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Well, today something about money, well, about some two poles and two meanings. Sometimes we call money in Poland - C A S A. But this time it will be not only about money...

However, let first start from my last, definivly last mail to Mr. Obama. I wroten to him last time weeks ago and realy do not like to repeat. I wroten that it is my last message, but he and his team iritated me again to the pain. It was a reply to his team public message about a long way to get approvment to realize his great plan... 

I realy have very clear picture of Obama and I know that there are people even in his Congress that see it as clear as I - how far he and his team has drowed into unpopularity. Just because his un-american treatment. For him, personaly, i would recommend to take short break and watch this slideshow and think who he is in eyes of others? And later, ask himself, personaly, how much his people has spent in thier exclusive journey to Szuflandia...

Even from La Paz they see Israel Emanuel and his crown - Obama. Hitler Oba ma (Hitler have both)- as we say in Poland. Yes... To far, this point - Jos Plateu - it is like the crossing of the 1000... Yes, some see this too... And some have completly new face because of this... But what i see today - just continuation of this same Teutonic tactic... Mr. Alibi...

to make a first step
in paying what you should
you do not need to get any approvment from anybody

so stop this idiotic plan, that is simply next cycle8
and do what you should do at 4th noovember

and look to your pocket

you was born and grown
on my legacy

you f... corporate-hittler-yougen

yasny szlag!


But this post is not only about money. Well, it is also about it, but also about some truly diabolique tactic - some pre-program - about which you can read more on this blog. While i truly appreciate some of Obama moves especialy when it comes to cleaning this mine pole i cannot tolerate his response to my protest and his tactic - and maybe they will success... Well, i see many talnted people in his security team but as we say in Poland - A fish fell out from a head.

Do not play Tautonic oper on Radziwill. All over the world people started to see this very clearly...

Well, but this post is about some day in the Polish history, one day in Poland - that has put most of us in the black. In the color of philosophy. And you know,  i see all over the world so many different colors, back with thier correct meaning, also thanks to this blog which is some kind of anti-dotum to very very bister catalyst that has guided some circle deeply into the Holly Sea... Of course there are still some that are thinking about C A S A as about soviet airplane, missing somwhere in thier cold-war strategy...

* * *

What a tautonism. 

They say that his bodyguards has stoped to buy coco on the street. 
Hmm, some orthodoxs has even called others to stop selling it to them. 
But well, it will be for sure better for thier health. 

Just say me if they all crazy. Does they want to compare to 30th years
of live like in death camp or what?

Or maybe to my 9-th months old direct protest against this fraud and tautoniz itself... 
Maybe thier boss should make imediate decision and call for the next ellections
because with such team and style - he maybe should change a job
to comic on Broadway...

What they want to show?

* * *
SO, why whole Poland has fallen again into black? Some will say that they just announced this through mass-media... They has ordered this. But what was a cause? Some cynics will say that it is always about money. Some will say that they had again crash-test and needed to shut-up the truth. For some it was like a television, beautiful one. Unfortunatly, military one.

My perspecitve was maybe deepest as i was in the center of this fraud, hmm, some will say schizm. Since 8 years under this opertation - with a plan to be terminated - just like a father. 9 years ago i received some small gift from Clinton team - i beccam just fully exposed to the inteligence community - well - the National Security Agency- i was just 'launched' as a rocket to land on the Bush plateaur. And to underscore this - they has started long corporate war between polish energy-giant Elektrim and Israeli East Bridge, also on legal front in the Viena. Clinton team has left 100 000 000$ for a futher development, but only on a paper and as investment in some company - while fully knowing that it is just as throwing me on the ice mountain - on somebody that will do everything to inihilate me... And to make things even worst, they was fully aware about the so called toxic waste dump plan...

For me it was something that i discovered many years later, but there was people that was fully aware about at least parts of my history or signifance of my cause to some very important and influential people that was ruling this world for so many years. Some of them was trying to defend me, some had a plan to use me as the banger to undescore some additional secundo. For them i was like spluff... Of course, some was completly not-aware about what is going on because was too drunk or just 'guided' through thier desk diary and ... a scripts 'that has always worked'. This is so called - 'of course Hamas did this' syndrome - the secundo syndrome. And please think about content of this blog as the nuclear briefcase that outside of a private things must be exposed to the public - in the best case through the gateway in Dan Haag to Nurymberg...

* * *

S. T. Dupont Diamond Case

Published January 30th, 2008 in Travel.

S. T. Dupont previously released a limited edition case to celebrate the release of Casino Royale, this time they have created a limited edition case to celebrate the 135th anniversary. The S.T. Dupont Diamond case is designed to be the ultimate travel companion in terms of size and function, the case can also double as a writing desk or a laptop stand. The case it is made of crocodile skin and features a black diamond on each clasp. The case contains a palladium lighter, a dual fountain and ballpoint pen, a Black Diamond USB memory stick a diary, a copy of Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry’s Little Prince, a S. T. Dupont scented candle, a mini Teddy bear and has room for photos on the inner side of the lid.

Source: De Beers & Orange ring


* * *

So let go back into history, but this time just to Januray 2008 to a day when i was leaving Warsaw and moving beyond polish border, directly to Budapeszt in Hungary on the UN European Consultations that were conducted on the eve of the evaluation of the 10 years UN strategy on drugs. Mech was progressing with his Transport Project also on this front. And i was active on such level from years, on the very front. It was also my thrid year since i was heading the Voice of Truth brodcast on the Israeli Radio.  

The period of time when i was traveling was always difficult for some, so often because of my personal security but usualy was also a point to futher cast a doubt on me. Whenever i was moving, some was conducting thier operations, very often sabotague, sometimes even under my banner...

It is always a risk, as the Mech have many sleeping cells all over the world, just give them a reason and they will heat up the situation, often for free and sometimes by sarficing thier own lifes. This time they has sacrificed lifes of others, of friendly officers of Polish Army. 

* * *

Yesterday, some coleague, has showed me some small trick. He was an young adept of some school of though, specializing in the millitary style special-effects in film-making. Yes, and he was Israeli commander from thier cultural department. The trick was very simple. It was just like some spark - that has made whole picture fuzzy...

They do not like to talk about this loudly, but it is also about a target of this trick. It is realy small spark that can completly change a landscape, sometimes even political and even military one...

* * *
This day, in this very sad moment, i was waiting on the platform 11 of the Warsaw Centralstation. I was in Szuflandia, becuse the Empire was at this time completly without borders. Thier jurisdicsion was completly without any bariers. And there was some artistic squad that was guided by people under slogan 'oh, and what can you do to me'.

I was thinking about another split in my relations with Baronesa that we made just minutes ago. I was going to the Kingdom of Sorosz and i was already aware about hostile strategy that they has prepared for me. And i was ready for everything, also thinking about moving to another country. Still, wanted to know how evil she is - while i have made a decision about not making any futher efforts in expanding our already very cold relations...

Their happy Moon familly - 'true family' - as Vader Moon was saying - was still around me and the chellenge i set for myself - was not easy one - to obligue UN to start work on introducsion of 'the 4th Convention on Narcotic Drugs - The harm reduction and human rights convention'. Just one sentence that will end some 44 years old  efforts to move things forward on the one of most fortyfied areas of our public policies...

* * *
At this moment i was thinking about another split with Baronessa, the second of april 2005 and how it was possible that such a thing like a death of our pope has marked it. Now, when i understand whole plot including long histry and the meaning of this additional secundo to some i do not ask why some Minister of Defense has been choosen as this one to be on this carnival of 2009, an eve to the chines year of the Ox - a true wodzirej - a somebody that was a crest that was leading a bal  in times of the CCCP. Some in NATO say that they see this 'new/old image', 'new/old face' very clearly...
* * *
But then things again has becomed fuzzy - on this peron - on the telebeam i had saw a premiere of the castrastroph of some military aircracft - called CASA... This was so ordinary, just simple trick made by our alies ... from the NATO. The plot in High Sea was much more complicated, but also as connected by our split... It was second time... So ordinary...

* * *

Uf something says me that again Lady in Greenvill has choosed this Tautonic tactic again. I see return of Phantomas in Poland. Good move in the polish television, but i am not sure about this one in MON and NSA...

* * *

The problem with CASA is that on the board there was (?) an esscadra that was involved not only in the 9/11 but even in the Czarnobyl catastfroy - yes, barronessa was from so called eco-terrorists or as some will say green-wermacht. But this so called catastroph was just a tv show. It is great mystery for some why only my friends are meating the death while us soldiers usualy are just making masquarade -  thier 'deaths' are just a move to change identities, but while it comes to my friends - the death is usualy for real. Yes, and as usual they are feeding the bloodsheed and are using such events to futher feed a hate and terrorise some. It was exacly such a scheme on the eve of my United Nations meeting on drugs...


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