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Fraud defenders

So, our Code Pink team has worked yesterday for a medal. A medal of the Malta Order. The Pentagon files has been cleened and with such support as Nixon II is offering to the ultra-right Israeli criminals - The Mech can be as sassy as usual. In thier artifical world of the NATO - they are completly clean - well, thier are also witnesses but the solution for them is on the way - as i guess.

Israel sets up team to escape crime charges

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has set up a team to defend Tel Aviv against the charges of war crimes during the 23-day Gaza attack.

Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann will head the team assembled on Thursday to tackle the international lawsuits against Israel's use of phosphorus bombs against civilian Gazans during the three-week onslaught.

More: PressTV
Well, the pressure to bring this Israel case is mounting. Just on this Sunday a group of more that 200 lawyers has announced that want to bring it to the International Criminal Court in Den Haag. After seeing this all, they still belive that inside the NATO they can see the justice... In my opinion, a bit to naive...

230 int'l lawyers taking Israel to the Hague

Around 230 international lawyers are set to file a lawsuit at the international Criminal Court against Israeli war crimes against Gaza.

A French lawyer working on the lawsuit, Jill Devier made the announcement at a Sunday night protest in Paris against the Israeli atrocities in the Gaza Strip.

Source: PressTV

Well, they have a lot of support from different groups. Including me team - The Team of All Sleeping... But, the Mech was in such troubles so many times - and as usual - without break - is going just in the nute of old saying - 'The best defense is an attack' - together with the fake regim of Israel they has mouted a defense team - but are also beating the drum of war - just continuing DDG 109 way and are mounting another millitary adventure - this time in Afghanistan - a cementery of the Empires - and the direction? Well, Andreo is flying in this same direction... Simply The sassy Mech...

Hillary, Tzipi to stop Iran enrichment

US secretary of state and Israel's foreign minister have reportedly reached an agreement to work together in dealing with Iran's nuclear program.

Israel's daily Haaretz said Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and the new US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the deal during a phone conversation on Thursday.
More: Press TV


While i see this blasphemy continued every day - even today they has held a mass in Poland - on the aniversary of so called C A S A catastrophe. I wonder even if they has died - i would like to see a reports from thier obductions - that are still top secret - the official report has been made public on 04.04.2008, but it is not a case of the appendixes. The problem is that on my way i had seen to many misitifications - and this case looks exacly like mistification - looking back at this team - you will find a lot of connections not only to the NSA but also to the theater - just like in Millitary Rotary Club... Officialy they say that this case is under investigation that will end on 24 April - on my brithday...

While i am from  8 years listening to this same words - and observing this same Teutonic moves - whatever in Poland, Netherlands or the United States - i do not belive we will see Israel case in Dan Haag. The reason is simple - Israel fake regime is not a Member State - this is a way for thier Immunity. Well, today,  i wroten about this to the leader of this lawyers... As there is some other - alternative way... 

Meeting in Rome - tribunal of conscience

i am quite involved in the Israeli case and because i do not
believe in the justice inside of the NATO - which was created
to protect the Fraud done by IRGUN squad - i would like to ask you
about the third way to handle Israeli recent war crime and the older ones.

Because IDF was not only involved in the recent genocide in the Palestine,
but was also eliminating single politicians and other leaders,
i see this case as very expansional. However, I do not see the possibility
to run in deeply through the ICC - as the fake Israeli regime is not a Member State.

You has proposed the second way - through the UN - but with such defense
team just installed in the White House it will be also road to nowhere.

However, there is other - third way - through some secret tribunal
in the Vatican. I mean 'Tribunal of consistence' that was co-run
by one of my ancestors - more that 800 years ago.

The Pope has already expressed his interest in reestablish -
this Apostolic Penitentiary that is reserved for such serious
sins about which we are talking.

I am right now moving on my pilgimare to visit
a deepsix of the Jean Paul II before i will go
on emigration to the South America. I should be
in Rome in middle of next week. Maybe there will be possibility
to meet with some of you to discuss this issue on the ground?

all the best,

* * *
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