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The Unmeet Promise - The Fatherheart

Well, today while i still count this magical 11 days between St. Nicolaus and the 17-th December, but still with hope that i will see the 12 day, I would like to take you in a some sentimetnal journey to the hearth of my Fatherland - Poraj. I would like to do this throught one of my flrick set that you can find in Tautur II gallery. There is another one - Tautur I gallery - that contains my portraits and some additionall valluabe lithographies.

But in this set you can find pictures taken from the book 'Voor Wie Een Hart Heeft...' - Samengestekd door by Ted van Turnhout and many others from the New York-Haag-Stokholm connection like Tomas Ross, Jhon Ruskin, Bob den Uyl, Jan Brusse and Jan Wolfers.

They call this book "Een Boek Voor De Nederlandse Hartstichting'.

Some years ago i had found a drawing notebook from XIX centaury which has contained drawings from Poraj - hard-core of the land of the Radost Bishop familly. In that time our city that is located near three artifical hills which originaly served as a monumental kurhans - the Mountain Yasna, the Mountain Belt Choron and the Mountain Raich - was a technical station on the rail-road Warszawa - Wieden.

The illustrations that you can find in this set and book are very close to how Poraj and bischop favorite place has been around the XVI century when the Commonwealth of Both People - or the Great Croatia - as we was saying in our familly - was the biggest power in the Europe and thanks to thier diplomatic corp and the money, maybe even all over the world.

But this book is also some kind of a familly story, very dramatic one. A story about some promise and legacy of not only my familly but also the polish nation. It contains stories of the fate of False and True Jan's.

While the False Jan Radosz aka 'Chemik' on the papers from the MO was 'exported' between 1979-80 to the United States where he has teached in Wisconsis Ms. Rebbecka Dunham (this one that you can find on the another blog post here), the true one has received series of the electro-shocks and chemical coctails about which you can read here.

The promise of returning the Radziwill legacy to his orginal sins was never meet and the big powers still are acting in the defense of the biggest fraud ever!

On the almost last slide of my set you can find a very speciall image from the millitary archive of some monumentum that was founded as the Radziwill conspiracy in 1764 but this time by the Polish Marshall Jozef Pilsudzki in another Poraj in the Kielce region. It was founded for almost this same purpose as an orignal sign of the Radziwill Hetman - to be a proof that the Marshall had a children that again needed to be protected by the conspiracy in this very difficult time. Marshall himself has hidden his identity under false and very unique name - Pilsudzki.

In my Poraj. The original one, you can find the monumentum of our Marshall as well as other famous places that are know to the peoples from various legends and stories. You can also find original breedery of the original champion dog, togther which i has spent first years of my very difficult childchood in very complicated world of the PRL. You can find many signs and places that are also faous from the television and the movies.

Here are two another collections: Tautur I, Tautur II.

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