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Liberators in Olimpic style

While Obama is continuing his naive tactic and today will be inaugurated in so costly ceremony - just like the Emperor, it is worth to look who is behind his back and why he is so hardly defending one of most compromised politicans in the United States. In my eyes he is just like a crown of Israel Emanuel and his IRGUN/Likud friends. Yes it was George Soros who has financed his political career. So it is not wondering me why he is building such ugly scenario for me. This people are in the very center of the fraud that was done on my legacy and will be defending it to the very end. Is this Democratic way, sorry.... 

Well, some days after the elections, when the Pope has broken a protocol and has send him a congratulation letter not on the inauguration but just after announcment of his vicotry - he did this exception - to underscore importance of this case. Well, some Obama claceaur has phoned me during my Israeli brodcast - and several times has told me that Obama for my (honest and mercifull) support is so thankfull to the death. Well, sometimes it is very litteral...

But lets go back to the Andreo team - our PR Eskadra that is so much connected to the Soros Open Society Institue which i have long relations, as my father had (he was not aware - he did not has Internet)... No, they are not my friends... 

Yesterday, somebody on the harm-reduction mailing-list wroten that he expect huge progress in the HIV/AIDS policy from the Obama team and that it is on his agenda. Yes, looking back at his connection we can find real experts from this area - on which United States is lagging from years. For instance, they do not issue visas for HIV/AIDS infected people, so it was not possible to organise international conference on this issue in the United States. 

But, well, this topic - HIV/AIDS in practice is completly monopolised by the Soros organization and well, they do this for money. I remeber some talk with the head of Soros harm-reduction programe - when she was very excplict about thier focus - methadon, ARV and needless - it is still about the buissnes - very monopolized one on the political arena. It is interesting to ask why they was never looking for alternative to extremly expensive ARV therapy - that is financed by Goverments - from the public money. In Iran they has some time ago made a sucesfull test of the herbal medicine IMOD... But for this people Iran is just ideological enemy to 'liberate', not to talk... I had asked them for this case so many times - never heard anything back...

* * *

However, there is even more important letter that recently was circulated on various so called harm-reduction list - it is a letter that was calling for organising a hucpa in support of Iranian 'doctors prosecuted in the Unfair Trail'. I will even not mention how unfair thier supporters was for so many, and how far they has gone in eliminating witnesses and making thier order in the various sub-groups (sometimes completly opposite in the ideology). And this is second one sent by this person. I had replied on first here.

The bigest problem with this two brothers was that as the Soros people in various countries in Europe and especially in the Netherlands, they was identifing people living with HIV/AIDS to use them as a core of the team that will bring an american freedom, liberty and respect to the human rights and human diginity. They are best of kind - as was 9/11 terrorists - because they do not care for thier lifes. 

Here you can read official press report on this case from the Iranian Government:

Following the arrest of four Iranian nationals on charges of plotting to overthrow the government with Washington's support, head of the counterespionage department in the Intelligence Ministry said Monday that the group intended to build social and political tension in the country.

The intelligence official said "organizing anti-government public rallies and creating ethnic division in the country" were among the tactics to be employed by the network.

The official, who did not reveal his name, added that the group had even been successful in luring a number of Azeri people in Azerbaijan Province into joining voices of political dissent in the country.

Earlier on Saturday, Tehran's Islamic Revolution Court sentenced the four suspects without announcing the length of their sentence.

"They have confessed to trying to distance the people of Iran from the government and introduce the United States as their sole savior," the court said in a statement.

Two of the detainees are internationally renowned doctors Arash and Kamyar Alaei, who specialize in HIV/AIDS.

In the Monday press conference, the top Iranian counterespionage official said that the US intelligence agencies had resorted to "soft overthrow projects" over the past decade, as there is no international statute law against such measures.

The official added that the United States, which had spent $32 million on the project, intended to infiltrate elite and expert circles and was seeking to obtain "information on the country's infrastructure, microbiological achievements and defensive capacity."

People such as Under Secretary of State William Burns, "Goli Ameri (Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs), Ramin Asgar (US official) and some other people linked with the US intelligence service in the region had a direct involvement in this project," the official said.

He also accused American institutions such as the Wilson Centre, Soros's Open Society Institute and the US-based International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) of being involved in the plot.

Earlier in 2007, Iran arrested Haleh Esfandiari, Head of the Wilson Center's Middle East program, and Kian Tajbakhsh, with links to the Soros institute, on suspicions of endangering the country's national security. The two suspects were released after spending three months in detention.

The unnamed official said the Iranian intelligence operatives had been able to infiltrate the network and "launch an intelligence war with the CIA by leaking false information."

According to the official, the United Kingdom and Israel were also involved in anti-Iranian efforts which would soon be disclosed by the Intelligence Ministry.

The report of the new arrests comes shortly after Mohammad-Javad Zarif, the former Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, claimed in November that the White House is taking essential measures to orchestrate a "Velvet Revolution" in Iran.

"American officials have been inviting Iranian figures to so-called scientific seminars over the past few years. However, when the Iranians attend these sessions, they realize they have gathered to discuss measures to topple the Iranian government," Zarif was quoted by Fars news agency as saying.

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh revealed in July that US Congressional leaders had secretly agreed to President George W. Bush's $400-million funding request for a major escalation in covert operations inside Iran.

Only days before the arrests, the New York Times disclosed that President George W. Bush had denied a request by Israel for specialized bunker-busting bombs to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Instead, the US president declared that he had authorized new covert actions intended to sabotage the country's nuclear program.

Site of the Shiraz explosion. The men accused of carrying out the April fatal bombing in a mosque confessed to being brainwashed by a Western terrorist cell.

Earlier in April, a blast rocked a religious center in the southwestern Iranian city of Shiraz, killing 14 people and injuring at least 200 others.

Iran held Britain, Israel and the US responsible for the deadly blast. Official suggested that Tehran may press charges against the US and UK over their involvement in the attack.

Seven people who were charged over the fatal bombing confessed to "being brainwashed into launching a terrorist attack in the country", adding that their other targets included "Iran's oil pipelines, Tehran's international book fair as well as other crowded locations in different cities such as scientific, religious and educational centers".

The Iranian counterespionage director warned the incoming government of US President-elect Barack Obama against "going down the same path of the previous administration" with regards to their relations with the Islamic Republic.

While Iran charges the US government with supporting the espionage activities, the US State Department denied the report last Wednesday, saying, "Any charge against an Iranian that he or she is working with the United States to overthrow the Iranian government is baseless."

The question is who is terrorist and in name of what they are fighting... 

Where you wanted to fly? And on what? In name of liberty? Are you joking?

* * *

They say in the United States that today is a historical day. It is a day of the inauguration of the President of the United States. For sure he is 44th one, but is he realy democratic? Look at this throught my eyes. Bellow you will find two spots - nihil novi... Both loved sport and splendor. Both was using this same teutonic strategy. Words of both was worth nothing... Oh, i love Clinton speaches - so sweet - so bullshit...

Ah, and on the second clip (around 2 minute) - you can find one of ancescor of my dog, together which i had growed. Sorry, Andreo, it is not your one...  What a prefidion, what a methods....

Ahh, and it was not Bush that was behind it, if you are looking for the terrorist you can find them behind your back and you are very aware about this, Mr. President... 

Ehh, lets go back to our boat... And, yes, of course - You do not need to be sorry for your style...

* * *

* * *

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