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Cradle on the Nile

"And Jehoshaphat dwelt at Jerusalem: and he went out again through the people from Beersheba to mount Ephraim, and brought them back unto the LORD God of their fathers.

And he set judges in the land throughout all the fenced cities of Judah, city by city,

And said to the judges, Take heed what ye do: for ye judge not for man, but for the LORD, who is with you in the judgment.

Wherefore now let the fear of the LORD be upon you; take heed and do it: for there is no iniquity with the LORD our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts. "

Chronicles 19:4-11

Some was counting very much on repeat of this single stage from the Black Syrian Obelisk, but they has forgotten the true mieaning of it, promoting misbelief. They has forgotten about both meaning of King Yehu name and the symbol of the God that is affirming this scene, as well about litte word 'joy' that is just like a sign on this obelisk. What some, driven by the Malta Order and Katz group was expeting from Nethanyahu is something that any religous person, not only jews, must reject. It would be an open act against the Almighty God and just finis of great work of Adolf Hitler...

Nethanyahu visit in Egypt was quite similar to another Biblical scene with some chariot comming to my camp, as some other in the United States has been put at the Times Square. I do not know about this in New York one and i think it was setup by Malta Order, just to mislead the public about my one. And this one that has yesternigh come to me was driven by Vladimir Putin. When i had noticed it i had asked loudly the world: Vladek, it was great thing through past year to shoot with you, arm to arm, what are you doing now? Why are you helping ungodly? The chariot has turned back...

In Iran the wave of protests has show them, as it can happen in every capital, whatever it will be Washington, Moscow, Paris or Warsaw, where Malta can bring them and some has opened their eyes. Thanks God nothing has happened but it should be important lesson to any politican and the homework must been made. There are errors not only at the Kremlin or White House but also in Iranian cabinet. Today they has made many loud statements, including this one by mouths of spokesman for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that has described senior opposition figures as ‘enemies of God’ who should be executed under Iran’s sharia law, while Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that Western comments have their root in 'malice'.

President Mahmud Ahmenidad in same time has called for powerful front against Enemies of Islam. It is something that please not only me but at first faithfulls all over the world. No, son of Shah of Persia is not my friend and he would be first to crucify me. Indeed, we have same enemies, but still there are errors in Ahmenidad cabinet that has lead to such dangerous crisis. And i must thank to all my supporters that in this hour of test has standed firmly on the side of righfull one, while it is true that this protest has been prepared by Shah forces. It is great that you was brave enough to defend the truth and you Mr. Ahmenidad, you should listen to the people, even if they came from so called reformist camp because they also sometimes are right.

While i had wroten that we was together with Mr. Putin shooting arm to arm in rightfull case, i must admit that i had never gun in my hand, while i have been offered one some time ago. My weapon is purly a feather, as i am on the pilgrimage. But they are others brave people from West and East that are defending me. You see, this Vladimir chariot has turned back under influence of my words and the people but some are not. They need to be converted by the force, unfortunatley. It such evil world. And do not call them civilians, nethier pilgrims, it is insult to the faiths. They are just a Teutonic crusaders, whatever they are in uniforms or not. And when you call for your 'Je sum solution' just remeber that exacly year ago, this same people that has gathered around Katz has made insane offensive in which they has killed more that 1 300 Palestinians, mens, womens and childrens. We can say that we are fighting for equality in common strugle, under one banner with a sign of Eagel on it. Sing of the God. And even if we will redress it, what i realy do not want, as i as Palestinians look for rebuildment and peace, there is even bigger still unsolved case. Holocaust...

And when it comes to it i am even doubly woried by state of things in so called jewish state of Israel. Today, just after Cairo, they has announced that Israeli judge wants road opened to Palestinian traffic. It was again designed to bring confusion, as people like Katz was painting it as so called Danzing corridor, while my supporters was thinking just about crossing of the Red See. I see this confusion in people words. “Opening this way helps a lot. I hope it will help us, because there are many villages that are linked by this route. it will take less time, less pain. This path is the central focus for these villages, says one Palestinian motorist. While some Israeli has commented it with a great fear, thinking that such ruling will mean that Nazi will be free to come and kill me. "It has to do with security and I think it’s up to the government and up to the Defence Minister and the army to decide about it and not the Supreme Court." Just read quotation on begining of this post and fear no Evil, brothers and sisters...

PS. Yesterday after watching battle hymn, Obama has called Kontur Tusk. He did not answered. They are still sturming. It is something like norm for Nazi. Yesterday, they say Hamas has disarmed some Yisrael top secret operation of 'releaseing Shalit by Fatah hands. How they wanted to release me i do not need to say. However this incident has once again show that the source of fear that share some of jews is not in the Palestinain hearts but in minds of some of Israeli officials.

Yesterday i had changed my jacked on some khaki one, today on Euronews you can read about some Taliban from Mountain Yasna that ' dressed as an Afghan army officer ' has 'killed' CIA 'advisers', operatives mentoring us. I do not know if it is just another children story but i know that i had 'killed' and serverly wounded some CIA operatives at BBN or rather just Drug Enforncment Agency that has dominated country, first established by Kaczynski and strenghtened by Tusk. How i 'blowed' them? Simply by screening Battle Anthem of the Republic and writing to you a story of my family. Of course i am joking, while they are not and just tonight they has killed me, again. Officialy, I do not had any military title, as my grandfather had before coming into conspiracy, having on account victory of II World War, but some are still respecting my hetman bulawa, some still remeber old Commonwealth, our history, our culture, our old glory. Glory of the God. While Hitler is still trying to takie his 'revenge'. Hopefully, without Kremlin, as they has already changed their coat of arms, brother...

Seems that Tusk continues Barroso hunt and President is making bad jokes. While he is reminding that in next year we will hold 600 anniversary of the Grunwald battle with Teutonic Order after which King has gave Great Field Hetman title to my family, 90 anniversary of Miracle at Vistula and 30th aniversary of Solidarity movement. What he has forgotetn to mention is that it will be also year of beatification of Jean Paul II. He has forgotten, maybe because he is member of Malta Order. Order that still have this Apostolic blood on the hands, this error. He has forgotten, maybe also because he still counts on my crucifsation by East or West., his version of Solidarity that is just like poison, crucificsation made prefferably by Tusk or Obama or other fools. Simillar crucification some did to my father but more brutal, as we live in so called Free Europe, a move that 'shaked' the world and released opression and futher executions by communists, driven by Malta Order. And the American President? With all that he owns to us, he is sometimes defending me while he is able to speak only about 'revenge' and together with Lieberman and Katz is on the New Year is wishing me 'sanctions'. Gods zegen, as Dutch says...


Bethlehem Star

"God loves to light little lights, so as then to illuminate vast spaces. Truth, and Love, which are its content, are kindled wherever the light is welcomed; they then radiate in concentric circles, as if by contact, in the hearts and minds of all those who, by opening themselves freely to its splendour, themselves become sources of light."
While Kremlin continues their insanity with the effects that faithfull can watch on the streets of Teheran. In same time in Israel they are observing another miracle. I see that there is somebody that has understood very well, old move from the Tora and see this cradle driffting on the Nill from Wieluń, since almost 300 years. Since 1764. It is powerfull move that is able to crush any Empire or build for common peace, prosperity and development. The picture of baby in Nill is realy terrifing some. And in Russia people start to discover that after abolishment of the Soviet Union they are beign served just a Nazi dictatorship. Quo Vadis, Russia?

Dictatorship that in their insanity is driven from the Russian Orthodox Church. FRA is trying to defend himself from all the powers he have and this fools are following him, just to the abyss. We all see this firework of stupidity, build on corruption, fear and terror and you will fall, as many before you. Russian are asking our Gollum in which company your grandfather was serving and what are you serving to the people? Yes, contur Tusk is not only one that have problem with Jaroszwicze archives. Is not on this photo Barroso, Tusk and Sarkozy, together with you looking at the map of land of the lost? Past returns in whole glory. Is this good way forawrd for you and your people?

But lets go back to the Israel. Katz together with Yad Vashem dicrector, this same that before has slaped, through National Security Beauro, Benedict in his bathroom, has spent a lot of efforts to prepare tomorrow meeting. I am siting right now on Stalinigrad street with Yoni and i am, together with people of Israel, looking forward at Nethanyahu Cairo visit. It is just reconstruction how crucifixation of Yoni has been made and by which hands. And the road to Vancouver is quite similar to the road to another olimpic games in Munich. I am just watching how Katz is preparing a transportation of Yoni to his final mission in Ughanda. While Nethanyahu is going to make a visit similar to visit some has paid to Grand Moufti of Palestine. Katz BBN team is molesting me and touturing as usual since years, as they are again sure that soon i will be exterminated. Kaczynski SB roots, our Munich patriots, together with General Franciszek are shining as the sun...

When yesterday i had read on Euronews that Beniamin is going there to prepare 'prisoner swap' i had misspeled it and readed that he is going to Cairo to make a justice in King Jehu style and to make rather a 'poisoner swap'. Move that is so excpected from so many and that i had mentioned many times before, in my Elijah letters. Almight God would again say that 'it was good', but today i had been once again disapoined as he rather preffers to execute Yoni ticket and will sent me on final mission. The Tora seems to mean nothing there and they count that will silence this. They was again preparing my crucifixation and to silence people they has offered Kadima place at their coalition.

Katz people inside Kadima was just waiting at correct moment to leave them and try direct people anger at crazy lady in red. They was just preparing sabotage in Kadima, as they are now preparing wonderfull Cairo 'peace deal' for Nethanyahu. But then Livin has showed a beatufull demeanour, something that is not usual for a politicans. She was offered a place in cabinet in exchange for silence but she has rejected it. Shining as the Bethlehem Star or rather as the star on the badge of Europol. We are tending to think that politicans are ready to do everything to get to chute but she has showed completly different character. Something that we need to remeber. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah...

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

"The Battle Hymn of the Republic" is an American abolitionist song. The lyrics were written by Julia Ward Howe in November 1861 and first published in The Atlantic Monthly on 1 February 1862. It became popular during the American Civil War.

The tune was written around 1855 by William Steffe. The first known lyrics were called "Canaan's Happy Shore" or "Brothers, Will You Meet Me?" and the song was sung as a campfire spiritual. The tune spread across the United States, taking on many sets of new lyrics.


Mine eyes have seen the coming of the glory of the Lord:
He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored;
He loosed the fateful lightning of His terrible swift sword:
His truth is marching on.

Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!
Glory, glory, hallelujah!

His truth is marching on
I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps,
They have builded Him an altar in the evening dews and damps;
I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps:
His day is marching on.

I have read a fiery gospel writ in burnished rows of steel:
"As ye deal with my contemners, so with you my grace shall deal;
Let the Hero, born of woman, crush the serpent with his heel,
Since God is marching on."

English version

French Version

More: Wikipedia

So, tomorrow Nethanyahu is making his visit in the condition that if he will agree to this Malta deal and their pawns at east, esspecialy in Russia and Iran, are just doing everything to protect FRA and as side effect are making an ass of oneself, revolution and their pseudo religious teachings. Situation for me is not funny as Gollum once again has expressed thier desire of holy sperm and is treating Europe by the gas cuts if they will not fall to Malta demands. Even without Cairo it is not funny and just after reading this post and watching photo, betrayals of revolution has again treated me, perfectly falling into Malta plot. Simon Bolivar is just watching this pigs in silence...


Sunrise Prayer

"When God is born, no power prevails,
Our Lord in nakedness enwound.
All fire congeals, all luster pales,
Contained is He that knows no bound.
Despised, in glory comes untold,
A mortal king for aye to reign.
The Word of God in flesh behold,
Now born to share our life mundane."

by Franciszek Karpiński (1741–1825)

Today, Pope has made first visit after his Christmass accident. Pope Benedict XVI had lunch with the poor and homeless at a soup kitchen in downtown Rome. While i had saw him on tv screen at Gare du Midi i had in my mind another picture. It was day of the ex St. Barabar or as i am saying day of Simon Boliviar. The teutonic celebrations has started when i was beging for money. Started by visit made by three young girls that has bringed me a coup of coffe. Well, it was ex st. Barbara day so coffe was of course poisoned. I did not drinked it but i had noticed that National Security Bearuo did not warned me of this poison. Well, they has but when i already resigned from drinking this coup.

Then crowd from so called Hub = Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel appeared. Giving litte money or last cigarete. But when they was doing this they was always acomplished by sneer. I do not know if they are teached such things during their course or it is just MTV. At the end somebody has appeared on the stage that was playing a role of Nicolaus Sarkozy. The very energetic discusion has started. The problem was that while he was blustering he did not listened at all, just waiting at the effect of this coup and provoking emotions. The heartattack did not occured but i must say ii enjoyed this talk. His main point was that i am beging on the street. Please belive me i would not do this, if i would not be forced by enemies. Traped in Brussels and struggling just for survival. Waiting for Red See to open, for me and my silent supporters. Guarding Angels.

My answer was quite simple. It is nothing wrong to beg, in fact it was a long tradition of various orders including Templar Order that full name was the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. It is same in Islam with Sufism and in Eastern Europe we all knows or we should know another mysthical King of Paupers - Wernyhora and his prophecy. Prophercy that is harassing our leaders in Genral Gouverment so much that they are doing everything to make it reality., as quick as possible When our Sarkozy has asked my why i am there i had replied straight and loudly: 'TO TEACH YOU A RESPECT TO THE POOR'.


Sufism (Arabic: تصوّف‎) taṣawwuf,(Persian: صوفی گری) also spelled as tasavvuf and tasavvof according to the Persian pronunciation, is generally understood to be the inner, mystical dimension of Islam.[1][2][3] A practitioner of this tradition is generally known as a ṣūfī (صُوفِيّ), though some adherents of the tradition reserve this term only for those practitioners who have attained the goals of the Sufi tradition. Another name used for the Sufi seeker is Dervish.

Classical Sufi scholars have defined Sufism as "a science whose objective is the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God."[4] Alternatively, in the words of the renowned Darqawi Sufi teacher Ahmad ibn Ajiba, "a science through which one can know how to travel into the presence of the Divine, purify one’s inner self from filth, and beautify it with a variety of praiseworthy traits."[5]

More: Wikipedia

Yesternight, at Kremlin first page you could notice announcment that some Russian Figure Skauting has won. I do not know then from what Simon Boliviar can be proud looking from back of Hugo Chavez. The fate was again on my backs an this price has recived some else Figure Skater. Gollum seems to still desire my jar with sperm and nothing there has changed we do not see any dimissions just continuation of this farsa. But when i was coming to my camp i has noticed some armored nazi transporter with Iron Black Cross on it. Well, it was some luxury jeep and some SS Muslims was talking with some other poor Islamist militiant, they wanted to have clear way for their 'night pilgrim', he disagreed strongly.

Together with famous Iranian Regim weighlifter Ramazan Ali Teymouri that wanted to trumph so much and bring this holy jar to Gollum, you can see fall of the Islamic Revolution that as with me has turned 30. He was not alone, as Malta is using quite sucessfully, all their paws at west and east to anihilte me and this tribe of God. On the official site of Alathoylah Khomeini news agency you can observe their neglency bolded under headline: Iranians Prepare for Ashoura Mourning. Malta has eated their minds completly and they are beign left by the Almight and the people. Their gestures with reading Koran seems to be merly a joke, if they are not only not defending me but also are attacking, joining this Malta crusade. Gollumn want to have sperm, leave Koran on bookshelf Alatoylahs....

But resistance continues, anyway. Tommorow Beniamin Nethanyahu is going to Egypt to once again hear that our 'Revolutionaries' want me and over thousdand of prisoners for some Israeli soldier. I call this Katz transport of Yoni, as it is something cooked by Malta Order and just executed by this fools, but it is not only obstacle to continuation of this pilgrimage and the story of Egyptan slavery. The Barroso hunt for new head of Europol continues and we can observe another effects of it. Kontur Tusk has sent once again his police officer and he is scored under this news. Also Gordon Brown has lost 'on heart attack' some driving force behind national socialism, just this Saabath. No, of course they are not nazi racists.

National Security Beauro continues their torturs and rapes since at least three years. Almost each beating of heart they are torturing me from thier Radiostation Glwietze. It is so each day and night since so long that i does not remeber when they has started. They are resting on their deck chair somwhere in Warsaw having fun from my opression, threating me constantly. They are resting as once guards in the Auschwitz Birkenauen camp, touturing. Touturing and cooking. What a nature have Lech Kaczynski, if he is doing this while murderors that has damaged our enviromed so much are not only free but are ordering them. I think about both, our glory of America and the Greates Leader of Socialist Movement General Stanley McCrystal and Malta FRA. People in General Gouverment should realy reject both Countur Tusk and Kaczynski, same is true if it comes to America and Obama. I do not who is worst. And beside hunting me, they did nothing good for the country, still acting against our national interes and reason of the state...

I am going out into darkness of the Night, thinking about Egyptan deal and once again signing our prayer.

Sunrise prayer

Every your verdict i will recive hardly
Before your power I will abase oneself.
But protect me Lord from scorn
From hatred guard me God.

Why You are immeasurable good
that none of words can express.
So protect me from hatred
And from scorn save me.

What you will decide, let it happen.
Let your will occur,
but salvate me from hatred
Save me from scorn, Lord.

Jacek Kaczmarskin
N. Tenenbaum


Ahura Mazda

Les nazis n'étaient pas racistes,
d'ailleurs il y avait 60 000 musulmans
dans l'armée allemand

They say in London that Islamic world gets ready to mark Ashura this Sunday. Yesterday after Ayathoylas prayers to the holy nazi jar, we in Brussels had one of most intense sturm. After succession of Kirill, Russian Federation has announced new military doctrine. Doctrine that is mainly usefull for Teutonic crusaders and is perfect for both military invasion on Iran and Velvet Revolution, as the outrage of people and disrespect to insane authorities, will be great. They has been just blinded by the Sun. Gollumn is so desiring my sperm that yesterday Hamas has got heat and joined this insane Teutonic crusade with unusual scorn. The God is leaving them, spurned. It is work of Malta Order that be all power, is countinuing great opus of Adolf Hitler, trying to cut off Piast tribe, tribe of the God, to the last...

Israel kills six Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza

In one of the most deadly outbreaks of Middle East violence in months, Israeli soldiers have killed six Palestinians in two separate incidents.

Three men killed in the Gaza Strip were thought to have been trying to infiltrate into Israel, according to its military. A Hamas security source said the trio were civilians collecting scrap metal.


The Ahura commemorations this year are quite unusual. By martyring he grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, Imam Hussein they has made great prejudice to the Almighty and to remeber it, they are floging themself through centauries. To remeber this raw deal that they did misleded by Satan and to not repeat it. I ame then asking them, on the eve of their commemorations: On the Almighty God, what do you want to do in your Teutonic insanity? Misleaded by the Satan? What you want to achieve by your mad and inhuman act? What you want to show to the world and the people of good will?

Why you at Kremlin are giving such orders and why you Muslim clerics are blindly folowing it? This way you are streghtening people that will in future use this inhuman act, this corruptional colaboration, against you. People that futher will bring opression and terror to your nations, so West will have a reason to liberate you. You are making bigest mistake ever, same that was done with my father and that has proved to be worst way. Today, we hear this Vichy preparations and after morning meeting between some Major of so called Salvation Army and another one, major 'Radosz' Poraj-Wybraniec from the Holy Cross Mountains Brigade, we see again very clrearly Red Swastik Society, while here Baroso hunters are signing for another time Horst Welesel Lied anthem. Loudly as before in Germany that was turning into III Reich.

Horst-Wessel-Lied anthem

Flag high, ranks closed,
The S.A. marches with silent solid steps.
Comrades shot by the red front and reaction
march in spirit with us in our ranks.

The street free for the brown battalions,
The street free for the Storm Troopers.
Millions, full of hope, look up at the swastika;
The day breaks for freedom and for bread.


Nobody should stay neutral in face of such inhumanity. This Nazi perfidion that so much is emanating today from Lyon message that try to paint Shittes pilgrims as the assasint that are defeated by the evil Sunits, need to be broken, if we does not want to drow in the see of hatred and darkness. There should be not place for unity with such inhuman and barbaric people. We need to prove that the message transmited just hours before from Lyon is just a lie. Message that defames both Sunis and Shittes. It is Hitler Muslim SS deviation, that is speaking to us, do not fall brothers and sisters into their ranks.

Ashura fervour builds for world’s Shiite Muslims

The seventh-century martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson brings Shiite Muslims into public places to show their devotion across the Islamic world for the rites of Ashura. The outpouring over the slaying of Imam Hossein in 680 AD builds to a crescendo this Sunday.

Kerbala, in Iraq, where the deed was done, is home to the shrine to the ‘Lord of Martyrs’, south of Baghdad. Iraq has tightened security to protect the pilgrims from Sunni Islamist militants. Kerbala’s governor said 20,000 troops and police had formed eight cordons around the city, with a thousand snipers andbomb-sniffing dogs.


After Hitler has invaded my country, we has experienced unimaginable opression. Stalin, Chruschov, Brezniew and many other soviet era dictators was only continuing it. In so caled 'free' Poland i was working not revealing my history and background, for the people with an dream of reaching Parliament but i was just crushed to the ground by the Nazi. I do not have army under my commandment and i considier my country as under Maltan occupation. I can count only on you and legendary Belgian resistance. Before the II World War our officials was also offered similar 'Danzing' deal but has never accepted it. Whatever they would do, if they would accept it or reject, the end was same. They could only make things worse but stayed loyal to the God and nation, upholding honor. These days so called polish authorities and army is working against me...

Danzing deal

On October 24, 1938, Ribbentrop told Polish Ambasssador Jozef Lipski (1894-1958, Minister, then Ambassador in Berlin, 1932-39), that Germany could offer Poland a "general settlement" of all outstanding questions. He proposed that: (1) Poland would agree to the abrogation of Danzig's status as a Free City and its return to the Reich, as well as to a German extra-territorial highway and railway through the Polish Corridor to Danzig and East Prussia; (2) Poland would join the "Anti-Comintern Pact."* In return, Germany would guarantee the Polish-German frontier and extend the Declaration of Nonaggression of 1934 for 25 years.

*[Oct.25, 1936, German-Italian Pact; Nov. 26. 1936, German-Japanese Pact; Nov. 6, 1937, Italian-Japanese Pact against the Comintern. These pacts came to be known as the Anti-Comintern Pact].

Polish Foreign Minister Jozef Beck (1894-1944, For. Min. 1932-39) instructed Lipski to give a negative answer on Danzig , but say that negotiations were possible to improve German railway traffice and on building a German highway through the Polish Corridor. However, this seems to be have been a gambit to gain time, for there is no trace of any agreement by the Polish "Castle Council" (President, For. Min., Army Chief,and selected others meeting in the President's rooms in the Royal Castle, Warsaw) to this project. Finally, Beck said nothing to the invitation to join the Anti-Comintern Pact, which was equivalent to a refusal.

They has damaged our enviroment so much. Four years ago, they has taken our uncle JPII, exacly two years ago couisness Benazir Buttho. I am going out for a night in my camp thinking about our 'curse' and signing our prayer at the sunrise. Things does not look good...


Pope worthy of husk

On rim standing, God tribe is trembling,
We watch in the awe at Red Sea.

Behind us wall of the world from our people
Stands in the silence, awaits miracle


Sudently one men, not fully on his mind
Climbs on the stone and call to the crowd

I am saying to you, who wants, can disbelive
but this see will split befor us!

I am holding power of faith over this see!
I will come first! I will guide you!

Passage of Poles through Red See
Jacek Kaczmarski, 1983

In Poland we see first effect of new wave of evangelisation and today Janusz Kochanowski, ombudsman has announced on his blog that he has caught a virus of H1N1. I wonder if they will also exterminate him or will sent to psychiatric hospital. Well, in General Gouverment everything is possible but various priests over the world, are calling faithfuls to read this blog, that some are comparing to New Tora. Yesterday Christmas mass in la Chapelle was maybe not so dramatic as at the Vatican but everybody there has feel old spirit of Adam Mickiewicz and the partitioning time.

Priest that has come to give his homily realy feel this place and time, speaking in words that you could hear also from Saint Szczesny-Felinski. He was speaking to faithfulls about many things including their obligation to remeber and spread the Lord words everywhere they can. He was speaking about Louis IX of France and his hig spirituality and the place where he was baptized, place to which he was often returning. The spirituality that after his death has made him a saint, thanks what he is know to the French people even these days. Know as Saint Luis.

The French accent, thanks to Nicolaus Sarkozy achievments and strategies, returned many times. He has also with dedication told a story of Napoleon Bonaparte that when was at peak of his power on some hill with unhidden conceit told that all the glory belongs now to him. Then some officer from the second line has answered, no, all the glory belongs to the God. How Napeolon has ended we all knows, but will our kingpins learn from the past? I doubt.

But this post i want to decicate to somebody else that arm to arm with Queen Elisabeth is acting against me and the Catholic Church. Somebody that i still have a bit of symphaty as some Italians and that as we say in Poland, have more luck that brain. It is Silvio Berlusconi that after his artistic nose incident was trying to take revenge on my person. He was very close to do this and afterwards in Italy they started to notice that, while his doctor was claiming he has lost lot of blood during this 'attack' his chemise was completly clean. Some student has even did a video clip in which he claims that this incident was a fake one. What would then Italian say if Berlusconi would be successfull in his 'revenge'? His opponets would be more that happy...

Such faked claims and 'dramatic' incidents are nothing uncommon if it comes to the Malta Cavalers, it was other Malta Cavaler Lech Kaczynski that has claimed that his mother has caught 'mussen' disese when she was healty. It was also Nicolas Sarkozy on the jogging that has 'fallen' and was take to hospital. But yesterday during the Christmas Mass we was observing some real drama. Something that having in mind old age of our Pope could end with his death. And Silvio Berlusconi was quite aware about this Maltan plot, just posing and sending our Holy Father short message: my government has Christian values. In this diplomatic niuanses you can observe his very bad joke, he also knows that in polish 'values' can be translated to: 'worthy of husk'. No, it was not Berlusconi that has prepared this plot, he was just aware of it and made bad joke to later, again suggest that it was I that was behind this incident. He knows very well my respect to Benedict XVI for following the path of Jean Paul II and such insinuation is just riducolous. We both are cumbersome to Malta FRA...

And indeed today, National Security Beauro of Lech Kaczynski together with Tusk was again threating me of taking to hospital. When i was on Gare du Midi watching Euronews in one moment group of police officers has appeared. On the screen they was screening No Comment clip with Queen Elizabeth. Two of higher rank officers was looking at me, they was thinking about making arrest but has received a phone call. I was watching the clip and i could not hold back from spiting. See what this British Malta FRA did to our Pope. Nobody has taked any consequences and instead both our Malta Cavaler Lech Kaczynski and Donald Tusk are just happy from constantly attacking me, even sending polish troops that later are reported to be killed in 'Iraq' or 'Afghanistan', just like on last Saabath with Kołek. They are free to do such thing to polish Pope, now they are free to, for another time, attack Benedict XVI. Police officer has come to me and just said that i should left train station. I told them that i am sorry and pointed my finger to the telebeam. I told them but look at them. Yes, it was our British FRA, again.

Today, the photo of our husk has appeared and everybody was interested who she was? This plot and the recent break up in the ranks of Kadima party, a party that because of Ehud Olmert and their Cast the Lead i does not like, was designed to give you an easy answer, this husk in read was Livin. But well, we are both alive, oba live, and i can correct you this plot was designed by british FRA and this husk was rather Queen Elisabeth. But who did this Kdima breakup? I am interested as Yoni is and the answer is: Yisrael Katz that once was also member of Kdima. He has taked to Likud all this evil that was so far in Kdima nad Benyamin Nethanyahu need realy beware on him. Well, this time we was lucky, who is digging a holes under some, often is falling to them himself, as we was saing in old Commonwealth of Poland.

But when i was at this telebeam, i had a feeling that i am Yoni and Katz has just bought me a ticket to Uganda, just on my 30. While Queen Elisabeth was pointing her finger on me and stating: yes, i want this one to be shouted out. Some time ago, people from PLO has told me on the street that it was exacly such situation with Yoni. Somebody has ordered him during his Uganda mission. This time i had survived. Oba live...

Pope ‘unfazed’ by security scare

The Vatican insisted the Pope’s Christmas schedule would not be changed as a result of the security scare.

He appeared in front of the crowds in St Peter’s Square at midday to deliver his traditional Urbi and Orbi message and blessing.

He told those gathered that while the world was hit by a serious financial crisis, it was affected even more by a moral crisis and the pain of war and conflict. Immigration was also a subject.

The pontiff said: “In the face of the exodus of those forced to migrate from their homelands because of hunger, intolerance or environmental degradation, the church calls for them to be made welcome.”


Well, i told you that i doubt that our Maltan Cavalery will be able to learn from the past. Just look at the face of Victor Yuschenko, somebody at Malta has did such thing to him and he is still alive. While Victor is blindly serving his opressors from Malta Order. Same is true for others Cavalers. But, tell Silvio Berlusconi that he has just received penance from bishop Radzim Gaudenty, one of my progenitors. And the Italians are closly looking, as Poland and other nations. While I. Well, i still want to reach Vatican, what has been forbriden for us through decades of oprssion behind the Berlin Wall. And because of him and his friend Sarkozy, passage through France is just like Passage of lachs through Red See. Very red see. With both deeply infiltrated by Malta Russian and Iranian Ayatholas repeating words of Queen Elisabeth. Just on Christmas...

PS. No, i am not one of Irish bishops but not only Irish ones should resign....


In Midnight's Silence

It is unbelivable but i had survived this Lebanon deployment palns. Plans to change eagel and the flags, as well Europol plaquet on eugenic one, Wehrmach eagel. American-French plans to create eugenic horde from my holy sperm has been an object of subtel jokes. In Iran they say that US nukes biggest threat to global security. It is a word game again, grandchildrens are called in polish wnuki. And Obama have realy serious problems ahead as elections to the congress are comming closer and closer and people casting their votes will be looking on both our Eagle and Sandomir flag.

Asking what he has did with the survivor of this countless Holocaust, countless
pinking out our Enviroment since Adolf Hitler. What Democrats has did to Nixon for his Watergate scandal is nothing what Republicans can do to him. But he is not alone that will need to face such questions, sooner or later. And Grandfather from Wehrmacht is joking that he wish poles New Year without hangover. In same line situation develop in Russian Federation, Dimitri Medviedev preparing reforms, removing unwanted from the beaucracy and strenghtening Malta paws from Russian Orthodox Church. Also, some there in Europe, espcially in General Gouverment, France, Italy and Great Britian are counting so much on this red swastika vision, and they are still close to achieve it. In same time we are observing unusual backslash at backs of Isreali Kadima party, that is close to colapse. And if somebody can by proud of himsel they are Saudi and Sunni that can just laught from Iranian Shits that, thanks to Kremlin, are repeating same Teutonic logic, calling form my crucificsation. Same ideology that we hear constantly from other Malta pawns at the West...

But today, beside wise words from some priests in the Catholic Church i was also worried by racial buildup in the place where Jesus Christ has come on this earth. The words of so caled Latin Patriarch of the Holy Land, Fuad al-Tuwal are just terrific. In context of my case, calling to end this struggle, it just like calling to slain me. It is so contrasting to the Christmas message of Holy Father, that i am just lacking words to express my opinion, but i am not surprised having in mind crimes commited by bishop Stanislaw Szczepanski (thanks God he will be not new head of Polish church as they planed and this year Christmas was welcomed by new patriarch, Henryk Muszynski). I am calling people like Fuad, to keep loyalty to God and the Pope, not to the Malta as Russian ORthodox Church is doing, that is only instrument of schizm in hands of Buckghingham palace and idiot Gordon Brown. In this particural message from Euronews, crusaders that are comming here to execute me has been called by Gordon Brown 'pilgrmis'. What a pilgrim carry a guns with himself? Was shepherds comming to Wondrous Child to slain him? Did you lost your mind completly? Some women has lost it for sure. Pope has been just knocked minutes ago, by some fanatical husk . I know that he is a problem to some, as i am.

In the polish or more broader slavic struggle for independence and national identity. Struggle that is so old and still actual at least since 1875–1878, since so called Balkan crisis, one of important, for obvious reasons, role has played a so called Christmas hymns. Before i will join 'Pasterka', as we call in polish Christmas mass in la Chapelle i will put here text and videos of some of this wonderfulls and powerfull songs...

In Night's Deep Silence

Words: Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy, Polish Hymn
Other Translations include In Midnight's Silence and Wondrous Child

In night's deep silence,
Clear a voice rings through
Rise up, ye shepherds,
God is born to you:
Quickly now and go ye over
Seek where Bethl'em
star does hover
Haste to greet your Lord,
Haste to greet your Lord.
Haste to greet your Lord.

They went, they found him,
Babe in Manger lies:
Signs which foretold him
Seen with wond'ring eyes:
To their God in homage tender
Words of heart felt greeting render
Songs of greatest joy,
Songs of greatest joy,

Ah, welcome Saviour
Whom we've long desired;
For many long years,
Man for thee aspired;
Kings and prophets waited for thee;
Thou this night to us unworthy
Kingly dost appear,
Kingly dost appear.