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FanThomas'a in Bay of Pigs

Well, it is going to be last post i am writing from Amsterdam. I do not know if there will be futher ones, as tomorrow new kids will takeover White-House and the NSA. They can shut-down my brodcast - Voice of the Truth, just as Adolf team did before II World War with voice of our Marshall. After takingover the Whit-House by Emanuel i will be just like a Jurand from Spychow - one of hero described in Sienkiewicz novel about which you can read in my previous post. What has happend to Jurand? Well, the Grand Master of Teutonic Order has blinded him. It is very similar situation....

Yesterday I had some strange face to face  meeting with somebody that i call FanThomas'a - he is a Polish Yew that was important figure in the Polish Goverment that remebers times of my father and many other 'actions' like Czernobyl or CASA. I was completly surprised when he has come face to face on the Dam Square. He has  greeted me and has sayd 'Lord needs silence!'.  Well, no i am not going to be silent... Oh, no! I will shout lodudly about 'teutonic team' of next Emperor and the child of some so-called pediatrist from the hitler friends - Irgun - that is know in our times as extremly-right yewish party - Likud. Some in Israel will say it was just like a  meeting between Kadim and other parties with this extresmist one - that is a true source of genocide that we are observing in the Gaza Strip.

He is one of the members of so famous in my country 'Eskadra'. Was as some others - one of  most important persons in the goverment of Poland. Some days ago we has observed some cut's in Prime Minister and also President of Poland enviroments. Some of them was good, some as making Mr. Plich - a  head of the Polish National Securit Agency - was a tragic one - just like we has observed with putting as the head of the Polish Television somebody with connections to the Irgun. He was then throwed out by Prime Minister after his return from Rome, but againe, he has nominated Mr. Plich. What is a problem with Plich - well, he was telling to the polish public so many lies about the  CASA catastrophe. While it was mistifcation, he has said that it was Russians that was behind it! Just to direct a hate from the Polish Army on my person. What a lies, like with american 9/11...
* * *

What can i say about past 30th years? Well, i think it was just a bit easier for me in the soviet time, but i was a children, well under special care from both King Moon and our beloved pediatrist. I was also not active politicaly... In our Republic, well you can read more - i will say that i am just a disident- but now it is just as in death camp. And still i am playing this chess. But it is Tautonic version. It is like Urlich playing it with our Hetman. Like I and father of Emanuel. But where I am? Why they are in my hotels while i am just like in the concentration camp.

Since 3 year i was under very special care of some special NSA agents - that on front you can find our Baronessa Melaniuk and her partner Tomasso - who was often guest of our Presidential Palace. And well, they has gone into thier crazines that far that has made mistification of her death.... His familly then was taking reveng, while they was alive... And so some corrupted and imoral people has winded sipral of hate aginst me. But so often i can meet such scheme in articles about our dificult history in polish media directed against my familly and friends. 

When it comes to people that are defined by this extremist IRGUN people as thier enemies - they are executing this strategy and usualy are eliminating given person... So often literary - to death.

I know about one polish Senator that was too much interested in my writings and was a memeber of the Parliamentary Commission for the Special Services that has died in strange circustances. He was by accident from the countryard of one of NSA collaborators - Mr. Gota and his Hemplobby, the group that has pacified civil society organization and has created millitary driven group that makes more harms and sabotagues that good - and of course is blocking anybody that does not want to be in such hierarchy... This is so-called Andreo team - Eskadra... And what i can say while this grup is still hosted by polish young arm of the so called left party - SLD (pol. francuska lewizna)?

* * *

What kind of problem i have to Israel Emanuel? Well, it is about his family and his gravy work done on my. It is fully true that this people was fighting against us from at least 80 years and throught this time has completly overtaken our legacy - almost eliminating rightfull ones. Nihil novi with IRGUN guys - this same tactics - this same victims. Still defending thier fraud. It is realy so deep. 

And what i can say about Obama, while for me personaly Honolulu is just like Radziwill 'Soplicowo'4 from my cousin Adam Mickiewicz 'Mr. Taduesz', but overtaken by some Ministrant of corrupted TRIO 9/11 Temple (while he calls himself the Babtis) or even Master of Teutonic Order - Urlich von Jungingen... Sorry, it is also how you play. And it is not accident with Mr. Israel Emanuel 'political' school of though, this connections, also personaly goes as deeply as to the heart of Hitler movement - because it was based on the Teutonic modifications to the Radziwil CCCMP school with addition of crusades, corruption and ideology based on absurd - and also on goal of creating the state of Israel - which was common to some point with Adolf (in 30-ths and 40-th when this grups was fighting British forces and of course my familly generals and politicans). It still about the Holocaust -  it cause - where my familly was and is in the center - and the fraud done one it. It is so simple... And so inhuman NATO play with SAS team around me... They are just preparing in so inhuman way to celebrate 60 years of NATO fraud...

* * *

It is so wonderfull play in political cheas with Hitler team... All the best to the crown of Israel Emanuel that today will be inaugurated in the ceremony that cost around 1 billion $. 

SO COrRuPtEd, So immoral...

* * *

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