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So 44th has been inaugurated in the truly Olimpic style. It was so shamefull to watch this spectacle that reminds so much splendor and style of the Berlin Olympic that was held in year after some has drinked sweedish coffe from Heidi. Well, my perspective is very unique one...

I know of course that there is no NSA agents in the Teutonic Kingdom, that they do not have golden cards that are financed from recoginzed even by Clinton - CCC heritage (watch the video). Yes, i know that U.S. ambassady in Dan Haag has been taked-over by Khomeini 'negro-hitler-yungen' and therefore our Emperor cannot do anything, except watching this Showtime. Truly democratic like from the North and South...

But, you know, this NSA agents has destroyed my private and political life and work. And now are so silent... When they need to act and apology, they are in the shadow...

Yesternight after watching ancestor of my not-at-all famous dog (see video in this post) i has come back to my boat to sleep in hunger and cold. Today, from begining of the day i had heard so sweet propaganda. Well, i hear it each day... And i must say - that Hitler weaseled to the West befor his splendourus olimpic inauguration too. No, i do not see this same here. I am blind...

* * *

Yesterday has happened something even more surprising, in thier crazines The Mech has for another time sent robotic idiot to kill me. I has meet him in the Salvation Army for one moment, he just told me that will kill me. On the head in the center has some post-stamp. He left in direction of the Central Station. In semi-poetic messages from Szuflandia Wars i readed that he has been killed. It could be - if he was real danger for me. There are some counter-inteligence agents around me that do thier best...

Today i see why this has happend. Of course Obama-Hilton speech - A New Birth of Freedom - in this context would be very special. But there is something more. As you can understand - world of spies is also world of the entertaiment industry and sometimes this ellite of the 'free-world' are also appearing in the movies - under false identites. It is a propaganda effort - to give good image - sometimes also to the 'corresponding' politicans or parties - it gives also some splendor and smoke-screen. There is some magic in this - on the very front it is very symbolic story. 

It is a case for the Star Trek team. And with the surpraising death - whatever it was poison or masquarade - of Majel Barret-Roddenberry - wife of Gene Roddenberry creator of Start Trek and many other famous series - just one day after my familly holidays - some has seen this again. Well, the problem with this people is that are part of conspiracy efforts - that go back to the IRGUN - Lublin based core-team - case and the fraud done on my familly. It was long a question - how Hitler connected team that was fighting against British forces in the Northern Affrica - in the name of state of Israel with so strong Ukrainian heaven - was able later to infiltrate the Britons so much that has co-created core of the NATO and SAS. 

And the answer is very simple. They has just used the legend of Radziwill and was claiming rights to his legacy - thanks this was able to switch a sides - it has happend in Ankara in the 1944. After death of Sikorski and Beck - that simply was like a barier to make this huge fraud. Of course it was a shock for them - to discover later in 1963 that Stanislaw - has survived and was still fighting in conspiracy for the Freedom of Poland, even uder soviet regime. 

They has once again been shocked just weeks ago, be discovering 'the chines joke' - a False and True Jan. Well, some was very aware about this case since at least 1982. And was still working in defense of this fraud (CCC). Some, like General Norstad - that wanted to make a contribution to me and my father just before so called Round Table and 'liberation' of Poland has been eliminated.

And now look how they has treated false and true one. Just read this blog.

But look, again, using this same fackes that goes back to the Ankara 44th - they has transfered one of disputed newspapers to a guy that was fighting my familly - just to eliminate rightfull ones. Yes. Bravo - Her Majesty. But I am still alive and the 44th still have a chance to have my blood on his hands...

Ex-Russian spy 'buys' London paper

Alexander Lebedev, a Russian billionaire and former KGB agent, has taken over the London Evening Standard newspaper for only one pound.

The paper's publisher - the Daily Mail & General Trust (DMGT) - said it had agreed to the sale of a majority interest in the paper to Lebedev. The billionaire businessman is believed to have made an offer for approximately a 76% share of the paper, Sky News reported.

More: PressTV

And what i can say while they do such sassy acct - just transfered some piece to the fakes from IRGUN - and i am living in poverty lisening to the empty words from months - just like in Death Camp! Moreover, today in the Salvation Army some of the AIVD operatives had a problem to this yesterday self-defense move and the body. 

I can understand that they preffer to see my body instead of some idiotic 'murderer', but it was self-defense - i know that it was not first and guess it will be not lat - they are some that still value honor and are participating in our unformal Sainte Alliance and they do thier best while the West simply continue this game that will lead to my death. I do not have even a knife - my weapon is just a feather - my writings and 'The Voice of Truth'. And they has realy put me just like in the Death Camp - testing new assasins. In past years i had maybe one assaisnation atemp and few cases that they wanted to cast a doubt on me, but in past 12 months i had breaken records of even Fidel Castro (his average is 2 assasinations attemps per year). Yes - realy - some families are 'cursed'.

* * *
What in this time has did Nixon II? Nothing in my case. He has started from freezing payments of his advisors. It will really help me... His victim. Now officilly second night.

Well, he has also freezed millitary tribunals for Guantanamo. Of course it will be better for his great democratic team to feeze processing of it. There is so many to hide. And well they do not lost time, his day was full of his Nation of Islam supporters from the Middle-East a clearing-calls. Really, in this case that is so wiedly know thanks to Saint Dupont and some latin mass in Greenvill at 9 September 2001 (look for pastor Loren Everett from Southside Baptist Church), he do not lose time. But no, he do not act on the side of any kind of justice which he represents.

The Baptis Rottary

And while you’re marking your calendars, make a special note for September 11th, when our Club will observe its annual
Teacher of the Year recognition, and September 25th, when District Governor Jim Futrell will keynote our meeting.

Source: The Greenville Rotarian (August 2001)

Well, enjoy the video. See my dog ancestor. See this same familly story played again - see the black flag which should be put on the White House - until 2 April 2009...

Hope to not be freezed tonight to death. It is so cold outside...

Not fun. They has blocked my account. Stolen everything (phone, tools, documents) even by using local police officers... Freeeeeeeezzziiiinnngg

* * *
Hope to continue...

* * *

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