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Warble fly

Our President wonders why people think he has acted in this oper agresivly. He does not remeber then what General Polko (good friend of Simon Peres) and his boss was doing in the polish NSA, as he does not remind his guest - Tomasso. But also in the so called Civi-Platform (well, i call it Teutonic) there are still people that has accted in simillar way. It is so shamefull that some of knives directed at me has come from my Fatherland - even after replacing one corrupted people by another by our Prime Minister. From Lodz Kaliska and neo-nazi Bastek team- terminators of my father...

In this same time in the America, pupil or some say puppet of Nathanyatu (Likud) has just assigned millions of dollars to the abortional clinics - in one of the very first moves that has supported budgets of so many already rich persons from ... the Project Pink. Unfortunatley, he did this under influence of my enemy - Soros - that will also eat piece of this butchers cake - also deeeeply involved in Blagojewich case - a recently reintroduced case of true and false Jan Radosz and some Dark Sin - a larva. Sorry i do not want go into details of this old procedure because this blog is readed also by kids... But our Emperor does not need to worry about anything - he will rule until end of the world - always will have at his disposal this 27 shot...

In this same time when they has supported by hundreds millions of public dollars also directly to this fraudist connected so much to the Krakow ESKADRA PR Team i am still dying on the street of Amsterdam from the cold and hunger. So pinky. Yes, they has stolen my last tools and the library is the last post where i can do anything. I really feel sometimes as defenders of Danzing Post - because somebody is really executing Himmler script AGAIN. 

Operation Himmler

Operation Himmler (less often known as Operation Konserve or Operation Canned Goods) was a Nazi Germany false flag project to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany, which was subsequently used by Nazi propaganda to justify the invasion of Poland. Operation Himmler was arguably the first act of the Second World War in Europe.

For months prior to the 1939 invasion, German newspapers and politicians like Adolf Hitler had carried out a national and international propaganda campaign accusing Polish authorities of organizing or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland. 

On 22 August, Adolf Hitler told his generals:

"I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn't matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth."

More: Wikipedia
Hmm, if you will read this blog from begining having this Operation Taurus in mind, you will see that what NATO forces was doing was a propaganda war just like the Operation Konserva but directed toward Iran. And the problem is that i was in the middle of it. Like in the eye of the Kohala cyclone. And now listen to the words of Prime Minister of Israel and his Defense Minister, arent they so simillar to the Hitler tactic?

Israeli troops to receive legal assistance

Israel's cabinet has endorsed a resolution to support its army officers against possible war crimes prosecution in foreign courts.

"The endorsement will ensure that since we sent out soldiers to carry out Operation Cast Lead … [we] will give soldiers and commanders backing in the face of any external accusations or internal self-flagellation," Barak said.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert however claimed "Following the operation (Cast Lead), terror groups are trying to hurt us in other ways and the legal arena is one of them."
Source: PressTV

Well, i still have my Voice of Truth brodcast, but this not change my position for better. On the night when i has published the story of the Operation Taurus - somebody connected to the Pentagon has said he is going to kill me for telling you about this operation.

Well, i see his perfidion in almost every move, It is like JFK and his killer. But Oswald or whatever who he was this time sits down in the White House. He does not think about party that he represents. But what else I can expect from team so deeply involved in case of my father, 9/11 and some mysterious deaths of witnesses... Just like under Clinton presidency with Gary Webb... But remeber how they has ended and what damage it did to the Democrats. What i see - is just like a mad Nixon II... Opressors and molesters of my familly with this Disney team back on the very front...

Yes is see this huge warble fly in the White House, as Araham Lincoln see it from the portraits. It is really huge - still including main actor from the Showtime, a Walt Disney expert from the Middle East - which because also of my father case is called in Iran - a true broker. Yes, somebody would realy like to broke him a nose. And of course our son of Obama pediatr - that is of course by accident from the very this same circles that has been grilled by Israeli police yesterday!

And i must say that while his acts are completly inhuman and whitout any bit of honor, if i would know a story about Dr. Mendeley genetical modifications and the Obama 'suspected clone' from the Indonesia i will listen to the Russians and would tell you my and his familly shoking stories before you has casted your votes on the 4th November. He will be not in the Oval Office with the public knowing about him and his team excesses from the time when he served the NSA. 

I have showed him a great mercy and had given him a chancejust again - and he is again acting just like blind corporate warble fly without any piece of honor... With perfid intencions like Oswald, well, or maybe this was not Oswald but some Dunham from 39th Division of American Artillery that has also visited some Zaolzie chapel as the Missionary from India and was through it connected to people from our infamous Kielce incident (yes, there is very strange entry about Jan Radosz - my father - in polish IPN under this label - still secret)...

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Well, some are going to make a Blue-Ray disc with a semi-documental movie about this.


In meantime - WATCH THE VIDEO!

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