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Artek CCC Lion

For another day we see this same. Yes. So many see this library as the some kind of arena between fight of two schools of tought. As the millenium old - battle betwen clerics of the Sun and the Moon. No, even after Davos - the Mech is continuing his weasel tactic and futher forging the Dark Aliance in the United States. By putting on the front Republican Sen. Judd Gregg and the inauguration of another black NSA soldier on the front of the Republican party - we can see very cleary this move of the Dark Alliance. Where it will lead you do not need to ask me...

This is self-defense move trgeteg for securing an safe haven and landing point after the next presidential election - in which Obama simply does not have a chances to win... 

This fortyfication of the Walt Disney team cannot be seen in the Old Continent in other terms like a hope for some corporational forces to be still in power and be safe from the Pope case which is so painfull for my country and me personaly. This way we do not have any other chances to observe a justice that this polish-banditen styled Iranian Tribunal that was recently announced. It has moved us again in the dangerous pre-war time. I would recomend to all of you to be very cautions...

But this lion. This gift for the Pope - this symbol of the Iranian Tribunal and recent so religious moves in the regim of Israel - if will be continued - can lead all of us to the victory of the peace over the war and the justice over injustice. 

This lion is going to grow with each year, for me it is like a reminder of my poisoned dog from the grandfathers line. My 'sharik' is still waiting beyond the moon, but it have a friend here in this pope lion. An there will be a day - when even our Emperor will need to put his head in his mouth. 

The Republicans - even when they have mouths full of fraseses are not going to change in thier aims - it is encoded in thier doctrines - that will shatered so much - can be applied again at any moment. The Democrats - while so corrupted inside - does not see be able to make any changes in this murderors game - they are to weak - because of thier paralysed leadership. Paralaysed by thier own acts from the past.

But on the Old Continent people see this very cleary - they has been disillusioned from this American Dream about world without border - where some western ellites from the Davos - can not only put you in the Guantanamo or psychiatric hospital or in the cementery - just by one sign - but can marginalize you and force your own government to act aginst thier national interest. Yes, people here, maybe more care about history - to stay in this american illusion. This is a begining of the Thrid Wave and maybe if it comes to the Democrats it is a moment for some schizm. Some thrid wave - some return of the New Left - that years ago was created by my cousin Radosz, Ron Radosz...

* * *

But when it comes to the story of the Lion and the Lamb - the Lion and the Pope - it is worth to look back at the begining of Polish adventure in the High See. It is so nice in this stormy time to remind an optimist, joy, happines and great hope  of  our pope Jan Paul II that he was expresing at the very begining and which he has never lost. The hope for fundamental changes in this empiral system that he has saw not only in the soviet block but also on the western side of this Berlin wall. That for some 'cursed' - still exists - like an ocean between Old and New Continent. And his so early words - an appeal to the leaders of western hemisphere - are today so needed as never before...

Pray For Our Wonderful Pope: The Lion and the Lamb

"Be Not Afraid! Open up, no; swing wide the gates to Christ. Open up to his saving power the confines of the State, open up economic and political systems, the vast empires of culture, civilization and development…. Be not afraid!"

More: Catholic online

Well, leaders - the top of our ellites - are not going to be afraid of anything. But what can say a common man these days? The recent continuation of this same line and fortyfication of the current status quo in the America together with still not solved the mystery of the death of the Pope Jean Paul II is not optimistic. It more reminds a situation that we has observed at some October 1958 - a uncertainity in the Holly See and hope for better leader in the White House. Eisenhower was flying in some aircraft to make a very special electoral speech - around him there was a stink of pope scandal - this same mystery. In the Vatican they was choosing new one and was aware about this Teutonic script and compromitation of one of the top candidate.

But this was just before elections. Now we see this same story, script and Republicanizm so criticised on the frontpage of this 1958 newspaper - but in the current Democratic President... And it is after....

Well, Europe is still fighting for independence. Rebelion is fully  one - while it is just a begining. Morevoer, it is a gobal call for real changes. Like at this day of 1958 - Fidel was giving to the world. Like 30th years ago some Islamic priest has gave through his comming to his homeland. 

And tomorrow our Prime Minister in the atmosphere of huge scandal need to take decision if he will fly to some hotel near the Wawel and will tell the oposition gathered there what he wanted to tell on Friday.... Thier leader has just today said sorry - of course it is not enough - but it is breaking point for my case - and throught this to our national case. So long ignored....

* * *
to be continued?
* * *


Davos effect

Well, police is going more and more brave and obscenic - when i was returnig to library they was exposing thier latest fish - somebody which i will call a DAVOS effect. Well, he was a black man - but acted in the name of this velvet islam and gold... It is always interesting to see a Germany so much involved in this excesses and very nice to hear that they want to help in so called disarment. Well, somebody just again realy wanted to hit the sixt-deep... And somebody from Poland - has spent his one day on Davos to organized this... DAVOS effect.

However, they realy need to understand that new and independent goverment in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is realy doing it best to solve the mystery of my dear cousines as well as the recent ecscesses - and they have tones of proofs - just submited to thier legal department a Mumbai case. And some say that COCO was one of the witnesses in this hotel...

Yes, some at West - need to understand that shoting two times from this same 'gun' is completly without sense. Especialy if this one was aimed at the NEGRO families - including Benazir...

Yes, there are some good news - maybe not for Radziu (Forein Minister) and Donek (PM - on the photo), but both Pakistani, as well Iranian goverement are commited and ready to solve also our national case and they are more that enthusiastic to help release Stanislaw, our dear geolog - kiddnaped by Velvet Islamists


Death threat for kidnapped Polish geologist

A branch of the Pakistani Taliban has threatened to kill Piotr Stańczak, a Polish geologist kidnapped four months ago in Pakistan. In a video, the terrorist group said that Stańczak would be killed on Wednesday if their demands for the release of arrested militants were not met by the Pakistani government.

The group, known as Tehrik-e-Taliban, told Pakistani newspaper Dawn, that the government had taken their demands too lightly. "So, our [group] has decided to wait till February 4 evening for a positive reply from the government and in case of a refusal, we will kill him," the group's spokesman told the newspaper. (RG)

Source: Warsaw Business Journal

Yes, there are also true islamists - also military one - that can help in his release - of course if he is not by accident resting at Phillipines island. Because this particural group is also this one connected to our ESKADRA scandal and this 9/11 blasphemy... And we has saw so many misitifications done by them.

Anyway, the style and the Davos effect in total was not very nice and well, the people that was just trying to send another knife has been recorded. As well as words of our Justice Minister from LODZ KALISKA and Foreign Minister Radziu Sikorski (What a shame for our general!!!) that they has spoken to the public - so sasly - after a return of our PM. We can say they has been caught for a hand. Yes, i do not wonder why our oposition did not welcomed our Tautonic Master when he wanted to visit them - just directly from Davos - on very my Wawel... With his 'Taliban' revelations... Maybe my dear KONTUR (Teutonic Master) go to some recenty re-discovered cementery in Malbork. It is for sure better place that Piast flag castle - WAWEL!!!


And please, our Prime Minister do not compromise our country futher and do not send Radzio to the U.S. - which was trying to use geolog Stanislaw as smoke screen. Why i still see so compromised people in your so Teutonic goverement? Yes, they was in thier perfidion giving this incident as a reason why my national goverment is not doing anything in our national case - instead taking care of the interests - of so called criminal HANZA. Yes, there are terrorist - but this one you has pointed are the same that are rooted in the Western goverments! 


And you my common reader - my common man - before you will watch a video from the another summit - but so simillar to Davos. Think about lies that i was exposing on this blog. Think about our Prime Minister, think about our Democratic President of the U.S. and how perfid they play... Think - my dear common man... Think about thier goal and dollar... Because Nixon also shared this same dream and tactic - and the solution - THE TOTAL WAR...

In Poland they started to understand that all over the world some exceptional people - from front pages - are going to hit famous outside the western hemispher a RUSSIAN FIVE - a counter and an antidotum for this sick tactict. I know that for some outside the so called inteligence community this entries can be sometimes hard to understand. But really in Poland they see it - they - i mean an common people. Not also in Poland but also in the negihbours states, sometimes so brother ones... Just read this pre-war poem and see some 'other Davos' summit video. What a style - from fathers, grandfathers...

The Common Man

When plastered billboards scream with slogans
'fight for your country, go to battle'
When media's print assults your senses,
'Support our leaders' shrieks and rattles...
And fools who don't know any better
Believe the old, eternal lie
That we must march and shoot and kill
Murder, and burn, and bomb, and grill...

When press begins the battle-cry
That nation needs to unify
And for your country you must die...
Dear brainwashed friend, my neighbor dear
Brother from this, or other nation
Know that the cries of anger, fear,
Are nothing but manipulation
by fat-cats, kings who covet riches,
And feed off your sweat and blood - the leeches!
When call to arms engulfs the land
It means that somewhere oil was found,
Shooting 'blackgold' from underground!
It means they found a sneaky way
To make more money, grab more gold
But this is not what you are told!

Don't spill your blood for bucks or oil
Break, burn your rifle, shout: 'NO DEAL!'
Let the rich scoundrels, kings, and bankers
Send their own children to get killed!
May your loud voice be amplified
By roar of other common men
The battle-weary of all nations:

Julian Tuwim

Julian Tuwim
(the surname comes from the Hebrew "טובים," "tovim," "good"; September 13, 1894 – December 27, 1953) one of the greatest Polish poets, he was born in Łódź, Congress Poland, Russian Empire and educated in Łódź and Warsaw (he studied law and philosophy at Warsaw University). In 1919 Tuwim co-founded the Skamander group of experimental poets with Antoni Słonimski and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz. He was a major figure in Polish literature, known also for his contribution to children's literature. Before the Second World War he was also known for his lyrics.

More: Wikipedia


Today i should be at the Kish Island. But nethier Nixon II nor our Prime Minister is going to use my brotherly relations to strenghten Poland role on the international stage. They are still  following Himmler way - the illusion that they has created to keep the public in a fear -even after they has missed thier USS Liberty. He is at Davos where in false gesture of solidarity - with full mouth of exspensive caviour and wine - has ordered all political parties to stop using public money for time of econe crisis. It is a repeat of Nixon II first act. Moreover, he said that he would like to stay this way forever. Adding that he will cut number of deputies. Well, for his corporate masters it is very good move as it will futher close a way for young and independent politicians and will force closer relations with extremly rich fraudist. Yes, he is defending interests but not of his nation...

Well, i will lie if i will not mention that he is extremly active when it comes to the justice, several important people has been arested recently - but i do not know if this is not a defensive move and at the end they will be freed. Still i see a lot of people that was directly involved with secret police operations against me that are even not touched by the law. Including his vice-Premier and Lodz-Kaliska Minister of Justice that just moment ago has said that he would not prosecute some corrupted Major of Sopot - that was defended in open letter by Badylorze - this pink pigs that has frauded our history and the nation - including our so compromitted noblist - Walesa. This teutonism it is so visible in our Generalgouverment....

I see a return of so called polish Prime Minister from Davos just like a return of one of the Masters of Teutonic Order from thier convent to our Generalgouvernement. With new empty words, defensive moves and of course new calendar... And this same brutal game. Yes, as throguth last years - obiecanki cacanki. I do not see any concretes - just some shothings - sensation for public and this same mobile Auschwitz and pla pla pla - hrum hrum hrum - but Obama has not single time showed his intentions....

I should be at Kish island right now to develop futher - and the reason is a digital television. But instead of this our Prime Minister has choosen somebod from this corpo-nazi Bastek team as the chief of public television and is so happy from himself. Kissing somebody else ass - as our Dark Monk Kremer would say...

I am a bit shocked, as just yesterday to our library - which is exacly like Gdansk Post - they has sent a black wolga - well, almost wolga - a black mercedes benz. An intension? Something like a case of the false Jan - so dangerous for Obama team...

Well, they did not executed this plan and tomorrow - instead of Kish i am going to visit Arnhem which is also emotionaly bound not only to me but to our almost whole nation... Maybe to the familly of our Prime Minister it is not - as they was fighting against my grandfathers... Yes, this Davos convent reminds me so much the other one that was called just before global war. If he is going to pay his honorary contribution - it is not a way. It is also about the style and the intentions... Just look at Barosso picture from the summit. Does it not look like a top of the Wolf Lair - Wolfsschanze? But i think he was thinking atm 'from which christmas tree is Obama'... I know from which... It is so visible... I was also some time in such a place when Dimler and Crysler was divorcing - because of something... I know this feelings very well...

Iran to hold ITEX 2009 on Kish Island

Iran is slated to hold its first international festival and exhibition of information and communication technologies (ITEX) on Kish.

Companies from numerous countries including South Korea, China, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates will present their products in fields of telecommunications industry, Internet, cell phones and electronics.

More: PressTV

Well, they are all the time trying to silence the public opinion with a 'new plans', but i have my one - releated to the upcoming polish Euro and London olimpic. It is about digital television on which i was working in Research & Development department of our telecom giant on the begining of my political fight. Which has started from my public apperance in one of most famous TV talk-shows after which they has throwed me out from this company.

But while i was in Amsterdam i had visited IBC - International Broadcaster Convention - over-sponsored by UAE and Princess Maxima connections - after which i had wroten unique in Poland article about future of television and the importance of sport events. But then again, some invisible - this time Antwerpen - hand has played their dirty move. 

I has meet there some people from polish-antwerpen company - ADB and have started to make a plans for future with them. But then again they has played so dirty  - and as in case of the CASA - again i am almost sure that they has maked a mistification - an rendered event of the plane crash - exacly this people that i had meet during IBC - to change identites and escape the justice. Just as i see Melaniuk or her twin sister (her artwork on the photo right) - that has appeared here - as COCO - just on the eve of so celebrated here a New Year...

Switzerland plane crash kills two

Two people have been killed and two others have been seriously injured after a light plane crashed in Zurich, Switzerland, rescue officials say.

Source: PressTV

And again they has put a doubt on me - because of my friendly or even brothery relations with some of leaders outside western hemisphere and the involvment of this persons in the operation against me. The effect was that the tehcnical newspaper did not published this article and of course they has throwed me again on the margin of  IT/TV buisness... You can find a polish version of it here - and ask some Polish speaking person if it was valubale... Well it could be a flag article of the December 2008 issue, as it was also a guide for our politicans...

Instead of this they has preffered to publish an article about "Duke Nuke" - it is very sad Antwerpen joke on the New Year. But it looks that this american corps are preffering to stay on thier Taurus course - whatever will happen. Just like Adolf Hitler administration did after failed Glwitze Incident. Just this same methods, this same moves. Fully like in IV Reich...

And what Obama personaly did? He has bought an Islamic TV station to continue his corporate-islam that is headed by... Israel Emanuel and Laydy Greenville. What they have a common with true faith i do not know. But i was reading Dark Monk Kramer teachings and i see it is just another steep in expanding this PINK ISLAM influence- which have one very fundamental flaw - a western devotion - it is forbrident to commit suicide in true Islam - such incidents like suiced bombing should not have a place in true Islam...

And now look where this Corporate-Islam group has come:

Teen suspect held for Bhutto assassination

Security agencies in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province have arrested a teenaged boy on suspicion of involvement in the assassination of former premier Benazir Bhutto.

Aitezaz Shah, 15, was arrested on Thursday in Dera Ismail Khan town in the NWFP, 280 km southwest of Islamabad, security sources told Al Jazeera on Saturday.

Shah, who hails from Karachi, told investigators that he was part of a squad of five suicide bombers sent by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsud to assassinate Bhutto in Rawalpindi, the sources said.

More: Trueversy

Well, this group is also involved in my case and is used by some so-called diplomats - like our Foreign Minister - Radek Sikorski - a shame to our General - as a excuse why they are doing nothing to help me. But in case of this group - whole goverment is involved - as they say in Pakistan - but  no, not Pakistani one - exacly this people from the Warble Fly - that i had describe on this blog. 

No, do not believe Radzio - it is a bluff - this people are steered from the Obama team - it is just another group lik LeT - created for gold and headed by american and israeli for thier interests - like 9/11 provocation! Yes, it is one of reasons why Radzio will not be a next head of the NATO and why Obama can end like NIXON did!!! 

Do not belive in thier lies - they are part of this PINK ISLAM - this bloody blasphemy - it is just another Mumbai case - but it will be solved. Pakistan is finaly an independent state - even without Bhutto... Yes they are drowing within the illusion that was created by them and only war can save them. That is a reason why they are so determined, sassly and arogant. Just like a confederate from this poem - of one of core statesman of the Democratic Party...

Corpo-islamists threaten to kill Polish geologist

Tehrik-e-Taliban militants, who have in custody a polish geologist, threaten to kill the hostage if their demands are not met within a week.

"We cannot wait more as the government has taken acceptance of our demands (in return) for the release of Polish geologist Peter (Stanczak) very light," a spokesman for Darra Adamkhel chapter, affiliated with Tehrik-e-Taliban, said in a statement, Press TV correspondent Muhammad Shafiq reported.

More: PressTV




Hillary Truffle

Yesterday i had introduced to you one of spiritual leaders that is a true plex in the Teutonic Kingdom relations  with  the Walt Disney administration. Today, in the local press you will find a brother or a cousin of some that has presented me this Teutonic fraud and blasphemy on our Flying Dutchman.

Well, in the local press it is on the first page. It is not usual Evening Stanard. People has just discovered third wive - truly defensive - of Marshall Pilsudzki wife. The Ankara one - truly Aryanic... Truly fictional... With the basic and fundamental error. They still do not see the Orginal Sin...

But people there  has also discovered an financial arm and the local hard-core of fraud described on this blog... They say that it is  60-tees, 60 billions of dollars.

For many  from this fictional Ankara'44 familly it is also a call to arms...

For them it is just another reason to... hit me again. That is all what they has learned throught past 60 years... They dream about 'giving her fundraisers and kissing  her ass' for the sixt time. Very sixty-deep... As Larry Kramer has said at some ESKADRA celebrations...

* * *

In Poland in this same they has gived to the public opinion some official informations about obbduction results that was going to help solve the mystery of tragic death of the General Sikorski - that was some kind of sign that 'this phase is ending and it ends unexpectedly impressively' - as we reads in some old letter  of Jan Gralewski to his wife. The most suspected person that can be behind this deaths of some firends of my familly from the II World War but in some sense also behind this recent one in Amsterdam. This is a key person  to solve my family story and our national case.

The problem is his passport, that was found on the Sikorski Liberator plane, but that is without any sins of beign drown as the plane did. Morevoer we find many other proofs - like some fake informations of his planed meetings on  the General way back. While even his location was not sure at the time of death of General - 11:06.16 pm, 4 July 1943. 

Bellow are just some examples from interesting report on this  case...

A page from Jan Gralewski’s passport; lack of stains caused by sea water may indicate that the document (and its owner) was never aboard the plane.


From the Archives of Polish Underground Movement Study Trust in London, file TP2 Gralewski: Message from Rawa (Lieutenant Michał Protasewicz) to Kalina (General Stefan Grot-Rowecki); translation from Polish: In a plane crash in Gibraltar on July 4th 1943 together with the Chief Commander Jan Gralewski was killed. Besides his conversation with the Chief Commander, he didn’t report. We didn’t receive any materials from him.

Source: Nowa Online
* * *

In Davos our Prime Minister is giving a show of his Teutonism. Yes. He is taking a care of Polish national interest by allowing to keep me as in the Auschwitz. Still having a criminalis in his team- and well a betrayers of the nation - that has sent his people with a assasination mission here. And having his mouth full of empty phraseses. Well, Barosso seems to see it - he is not happy...

Just to confirm what has been wroten down and what the masses has heard. I realy in my so called - brand new testamento did left nothing for this people that are continuing even today thier idiotic tactics and are really more interested to serve the fraudist team that thier national intrests. From this legacy - one quater for Hezbullah, one for Hamas and one for the Russians. The fourth part to rebuild a Colosus and what will be left to give to my familly - the true one and closes one. Of course, just in case if i will left this world without Orginal Sin. And with Dark One - well, i has wroten this in this blog - so WU - do not try again. And you - my Dear Prime Minister this Himmler rythms with others. What we can see and hear everyday...

I see thier acts as i see Obama support for this fraudists and what is best represented by Israel-Emanuela- Lady Hillary ESKADRA and this pink pigs that also 30 years ago in - thier perfidion and in some cases - just naive- has called our legendary 'Luck and Leyla'... to make abortion - it was also so big problem with the Original Sin... Oh, yes, Lady Hillary - she, not the Melaniuk is like Baronessa in this pre-war oper. And the Obama - why so many percived him as the Hitler Obama? Did he not taked wrong flag? He continues like this acctor from Neverending story his journey with his ESKADRA to Teheran... While i am continuig mysterious Hrabia role, but this time so exposed.

It is not cold-war and II World War when they was for defense calling polish soldiers and people that was outside thier General Gubernia and III Reich - mainly on the East - an orphants. No - they was not orphants - but we needed to keep this as the secret - because of Hitler, Dupont and people that later has killed Soviet Leader... So, while they has created thier core of this fraud based on fake III Wife - blonde one - just like on the fraudist movie from Ankara'44 - they has forgoten about the Orginal Sin that was so long - from generation to generation living in the conspiracy. Like in Auschwitz Death Camp - non-stop - oppressed and molested by Joy team - for almost 30th years... Waiting like in the Gas Chamber for the another attempt of the execution...

* * *

They say he was beautifull writer. That has wroten so many stories - half-true - half-legendary. But the truth is that he has stolen my legends... They say that he has died on the lung cancer, just like my grand-grandfadther - on prostate cancer. But something says me that our legndary second wife - her spirit was together with him at this evening....

Follow the White Rabbit

John Updike, hailed as one of the greatest and most prolific writers in modern American literature, has died of lung cancer at 76.

In his works, Updike exhibited great fluency and capacity for highly textured prose as well as the capacity to make the mundane profound.

He garnered international acclaim for the novels "Rabbit, Run," 1960; "Rabbit Redux," 1971; "Rabbit Is Rich," 1981; and "Rabbit at Rest," 1990 - which chronicled the adventures of Harry Rabbit Angstrom and his efforts to survive the constraints of middle-class American society.

Source: PressTV
* * *


* * * 


ESKADRA Monk Kramer

Some time ago, when on the light of UN corridors some information about scale of the WU Corruption - the Baal cult - some informations on this evil rites has already leaked ... 

Just  by accident on the occassion of the chines New Year - some Russian channel - RT 24/7 - was asking thier viewers if Obama is more a monk or a politician. Well, i need to add one more question for you - If he is more like monk is not he just a Tautonic one? I see this each day - so do not ask me...

But today i has discoverd a 20th anniversary of some exceptional central - gay central from the New York. It  was when i was browsing slide show on the for a query - 'Obama hitler'. I found under this query a photos and some very original speech made by Monk Kramer... 

And here are fragments of this exceptional speech... Look at thier perfidion through my eyes...

For a moment go to the szuflandia and using your imagination try to look at them as a group of ready for anything persons, that was a core of the 9/11... Yes, eskadra...
Remarks on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of ACT UP,
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center,
New York City

March 13, 2007

By Larry Kramer
Rodger McFarlane, Eric Sawyer, Jim Eigo, Peter Staley, Troy Masters, Mark Harrington, David Webster, Jeremy Waldron, and Hannah Arendt contributed to the following remarks.

One day AIDS came along. It happened fast. Almost every man I was friendly with died. Eric still talks about his first boyfriend, 180 pounds, 28 years old, former college athlete, who became a 119 pound bag of bones covered in purple splotches in months. Many of us will always have memories like this that we can never escape.


Out of this came ACT UP. We grew to have chapters and affinity groups and spin-offs and affiliations all over the world. Hundreds of men and women once met weekly in New York City alone.


These are just a few of the things ACT UP did to make the world pay attention: We invaded the offices of drug companies and scientific laboratories and chained ourselves to the desks of those in charge. We chained ourselves to the trucks trying to deliver a drug company’s products. We liberally poured buckets of fake blood in public places. We closed the tunnels and bridges of New York and San Francisco. Our Catholic kids stormed St. Patrick’s at Sunday Mass and spit out Cardinal O’Connor’s host. We tossed the ashes from dead bodies from their urns on to the White House lawn. We draped a gigantic condom over Jesse Helms’ house. We infiltrated the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for the first time in its history so we could confetti the place with flyers urging the brokers to “SELL WELLCOME.” We boarded ourselves up inside Burroughs-Wellcome, (now named GlaxoSmithKline), which owns AZT, in Research Triangle so they had to blast us out. We had regular demonstrations, Die-Ins we called them, at the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health, at City Halls, at the White House, in the halls of Congress, at government buildings everywhere, starting with our first demonstration on Wall Street, where crowds of us lay flat on the ground with our arms crossed over our chests or holding cardboard tombstones until the cops had to cart us away by the vans-full. We had massive demonstrations at the FDA and the NIH. There was no important meeting anywhere that we did not invade, interrupt, and infiltrate.


We utterly destroyed a Hoffmann-LaRoche luncheon when they delayed a decent drug’s release. And always, we went after the New York Times for their shockingly, tragically, inept reporting of this plague.


We picketed the Fifth Avenue home of the publisher of the Times, one Arthur Sulzberger. We picketed everywhere. You name a gross impediment and we picketed there, from our historic 24-hour round the clock for seven days and nights picket of Sloan Kettering to another hateful murderer, our closeted mayor, Edward I. Koch. 3000 of us picketed that monster at City Hall. And, always we protested against our ignoble presidents: Reagan. We actually booed him at a huge AmFAR benefit in Washington. He was not amused. And Bush. 2500 of us actually tracked him down at his vacation home in Kennebunkport, Maine, which did not know what had hit it.


You must have some idea what it is like when your children die. Most of them did not live to enjoy the benefits of their courage. They were courageous because they knew they might die. They could and were willing to fight because they felt they soon would die and there was nothing to lose, and maybe everything to gain.


And of course funeral after funeral after funeral. We made funerals into an art form, too, just as our demonstrations, our street theater, our graphics, many of which are now in museums and art galleries, were all art forms as well. God, we were so creative as we were dying.

It is important to celebrate.


If I am going after Hillary and Bill Clinton it is because I think she just might win, or should I say they might win. Two for the price of one will prove irresistible. Thus it is important to go after the Clintons now, while it still might be possible to negotiate their acceptance and support of our concerns, nay our demands, instead of climbing on their bandwagon that is akin to a juggernaut smashing all in their way as David Mixner describes. Too many gay and lesbians and our organizations are giving her fundraisers and kissing her ass too unreservedly and way way too early.


We are not crumbs! We must not accept crumbs!

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By accident, of course. The logo of this organization is very simillar to some proposed by a some PR team as the logo of Bydgoszcz and already has made a huge scandal in Poland. They say that they has made a special investigation group and some super-commission is waiting... 

Yes i am thinking about or prophet Daniel... Nomen omen, Mr. Obama wants to pay a visit around April - i guess to Danzing - to show his kids the Artus Court and tell them a story of the King A. and the Round Table. There is a rumor that Dimitri from Kremlin is going there too to face the Walt Disney team together with his brothers. No, it is not funny... I know that Republicans are laughting like from Bill Cosby Show - but it is not funny...


Flying Dutchman

Tearful Good-byes For USS Mitscher

Posted: Jan 27, 2009 05:34 PM

Four year-old Isabella may not understand why her dad Benjamin is leaving but she knows he'll be gone for a while. Benjamin is one of hundreds of Sailors aboard the USS Mitscher. The Mitscher will join forces from the UK, working on training missions, in the Mediterranean Sea, and parts of the Middle East and South East Asia. 

Benjamin's wife, Mackenzie, has a baby on the way and will have to go through the pregnancy without

She adds, " It'll be a good homecoming, that's what I'm thinking about...the homecoming." Until then, Mackenzie says she'll hold onto her kids a little tighter to make the time go by a little quicker. 

The Mitscher will be gone for seven months.

Source: U.S. News #3 - Taking Action

Mircher is going to join his other USS and the European friends to teach a Georgian and Iranians so called finish pool. It will participate in the unique operation Taurus. Called sometimes at Kremlin - the Blue October. Thanks to this blog, we - my dear readers, will be hopefully accomplimishing them. Hidden in the Tempest, we will be just like additional ship in this very special escadra - the legendary 'Flying Dutchman'.

This blog is some kind of the libretto to the oper that i or somebody else will write once day - and which should have a premier in the polish Great Theater on the 2 April. It is already legendary story - thanks to some video-phone made few weeks ago. If you will read the story about the Wagner oper - The Flying Dutchman you will see that is based on some facts mixed with ficion.

My oper - and this millitary shadow that is still going  on - is very essencional. It is still about this same fraud - this same teutonic error introduced to the dogma. Yes, i am from very old school - and this story comes down through all the cycles we has observed in last 400 years. While top of it is just very real one and very modern. 

When i am in the Salvation Army is feel just like on this 'Flying dutchman' ship, that since my departure from Plonsk has come through 5 very heavy storms. During two silvesters - as we obviously county it in the Gregorian and Chines calendars - saw a whole island that is almost drowing in the stormy and icy ocean. 

* * *
Yesterday we had very special day on our Star Trek - inside of the United Nations. It was introduction - but some kind of some very strange deja vu. Dear Walt Disney team has introduced thier envoy - but again with look and the words of  early Ms. Condolenzia. It could be funny joke - but even Bush administration has addmited that thier stance toward Iran had not any scientific or rational bases when it comes to the issue of the uranium enrichment. The Iran is just some ideological enemy - something that need to exists in thier cartoon world - because without it whole war machinery is going to kaput...

They do not see this Pluton that is showing up on the radar with the diamound precision. Just like some mara. Some deja vu. They are just looking as waiting for something miracousl. But this ironic smile is not fading from thier faces. They say that some are overusing COCO - mythical half-women half-drug. It gives them blind rush. Blind rush for the Pakistani belt. 

* * *


Battle for Ray

Looks, that not only i see and understands deeply situation into which the Holly See has been throwed because one - who calls himself the Lord - was to sure of beig the next Prime Minister. But even in such situation a positve prospect of justice at the western hemisphere is still bellow the ground zero. In one world - minimal.

It is always nice for me to see building unerstandig beetwen such distant fractions like Sufi and Salafi as a more general between Suni and Shitees - they see this schizmatic corporate islam that has been created on the fraud and illusion. It has lead up the garden-path and has smudged a true face of islam. It is a bit like around times of ancient battle for Persian Ray when the Shites and maybe sometimes over-legalists Sunni...

Tomorrow, at the evening not so standard, we can observe a new Pearl Harbor that has been cooked by some IRGUN oriented circle with silent aproval or even support from current ruling K-dim and other forces. They has did it because they can gain a lot on situation and some of them can lead out public opinion from thier scandals like Operation Cast the Lead or the Program TRANSPORT and thier scandal with me again in the center related to the Pompidou Group of the Council of Europe.

This shocking thing - this Operation Taurus, this shot - which as i know thier irony will call 'Aurora shot', still can happen, because i think nobody was a brave enough to cancel this order and i think is waiting in the shadow of Likud. Grilled a bit. But i hope common-sense will prevail and this will not happen...

But i see that in Iran they has taken this situation very seriously an also see a perspective for understanding and justice in Europ as very litte. They are going to meet the Suni standards of legalizm that fully reminds me how the grand-fathers conspirecy and justice serving was conducted during the occupation of Commonwealth both by partitioners, hittler forces and also soviets. It means full legal processing will be conducted and if the prison will be not an option then execution will be conducted. Just like with my familly conspiracy from which i am so proud... 

I can sign some orders in the name of my ancestors... 
At Your service, brother!

Iran moves to hold war crimes tribunal

The Iranian cabinet introduces a bill to take action on individuals accused of war crimes amid a seeming ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The cabinet of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad laid out details of the bill on Sunday, discussing methods to track down and prosecute individuals accused of committing or issuing the order for war crimes.

Under the newly-introduced bill, launching a military offensive, killing civilians, employment of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), laying a siege to civilians and military personnel and imposing food shortages on them are regarded as war crimes.

Individuals charged with committing or ordering such crimes, depending on the extent of their involvement, would be sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison by an Iranian court or would face execution.

Should the bill receive Iran's Majlis (parliament) vote of approval, the country's legislative assembly would then task penal institutions with prosecution of the accused.

Under international law, war crimes are "violations of the laws or customs of war" including murder, the ill-treatment or deportation of civilian residents of an occupied territory to slave labor camps, the murder or ill-treatment of prisoners of war, the killing of hostages, the wanton destruction of cities, towns and villages, and any devastation not justified by military necessity.

The International Criminal Court, a treaty-based court located in The Hague, came into being in 2002 to take legal action against war crimes committed on or after that date.

However, countries like the United States and Israel have so far refused to sign the treaty which created the court and therefore do not permit The Hague to have jurisdiction over their citizens.

While Israel cannot be tried in the International Court of Justice, any country that is a signatory to the Geneva Convention can try to prosecute individuals who took part in the Gaza operation as culpable of war crimes.

The move by Iran's cabinet comes as Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed Sunday to protect any Israeli soldiers accused of war crimes in the Gaza Strip from prosecution overseas.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting, Olmert said, "The commanders and soldiers that were sent on the task in Gaza should know that they are safe from any tribunal and that the State of Israel will assist them in this issue and protect them as they protected us with their bodies during the military operation in Gaza."

The use of controversial chemical white phosphorous shells as well as indiscriminate firing during the offensive in the densely-populated coastal sliver are among accusations the Israeli military is facing.

According to Health officials in the embattled Gaza Strip, 23 days of intense Israeli military operation left more than 1,330 Palestinians dead and some 5,450 others wounded.

Following the shelling of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency headquarters with phosphorus munitions in Gaza, UN officials called for independent probes into whether war crimes were committed during the Israeli offensive.

Source: PressTV

Warble fly

Our President wonders why people think he has acted in this oper agresivly. He does not remeber then what General Polko (good friend of Simon Peres) and his boss was doing in the polish NSA, as he does not remind his guest - Tomasso. But also in the so called Civi-Platform (well, i call it Teutonic) there are still people that has accted in simillar way. It is so shamefull that some of knives directed at me has come from my Fatherland - even after replacing one corrupted people by another by our Prime Minister. From Lodz Kaliska and neo-nazi Bastek team- terminators of my father...

In this same time in the America, pupil or some say puppet of Nathanyatu (Likud) has just assigned millions of dollars to the abortional clinics - in one of the very first moves that has supported budgets of so many already rich persons from ... the Project Pink. Unfortunatley, he did this under influence of my enemy - Soros - that will also eat piece of this butchers cake - also deeeeply involved in Blagojewich case - a recently reintroduced case of true and false Jan Radosz and some Dark Sin - a larva. Sorry i do not want go into details of this old procedure because this blog is readed also by kids... But our Emperor does not need to worry about anything - he will rule until end of the world - always will have at his disposal this 27 shot...

In this same time when they has supported by hundreds millions of public dollars also directly to this fraudist connected so much to the Krakow ESKADRA PR Team i am still dying on the street of Amsterdam from the cold and hunger. So pinky. Yes, they has stolen my last tools and the library is the last post where i can do anything. I really feel sometimes as defenders of Danzing Post - because somebody is really executing Himmler script AGAIN. 

Operation Himmler

Operation Himmler (less often known as Operation Konserve or Operation Canned Goods) was a Nazi Germany false flag project to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany, which was subsequently used by Nazi propaganda to justify the invasion of Poland. Operation Himmler was arguably the first act of the Second World War in Europe.

For months prior to the 1939 invasion, German newspapers and politicians like Adolf Hitler had carried out a national and international propaganda campaign accusing Polish authorities of organizing or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland. 

On 22 August, Adolf Hitler told his generals:

"I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn't matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth."

More: Wikipedia
Hmm, if you will read this blog from begining having this Operation Taurus in mind, you will see that what NATO forces was doing was a propaganda war just like the Operation Konserva but directed toward Iran. And the problem is that i was in the middle of it. Like in the eye of the Kohala cyclone. And now listen to the words of Prime Minister of Israel and his Defense Minister, arent they so simillar to the Hitler tactic?

Israeli troops to receive legal assistance

Israel's cabinet has endorsed a resolution to support its army officers against possible war crimes prosecution in foreign courts.

"The endorsement will ensure that since we sent out soldiers to carry out Operation Cast Lead … [we] will give soldiers and commanders backing in the face of any external accusations or internal self-flagellation," Barak said.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert however claimed "Following the operation (Cast Lead), terror groups are trying to hurt us in other ways and the legal arena is one of them."
Source: PressTV

Well, i still have my Voice of Truth brodcast, but this not change my position for better. On the night when i has published the story of the Operation Taurus - somebody connected to the Pentagon has said he is going to kill me for telling you about this operation.

Well, i see his perfidion in almost every move, It is like JFK and his killer. But Oswald or whatever who he was this time sits down in the White House. He does not think about party that he represents. But what else I can expect from team so deeply involved in case of my father, 9/11 and some mysterious deaths of witnesses... Just like under Clinton presidency with Gary Webb... But remeber how they has ended and what damage it did to the Democrats. What i see - is just like a mad Nixon II... Opressors and molesters of my familly with this Disney team back on the very front...

Yes is see this huge warble fly in the White House, as Araham Lincoln see it from the portraits. It is really huge - still including main actor from the Showtime, a Walt Disney expert from the Middle East - which because also of my father case is called in Iran - a true broker. Yes, somebody would realy like to broke him a nose. And of course our son of Obama pediatr - that is of course by accident from the very this same circles that has been grilled by Israeli police yesterday!

And i must say that while his acts are completly inhuman and whitout any bit of honor, if i would know a story about Dr. Mendeley genetical modifications and the Obama 'suspected clone' from the Indonesia i will listen to the Russians and would tell you my and his familly shoking stories before you has casted your votes on the 4th November. He will be not in the Oval Office with the public knowing about him and his team excesses from the time when he served the NSA. 

I have showed him a great mercy and had given him a chancejust again - and he is again acting just like blind corporate warble fly without any piece of honor... With perfid intencions like Oswald, well, or maybe this was not Oswald but some Dunham from 39th Division of American Artillery that has also visited some Zaolzie chapel as the Missionary from India and was through it connected to people from our infamous Kielce incident (yes, there is very strange entry about Jan Radosz - my father - in polish IPN under this label - still secret)...

* * *

Well, some are going to make a Blue-Ray disc with a semi-documental movie about this.


In meantime - WATCH THE VIDEO!

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