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Who runs the Polish School?

Few days ago I had received some mail from Polonia in Deutchland about thier protest against closing of polish school in Munich. At 13 December they has hold last lessons and was forced to close this school. However they say that the problem lies in the Polish Goverment which is not replying from months on thier request for a new location.

Without this support they has been forced to terminate school in which they has teached more that 300 pupils. You can obtain more informations on this issue from:

Dr. Marek Buczkowski
Rankestr. 4
D-80796 M√ľnchen

He asks the Polish Goverment for a reason. However, i think that there can be crystal clear reason releated to his Vienna activites about which you can read more here.

It is interesting but I had found also another record of Mr. Buczkowski on the polish golden-line site that is releated to organization of the Military Expositions: Balt Military Expo. Maybe they are running the familly buissnes, or maybe even this is just this same person? I do not have time to check this, but i know this issue is very serious.

So before Dr. Marek asks, maybe he first need to reply to some question of polish counter intelligence service about his 'teachings' and the links to the German BND services?

Well, i think that some line has just been terminated and they are waiting on the polish soil to ask very hard questions to Dr. Buczkowski. It looks also that this particual issue is connected to the recent scandal in the Polish Parliament and some Members of Parliament that has just used thier immunity against arrests.

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