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IDF to blog you off

While few days ago i was entering the Library in amsterdam to make another post, some strange people near the enternance was speaking about me to the bodyguards. They was sugesting that my posts are increasing the tensions against the Isreal regime...

Well, this time they did not succesed, but i remeber this day on which some bodyguards has throwed me out the Library and always think about this when i am entering it. Of course, i do not need to mention that nobody has appologed for such brutal action..

But nothing wonder me, in past, somebody was trying to remove my polish blog on, but because of some system error he has failed and was lacking the access to the database, so you can still read it... Yes, world is very difficult if you are touching such issues as Israel, Hollocaust and ... drugs or pharma/corporate world.

However, this reminds me a story about how far polish police just few years ago, in 2002, has gone in their opperation against our site for freedom - when they wanted to remove whole server. They was terrorising our administrator, so he has escaped with it to the Czech Republic where our server is still located. Well, do you think that something has changed? Just to compare, i am still a disident in my country with a case for posessesion of cannabis for personal use and the other - financial one. After crossing the border i can be put in prsion for more that one year.

What a methods, what a wonderfull world.

And now what i can say on this latest news on the front against illiteration:

Israeli army tells foreign journos to blog off

The Israeli Supreme Court is pushing the country's government to allow limited access to the conflict zone for the international media

Russian war correspondent Sergey Grankin has reported from Iraq, Kosovo and West Bank, but right now he can’t get into Gaza - and it’s not because he’s afraid to go there.

Since Monday journalists have been unable to film tanks on the Gaza-Israel border, as the area has been declared a closed military zone.

Sergey has been discussing with his editor what to do. Each day he goes to the border but is stopped by the Israeli army who say it’s for his own protection.

“All the pictures that are coming out of Gaza are being filmed by Hamas’ people, or people under the control of Hamas. Many of the pictures have been censored, like sometimes when the Israeli army shoots and dozens of people are left dead. The only pictures we see are pictures of dead children. If there were independent journalists inside, maybe they’d be criticising the Israeli operation, but at least they’d be giving a different side about what is happening,” Grankin says.

“Hamas is targeting the crossings very heavily. Up until six-seven weeks ago journalists went in and out of Gaza. This is something relatively new because of the heavy mortar shelling on the crossings,” clarified Major Avital Leibovich, head of the Israeli Army’s Foreign Press Division.

“I think this is the reaction of people who want to hide something. The less this tragedy is filmed, the more chances there are for the Israeli army to continue its operation. It’s my decision if I’m ready to risk my life or not, to bring this story to my viewers. It’s not their business to deal with this.” Grankin objects.

More: RT 24/7

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