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Today i should be at the Kish Island. But nethier Nixon II nor our Prime Minister is going to use my brotherly relations to strenghten Poland role on the international stage. They are still  following Himmler way - the illusion that they has created to keep the public in a fear -even after they has missed thier USS Liberty. He is at Davos where in false gesture of solidarity - with full mouth of exspensive caviour and wine - has ordered all political parties to stop using public money for time of econe crisis. It is a repeat of Nixon II first act. Moreover, he said that he would like to stay this way forever. Adding that he will cut number of deputies. Well, for his corporate masters it is very good move as it will futher close a way for young and independent politicians and will force closer relations with extremly rich fraudist. Yes, he is defending interests but not of his nation...

Well, i will lie if i will not mention that he is extremly active when it comes to the justice, several important people has been arested recently - but i do not know if this is not a defensive move and at the end they will be freed. Still i see a lot of people that was directly involved with secret police operations against me that are even not touched by the law. Including his vice-Premier and Lodz-Kaliska Minister of Justice that just moment ago has said that he would not prosecute some corrupted Major of Sopot - that was defended in open letter by Badylorze - this pink pigs that has frauded our history and the nation - including our so compromitted noblist - Walesa. This teutonism it is so visible in our Generalgouverment....

I see a return of so called polish Prime Minister from Davos just like a return of one of the Masters of Teutonic Order from thier convent to our Generalgouvernement. With new empty words, defensive moves and of course new calendar... And this same brutal game. Yes, as throguth last years - obiecanki cacanki. I do not see any concretes - just some shothings - sensation for public and this same mobile Auschwitz and pla pla pla - hrum hrum hrum - but Obama has not single time showed his intentions....

I should be at Kish island right now to develop futher - and the reason is a digital television. But instead of this our Prime Minister has choosen somebod from this corpo-nazi Bastek team as the chief of public television and is so happy from himself. Kissing somebody else ass - as our Dark Monk Kremer would say...

I am a bit shocked, as just yesterday to our library - which is exacly like Gdansk Post - they has sent a black wolga - well, almost wolga - a black mercedes benz. An intension? Something like a case of the false Jan - so dangerous for Obama team...

Well, they did not executed this plan and tomorrow - instead of Kish i am going to visit Arnhem which is also emotionaly bound not only to me but to our almost whole nation... Maybe to the familly of our Prime Minister it is not - as they was fighting against my grandfathers... Yes, this Davos convent reminds me so much the other one that was called just before global war. If he is going to pay his honorary contribution - it is not a way. It is also about the style and the intentions... Just look at Barosso picture from the summit. Does it not look like a top of the Wolf Lair - Wolfsschanze? But i think he was thinking atm 'from which christmas tree is Obama'... I know from which... It is so visible... I was also some time in such a place when Dimler and Crysler was divorcing - because of something... I know this feelings very well...

Iran to hold ITEX 2009 on Kish Island

Iran is slated to hold its first international festival and exhibition of information and communication technologies (ITEX) on Kish.

Companies from numerous countries including South Korea, China, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates will present their products in fields of telecommunications industry, Internet, cell phones and electronics.

More: PressTV

Well, they are all the time trying to silence the public opinion with a 'new plans', but i have my one - releated to the upcoming polish Euro and London olimpic. It is about digital television on which i was working in Research & Development department of our telecom giant on the begining of my political fight. Which has started from my public apperance in one of most famous TV talk-shows after which they has throwed me out from this company.

But while i was in Amsterdam i had visited IBC - International Broadcaster Convention - over-sponsored by UAE and Princess Maxima connections - after which i had wroten unique in Poland article about future of television and the importance of sport events. But then again, some invisible - this time Antwerpen - hand has played their dirty move. 

I has meet there some people from polish-antwerpen company - ADB and have started to make a plans for future with them. But then again they has played so dirty  - and as in case of the CASA - again i am almost sure that they has maked a mistification - an rendered event of the plane crash - exacly this people that i had meet during IBC - to change identites and escape the justice. Just as i see Melaniuk or her twin sister (her artwork on the photo right) - that has appeared here - as COCO - just on the eve of so celebrated here a New Year...

Switzerland plane crash kills two

Two people have been killed and two others have been seriously injured after a light plane crashed in Zurich, Switzerland, rescue officials say.

Source: PressTV

And again they has put a doubt on me - because of my friendly or even brothery relations with some of leaders outside western hemisphere and the involvment of this persons in the operation against me. The effect was that the tehcnical newspaper did not published this article and of course they has throwed me again on the margin of  IT/TV buisness... You can find a polish version of it here - and ask some Polish speaking person if it was valubale... Well it could be a flag article of the December 2008 issue, as it was also a guide for our politicans...

Instead of this they has preffered to publish an article about "Duke Nuke" - it is very sad Antwerpen joke on the New Year. But it looks that this american corps are preffering to stay on thier Taurus course - whatever will happen. Just like Adolf Hitler administration did after failed Glwitze Incident. Just this same methods, this same moves. Fully like in IV Reich...

And what Obama personaly did? He has bought an Islamic TV station to continue his corporate-islam that is headed by... Israel Emanuel and Laydy Greenville. What they have a common with true faith i do not know. But i was reading Dark Monk Kramer teachings and i see it is just another steep in expanding this PINK ISLAM influence- which have one very fundamental flaw - a western devotion - it is forbrident to commit suicide in true Islam - such incidents like suiced bombing should not have a place in true Islam...

And now look where this Corporate-Islam group has come:

Teen suspect held for Bhutto assassination

Security agencies in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province have arrested a teenaged boy on suspicion of involvement in the assassination of former premier Benazir Bhutto.

Aitezaz Shah, 15, was arrested on Thursday in Dera Ismail Khan town in the NWFP, 280 km southwest of Islamabad, security sources told Al Jazeera on Saturday.

Shah, who hails from Karachi, told investigators that he was part of a squad of five suicide bombers sent by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud to assassinate Bhutto in Rawalpindi, the sources said.

More: Trueversy

Well, this group is also involved in my case and is used by some so-called diplomats - like our Foreign Minister - Radek Sikorski - a shame to our General - as a excuse why they are doing nothing to help me. But in case of this group - whole goverment is involved - as they say in Pakistan - but  no, not Pakistani one - exacly this people from the Warble Fly - that i had describe on this blog. 

No, do not believe Radzio - it is a bluff - this people are steered from the Obama team - it is just another group lik LeT - created for gold and headed by american and israeli for thier interests - like 9/11 provocation! Yes, it is one of reasons why Radzio will not be a next head of the NATO and why Obama can end like NIXON did!!! 

Do not belive in thier lies - they are part of this PINK ISLAM - this bloody blasphemy - it is just another Mumbai case - but it will be solved. Pakistan is finaly an independent state - even without Bhutto... Yes they are drowing within the illusion that was created by them and only war can save them. That is a reason why they are so determined, sassly and arogant. Just like a confederate from this poem - of one of core statesman of the Democratic Party...

Corpo-islamists threaten to kill Polish geologist

Tehrik-e-Taliban militants, who have in custody a polish geologist, threaten to kill the hostage if their demands are not met within a week.

"We cannot wait more as the government has taken acceptance of our demands (in return) for the release of Polish geologist Peter (Stanczak) very light," a spokesman for Darra Adamkhel chapter, affiliated with Tehrik-e-Taliban, said in a statement, Press TV correspondent Muhammad Shafiq reported.

More: PressTV



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