I found a money trail and political power grab, that dates back almost as far. The current conflict, which is said to be the deadliest Israeli offensive attack, in Gaza to date, has seen over 350 Palestinian casualties, with only a handful of Israeli deaths, in under a week’s time. These attacks, by the nuclear power state of Israel, have been justified by the supposed Qassam mortar rocket attacks, by Hamas, on their southern population of citizens. However, these rockets and the minimal damage they produce (two dozen deaths in 6-years), should not be overlooked or encouraged, yet do not justify the thousands of deaths brought forth, on mostly innocent civilian Palestinians’.

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