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Through very dead sea...

Today (18.XII) is the day O Adonai - a day of the Lord and the Ruler. I will tell you more about some ruler or even circle of them that as the Moses did want to come trought the sea to liberate his nation from the justice, the morality and the ethics requied by the European Union.... But this sea is a sea of the very dead victims and thier nations really do not to leave us...

O Adonai (December 18)

O Lord and Ruler,
you appeared to Moses in the fire of the burning bush,
and on Mount Sinai gave him your Law.
Come, and with outstretched arm redeem us.

Well, i think i do not need to say about which Rulers i think and which Queen leads them into this very Dead Sea. I am affraid that if they will follow them, they will not cross the sea as the Moses did, but instead they will drow somwhere in the middle. It will happen because they has gone realy creazy and still are going in very wrong directions, like a lemmings, under this false leadership.

They are just acting by pursuing thier total arrogance strategy and following 'a row by row' path as in the poem 'Ode to the confederate dead'. On the 18th November as you can read in the post from the Midle-East, the casefire, a truce, has casseted. Now go back for a moment in one of my post and read about my fear of ending my life on the 17th December, my familly hollidays...

I told You that i will tell you why i passed throught this gateway. I was poisoned, but as usual in this business, there is also antidotum. While i had feel worst and worst day by day i had left a shocking testamento that i had wroten on the package of the swiss chockolade that was beautified by the pigeon shit. Well, i as my ancestros have very artistic soul. But the words that was wroten there was really strong and shocking for the enemy. If i will die without child i had transfered my rights to the Radziwill legecy on the very enemy of the Israel, that after thier fraud fully owns what should belongs to my familly.

Without finding the cure, they will be left in huge troubles as for instance some of the Hotels could go directly into the hands of the Hamas or the Hezbullah movement. And the Washington Post into Russian one. What by the way will be truly ballancing move in thier western world where there is almost no space for freedom of expression, at least on the mass scale... If they will find me death on the 18th December, it will be the best confession of thier serial crimes...

But there is another ruler on the Horizon, that sometimes call me a friend while is acting just as the Emperor that is still defending the bigest fraud ever, like an owner of the world without any borders. When yesterday i was walking around the city, on the Dam Squre, near the Palace, i saw a lagre group of semi-millitary police vehicles and thier teams. It looks that this anti-terror wave has finaly come to this so-called Kingdom.

But as usual, the Dutch goverment, has mixed the list of people linked to the royal file with the people, wich i will call the bodyguards. The first part of the list has comm from the Kremlin and the second was the contribution of the Israel and thier american servant. This was some kind of 'nativity-scene' for the public and the police itself. This is long used tactics in this land. In very same maner some of the Nazi has survived end of the II World War, by beign traded or exchanged for other peoples.

I really thank for such Western contribution which was simply defensive move... In this case there should be no place for the negotiations with the terrorist whatever they are from the White House, the Pentagon or the regime of Israel itself!!!

And i must say that I do not belive that the current goverement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (and some others) is cappable of solving this case in the correct way! I see this ugliness tactic repeated again and again. This night was very special night when the truce between Hamas and Israel has faded away, so i am happy that there was at least some from the royal file that had been touched by the Justice. Most of them, as usual is living happy in the luxury... Some even in the building which should belongs to my familly, and they are so arogant that has even put the flag of the European Union on the roofs.

Just imagine such scenario. The Police finds me death on the end of truce, later makes some arrest and using fabricated proofs is blaming let say Russians group that was arrested yesterday. They would simply say that Russians has sacrificed me to heat an hate between current regim of the Israel and the Palestinian people!

I will give you one advice in the name of the Lord, solve this case in the correct way, because there is no place for negotiations and this criminals need to face the justice without any form of 'exchange'. On the 2 April you will be celebrating the death of our Pope, later 60th anniversary of the NATO and if you will stay on your course, this country can be really throwed out of the European Union. And i will personaly take care of this once i will take a seat in the European Parliament in the Juni next year! There is no mercy for this people. Texas is ready to serve them sentences, yes, some are going to meet the death!

And the Lord has told that this is good! You do not belive, then take a look at the Holly Bible and read the story of the King Jehu and the Cult of Baal!

Jehu Eliminates the Baal Cult

Jehu had eliminated Ahab's heirs; now he was determined to eliminate his evil legacy — the cult of Baal worship. He secured the aid of his friend Jehonadab, and the two of them constructed an elaborate and devious scheme.

Jehu announced that he intended to sponsor a bigger and better Baal worship than Ahab ever had, and his innovations were to be inaugurated at a huge festival. Priests of Baal who failed to attend were threatened with capital punishment, and when roll was taken, not one was absent. These priests were marked with special robes made for the occasion. Jehu then ordered the priests to assure that no one who worshipped the LORD was present — only priests of Baal. This done, Jehu escorted the priests inside the shrine.

While Jehu officiated over the sacrifice, his 80 co-conspirators surrounded the building. At his signal, they entered and began the slaughter; not one priest escaped. They then demolished the shrine and desecrated altars and implements, converting the site into a garbage dump.

The LORD rewarded Jehu's obedience with the promise that four more generations of his descendents would be his heirs as king of Israel. This was the longest line of kings in Israel's history. By contrast, every king of Judah was from the line of King David.

Even though he destroyed Baal worship, Jehu never took action against the golden calf cult established by King Jeroboam. Even so, Jehu enjoys the distinction of being the only king of the separate kingdom of Israel applauded by God for his obedience.

Source: 2 Kings 10:15-31 1

And the God has said that it was good!

2 Kings 10:30-31 And the LORD said unto Jehu, Because thou hast done well in executing that which is right in mine eyes, and hast done unto the house of Ahab according to all that was in mine heart, thy children of the fourth generation shall sit on the throne of Israel.

This is my advice to all the leaders of the free world and the United States. Be like Jehu and make a true Armageddon for this Baal worshipers. The scale of thier fraud, thier crimes is so huge that there is no place for the negotiations...

This is how Mr. Toda acted in the post-war Japan with the nazist culltists. He has prepared some kind of 'the execution', spectacular show, treating them in the Jehu style. However, later he has died on ... the 2 April and his work and plans has been again stolen, and the clearing process has never been finished. And the effects? Well, you can see it here, on this blog...

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