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Davos effect

Well, police is going more and more brave and obscenic - when i was returnig to library they was exposing thier latest fish - somebody which i will call a DAVOS effect. Well, he was a black man - but acted in the name of this velvet islam and gold... It is always interesting to see a Germany so much involved in this excesses and very nice to hear that they want to help in so called disarment. Well, somebody just again realy wanted to hit the sixt-deep... And somebody from Poland - has spent his one day on Davos to organized this... DAVOS effect.

However, they realy need to understand that new and independent goverment in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is realy doing it best to solve the mystery of my dear cousines as well as the recent ecscesses - and they have tones of proofs - just submited to thier legal department a Mumbai case. And some say that COCO was one of the witnesses in this hotel...

Yes, some at West - need to understand that shoting two times from this same 'gun' is completly without sense. Especialy if this one was aimed at the NEGRO families - including Benazir...

Yes, there are some good news - maybe not for Radziu (Forein Minister) and Donek (PM - on the photo), but both Pakistani, as well Iranian goverement are commited and ready to solve also our national case and they are more that enthusiastic to help release Stanislaw, our dear geolog - kiddnaped by Velvet Islamists


Death threat for kidnapped Polish geologist

A branch of the Pakistani Taliban has threatened to kill Piotr Stańczak, a Polish geologist kidnapped four months ago in Pakistan. In a video, the terrorist group said that Stańczak would be killed on Wednesday if their demands for the release of arrested militants were not met by the Pakistani government.

The group, known as Tehrik-e-Taliban, told Pakistani newspaper Dawn, that the government had taken their demands too lightly. "So, our [group] has decided to wait till February 4 evening for a positive reply from the government and in case of a refusal, we will kill him," the group's spokesman told the newspaper. (RG)

Source: Warsaw Business Journal

Yes, there are also true islamists - also military one - that can help in his release - of course if he is not by accident resting at Phillipines island. Because this particural group is also this one connected to our ESKADRA scandal and this 9/11 blasphemy... And we has saw so many misitifications done by them.

Anyway, the style and the Davos effect in total was not very nice and well, the people that was just trying to send another knife has been recorded. As well as words of our Justice Minister from LODZ KALISKA and Foreign Minister Radziu Sikorski (What a shame for our general!!!) that they has spoken to the public - so sasly - after a return of our PM. We can say they has been caught for a hand. Yes, i do not wonder why our oposition did not welcomed our Tautonic Master when he wanted to visit them - just directly from Davos - on very my Wawel... With his 'Taliban' revelations... Maybe my dear KONTUR (Teutonic Master) go to some recenty re-discovered cementery in Malbork. It is for sure better place that Piast flag castle - WAWEL!!!


And please, our Prime Minister do not compromise our country futher and do not send Radzio to the U.S. - which was trying to use geolog Stanislaw as smoke screen. Why i still see so compromised people in your so Teutonic goverement? Yes, they was in thier perfidion giving this incident as a reason why my national goverment is not doing anything in our national case - instead taking care of the interests - of so called criminal HANZA. Yes, there are terrorist - but this one you has pointed are the same that are rooted in the Western goverments! 


And you my common reader - my common man - before you will watch a video from the another summit - but so simillar to Davos. Think about lies that i was exposing on this blog. Think about our Prime Minister, think about our Democratic President of the U.S. and how perfid they play... Think - my dear common man... Think about thier goal and dollar... Because Nixon also shared this same dream and tactic - and the solution - THE TOTAL WAR...

In Poland they started to understand that all over the world some exceptional people - from front pages - are going to hit famous outside the western hemispher a RUSSIAN FIVE - a counter and an antidotum for this sick tactict. I know that for some outside the so called inteligence community this entries can be sometimes hard to understand. But really in Poland they see it - they - i mean an common people. Not also in Poland but also in the negihbours states, sometimes so brother ones... Just read this pre-war poem and see some 'other Davos' summit video. What a style - from fathers, grandfathers...

The Common Man

When plastered billboards scream with slogans
'fight for your country, go to battle'
When media's print assults your senses,
'Support our leaders' shrieks and rattles...
And fools who don't know any better
Believe the old, eternal lie
That we must march and shoot and kill
Murder, and burn, and bomb, and grill...

When press begins the battle-cry
That nation needs to unify
And for your country you must die...
Dear brainwashed friend, my neighbor dear
Brother from this, or other nation
Know that the cries of anger, fear,
Are nothing but manipulation
by fat-cats, kings who covet riches,
And feed off your sweat and blood - the leeches!
When call to arms engulfs the land
It means that somewhere oil was found,
Shooting 'blackgold' from underground!
It means they found a sneaky way
To make more money, grab more gold
But this is not what you are told!

Don't spill your blood for bucks or oil
Break, burn your rifle, shout: 'NO DEAL!'
Let the rich scoundrels, kings, and bankers
Send their own children to get killed!
May your loud voice be amplified
By roar of other common men
The battle-weary of all nations:

Julian Tuwim

Julian Tuwim
(the surname comes from the Hebrew "טובים," "tovim," "good"; September 13, 1894 – December 27, 1953) one of the greatest Polish poets, he was born in Łódź, Congress Poland, Russian Empire and educated in Łódź and Warsaw (he studied law and philosophy at Warsaw University). In 1919 Tuwim co-founded the Skamander group of experimental poets with Antoni Słonimski and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz. He was a major figure in Polish literature, known also for his contribution to children's literature. Before the Second World War he was also known for his lyrics.

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