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Flying Dutchman

Tearful Good-byes For USS Mitscher

Posted: Jan 27, 2009 05:34 PM

Four year-old Isabella may not understand why her dad Benjamin is leaving but she knows he'll be gone for a while. Benjamin is one of hundreds of Sailors aboard the USS Mitscher. The Mitscher will join forces from the UK, working on training missions, in the Mediterranean Sea, and parts of the Middle East and South East Asia. 

Benjamin's wife, Mackenzie, has a baby on the way and will have to go through the pregnancy without

She adds, " It'll be a good homecoming, that's what I'm thinking about...the homecoming." Until then, Mackenzie says she'll hold onto her kids a little tighter to make the time go by a little quicker. 

The Mitscher will be gone for seven months.

Source: U.S. News #3 - Taking Action

Mircher is going to join his other USS and the European friends to teach a Georgian and Iranians so called finish pool. It will participate in the unique operation Taurus. Called sometimes at Kremlin - the Blue October. Thanks to this blog, we - my dear readers, will be hopefully accomplimishing them. Hidden in the Tempest, we will be just like additional ship in this very special escadra - the legendary 'Flying Dutchman'.

This blog is some kind of the libretto to the oper that i or somebody else will write once day - and which should have a premier in the polish Great Theater on the 2 April. It is already legendary story - thanks to some video-phone made few weeks ago. If you will read the story about the Wagner oper - The Flying Dutchman you will see that is based on some facts mixed with ficion.

My oper - and this millitary shadow that is still going  on - is very essencional. It is still about this same fraud - this same teutonic error introduced to the dogma. Yes, i am from very old school - and this story comes down through all the cycles we has observed in last 400 years. While top of it is just very real one and very modern. 

When i am in the Salvation Army is feel just like on this 'Flying dutchman' ship, that since my departure from Plonsk has come through 5 very heavy storms. During two silvesters - as we obviously county it in the Gregorian and Chines calendars - saw a whole island that is almost drowing in the stormy and icy ocean. 

* * *
Yesterday we had very special day on our Star Trek - inside of the United Nations. It was introduction - but some kind of some very strange deja vu. Dear Walt Disney team has introduced thier envoy - but again with look and the words of  early Ms. Condolenzia. It could be funny joke - but even Bush administration has addmited that thier stance toward Iran had not any scientific or rational bases when it comes to the issue of the uranium enrichment. The Iran is just some ideological enemy - something that need to exists in thier cartoon world - because without it whole war machinery is going to kaput...

They do not see this Pluton that is showing up on the radar with the diamound precision. Just like some mara. Some deja vu. They are just looking as waiting for something miracousl. But this ironic smile is not fading from thier faces. They say that some are overusing COCO - mythical half-women half-drug. It gives them blind rush. Blind rush for the Pakistani belt. 

* * *

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