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Greenville Blasphemy

The Mech has reincarnated again. For some it is just like saying good-bye to the honor - for some a occassion to show it. Or maybe be traded as the public sacrifice - to defend thier firends - to save them in the Oval Office - to have unusual spot that in futhure can make a favor - an unholly defense. Through extending a cleaning process by appointment of Ms. Clinton as the Secreatary of State - The Mech has been again resurected. It will be very dificult time. Personaly, i had forgoten Obama hope slogan and very clearly see Nixon II - somebody that can only dream of eating a dinner with me...

I know  that some just cannot change thier way that is encoded so deeply in them and thier 'political and religious' system and for everything want to show how big circus The Democratic party is. This team is percived by me as the extremly-right clowns that are just continuing they scary tactics under the slogan - 'And what can you do to me' - just like IRGUN did in past. It is a shame not only for them, but for thier nation and moral and ethical values they pretend to represent in the so-called Free World of the NATO. 

The Schizm squadron has been fortyfied in the Oval Office while some small pins has been gived as sacrifice to silence public opinion and what we can still expect from the America is just a repeat of 'smoke screen' tactic at the end of the cadency of Mr. Nixon II or a  legal process that will be judged by papal team - or even an assasination of this president - as the beast like to eat thier own pawns so often. How corrupted and sassy som are - you can see with each post on this blog. They just was growned in this way and  has completly frogoten about the meaning of honor and a so empty for them word - 'the statesman'.

They are continugin blindly this 'Evening Standard' fraud cooked by the reciept of Dr. Mendele. So simply... Instead of puting black flag on the White House - we see a London calling - again and again. Some are just blocked in thier thinking... And, yes, it is not the accident... They has been growned in such way - from the very begining. Maybe even some clones has been 'castrated' from humane genes...

It is just like in the Phornography Gombrowicza - just an Republican style 'New Deal' that can realy just again lead to the war... And as the IRGUN and Sweedish court is leading a way - sassly defending thier fraud.... And yes, it is again about the gold and the dollar... Zlo to!

Israel 'will be back in Gaza in one year'

An Israeli officer says Tel Aviv will return to Gaza once more within a year to stage more attacks against the blockaded strip.

"We will strike again, not tomorrow but in a year," said a lieutenant colonel who spoke under the pseudonym 'Amos', AFP reported.

Israeli forces "were very close to" the whereabouts of the Hamas leadership, he added in reference to the latest wave of Israeli operations in the strip, which began on December 27.

Source: PressTV

* * *

Today, as usual, The Mech has once againe showed his blind tactic. I was siting down in the Salvation Army exacly in place where yesterday some operative - i call it marry - 'kasztanka' - as she had a background identical to our beloved Heidi - and was smoking a cigar. I was listening to some product of corporate islam - some blind heretic growed on the heresy of Islam that was explaining to some american his way of thinking - targeted at making suicide. It was true pain to hear somebody that in this context so often was calling a name of Alathoylah Khomeini. He has told that he has bringed a 'walowka' for me. It was bomb, but without fuse. YES AGAIN.

Minute after minute he was losing his mind, he was waiting for explosion but it did not commed. I has told him that he should make a pilgimare to the Mecca. Because what he is doing is a blasphemy made by the executive of The Nation of Islam. 

This heretical group is serving the purpose of the Enemies of Islam by painting wrong and untrue image... Serving, thier fake Zionist masters. Ellite of the Western World - which here is represented very well by Princes Maxima - that was born in the alliteration of Dr. Mengele... Just by accident, of course.

But this Greenville Blasphemy is even deeper as it touch not only issue of honor, justice our democratic values and of course Islam, but also the Christianity...

* * *

In my previous post you can read DD Greenville message about some special latin mass on 9/9/2001 there, you can find in it a reference to the Polish Pope - Jean Paul II. If you will start to investigate thier relations between him and this schizmatic order - ECONE - you will discover that he had nothing in common to them. 

Moreover, in thier very complicated relations he was very close to put the Excommunication on them and yes, this 9/11 heresy was one of causes. I hope i will be able to write more on this. But for now i will just quote his words - and yes, he was very aware of my and my father cause - for him it was symbol of soviet opression. What he did not know was a fact that this fate was cooked exacly by ECONE clauns that has again come to the stage in 2003 - this time in my life... And he was very close to discover this mystification. Too close...

"Our XX century, our century have very special martyrology (...). We need to investigate it, we need to find it out, we need to write it down (...)
On our way into the next century we must complete our duty, our responsibility to all of them that has gave in our century the great attestation of the Christ."

Pope John Paul II
7 June 1997
Bydgosz, Poland

* * *

Will new administration do anything to fullify this words? I am sure that not, i see this each day. I think that today many of us has observed 'the american moment' - the Mech was preparing from years to install cleaning team in the White House and they has successed. Today, we has observed many breaks in the internet access - maybe it was accident, maybe The Pentagon just executed thier 'New Deal'. Now, in thier artifical world - the Greenvill team is 'clean', be avoiding 'incompatible' persons, they will avoid the truth as usual...

The 44'th surronded with clacieurs has signed a new act - to close Guantanamo in one year. Is he interested in fully bringing  this scandal to the justice? I am sure that no - as core of his IRGUN team is so deeply involved in it - and I am sure that you see this as cleary as I.

They are happy, in thier artifical world. And I am going  to 'freezee' for another night... Lovly Democrats... But the battle for Independet Europe is still going on... However the current teams are not allies of the truth - they has just signalised the new deal - by removing one of most perfid group from the list of state-sponsored terrorists. Yes, Hilary, with team that have so many common with this blasphemy - we can except truly 'New Era' - an age of the Dark Aliance and the return of Al Capone style... Here in the Europe - the pope is our LAST HOPE... But is this enough? I think that the Rebelion seed has been put in your souls. And it will give a yield in this decade...

EU lifts ban on MKO terrorists

The European Union has reportedly decided to remove the anti-Iran Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) from its terror blacklist.

"The deal has been done. [MKO] will be delisted," an EU diplomat said on conditions of anonymity on Thursday.

Source: PressTV

Well, Empire is going to celebrate thier fraud. The real Death Star is yet again safe. And I am going on emigration far from the NATO Death Camp... I had long time ago stoped to listen to the empty words. I am not blind yet and i am not stupid to not see this perfid corporate farsa that is so deaply based on the teutonic nutes...

* * *

* * *

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