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Brand New Testamento

When "Panie Kochanku" was observing a situtation in which our beloved Commonwealth has been traped, he has used some old fortel and has gave the birth to the legend of Romanowowie dynasty. Because he has saw the troubles that has come together with formation of the Utrecht Familly and thier polish arm - he has been watching the schwartz clouds that started to gather on our sky. Our Fatherland was in great danger, indeed. He was not stupid and has rembered old familly tradition - he just has switched childrens on the Russian throne.

To save thier line, he has hidden his older son as a farm hand. He was very aware about the situation, so has used old patent that was used many times before. The idea was just like with Christ or prophet Mahomet, at good time they will announce the truth to the world and his hidden children will reclaim the throne. To protect his childrens he has founded a conspiracy on the land of the familly bishop. He has no idea that this conspiracy will last for four houndred years. Our old enemies has won and Commonwealth of Both Peoples has disappeared from the map. Old louge of free-masonry has gone deply underground and the whole freemasonry movement was officially forbriden by Pius IX. Participation in the freemasonry logue was punished by death. This was time whe The Illuminati of Bavaria has been founded and replaced souveren and independent national logues of the freemasonry by introducing single global uniform model...

Well, this conspiracy worked very well, and we has survived houndred of years of the occupation from the Russia, Prus Empire, Austria, III Reich and even the Sovied Union (which was, oh ironio, called from our name - Zwiazek Radziecki - to let you understand how deep this conspiracy was). We was so influential that our flag (the Coat of arms of Sandomir) has been put even on the roof of the White House, as a sign of some, never meet, promise. One of us has been called in the Belgium - a dadi architect - as he has found this Kingdom. You can find our faces in many famous places, by just taking a look at our famous muff - you will very easilly recoginze members of the familly, even if they has hiden or was not aware of thier true name (some to this day are not aware about the cause of this conspiracy).

Many in the soviet block remebers very famous tv serial - The Four Armoured and the Dog. The tank on which they was liberating, together with thier true brothers on Western side of Europe, Poland and other lands, was called Rudy. Not many knows why and a reson is a bear of one of our ancestors - the Hetman Mikolaj Radziwill Rudy.

While facts has been mixed with the ficition, the people and some stories in this seriall was true. There was true Janek, the true dog - Szarik and this legend. After the war it has become to problematic to the soviet to tell the world truth or maybe they was to affraid of the consequences (my father was very religious and even wanted to name me Roch - what could be very problematic for me as it is very old catholic name comming from the Saint Roch - which was also kind of the member of our familly - which comes from bishop Radost). We was living in deep conspiracy.

But i remeber the dog - true one, not the actor used in the serial- true champion from the old Piast husbandry. He was orginal sin from the royal line just as i am from the line of Radziwill dynasty. My dog, that was like father to me, has been poisoned and his line has been killed by people i call to this day Badylarze. My father has been mentally terminated - has received serries of an electro-shocks and chemical coctails by our traditional enemies - the Malta Order (MO) - that at this time in Poland was opperating under the name of Milicja Obywatelska (MO).

Yes, the Radziwill familly was one of the most richest and influential one, even after lost of our country, lands and other material values. But our members, when discovered by the enemies, usually has found very sad end. At least if i look back in time of the occupation, that has never ended. The famillies that are our traditional enemies and comes from the sphere of influence (or maybe rather corruption) of the Malta Order are still in power, there is no Commonwealth of Poland on map i did not received the legacy that should belong to me and in buildings that has belonged to our familly i see strange people that are ethier crazy or has faked thier owning titles.

The best example is the Radisson Hotel in Amsterdam (or many others) that has been re-branded, they has added 'SAS' - just like the name of the british secret services and changed colours from red (in sanscript RA - means RED) to the blue (blue and yellow are colours of Pope Pius and 'anti-noblemans' that comes from common people and has recieved 'paper' noble titles in the time of formation of the Illuminati of Bavaria).

You can of course do not belive me. But you must be aware that there are lots of documents that has been left by my ancestors in different part of the Europe and the World that will confirm you this fact. Because our line was very influential in the old times - we has been giving noble titles and even familly names not only to the people but also to the places - you can hear this in the air and see it on the maps, as well as in the calendar of our history... It is designed in this way, beacuase this 2patent was used many times before throught milleniums... It is like a Rebus, and as Silvester II has said sounds will be best guide in the theological dispute...

In my post bellow you will find very important map that has been left in 1764 - very important year in our history - look at it it, is also like some kind of testamento, the proof and the guide - together with the documents that has been left while this conspiracy has been founded. And the aim of it was one - at the correct time - original son of the Radziwill will reclaim all the titles and the legacy...

The problem is that throught last hundreds years there was simply no good time for this... Marshall Pilsudzki wanted to do this, when he will show Hittler a mountain Raich and will tell him a story of our familly and Kwarzmains and the Piast, as well Juranie which he called Arians. This would be of course a shock... And, well, on the lairs in which Adolf Hitler has belived some has builded a faked state of Israel. For them this revelation is as much dangerous as a somebody that is rightful squire of the Legacy of Commonwealth of Both Nations!

However, our Marshall has been poisoned by the very people of some famous Zbor on Polish Zaolzie and polish army did not received a call beck from London. Yes, in 1936 there was plans to attack together with the soviet army (remember that indeed Marshall and Stalin was a cousins) Nazis, just before the Olympic Game and the General Baptist (posioned on 2 IV 1936) was preparing a punch from the West. But London was waiting for Pentagon that was under influence of the DuPont familly - very close friends and pupils of ... Adolf Hitler....

You need to rember about this, they has said that Marshall Pilsudzki was a fashist. Yes, indeed, but the true one. They also says that he wanted to attack Moscow - well, the truth was opposite - but they did everything to keep Adolf in this faith, while the Stalin had the army ready to join polish one in the Brzesc and just crush the regime of Adolf Hitler on the eve of the Olympic games in Berlin. And just imagine what effect could have to reveal that Kwarzmians was just a Piast dynasty. Adolf then would be just a clown for his cultists.

But somebody has told him this very deep secret, that was not even know to the polish public - to just have an advantage of surprise attack from West and East and a trully killing propaganda - a true revelation of the Baptists... This person was probably a Katharine Dunham - a matchmaker (or maybe even a mother) of our president neglect Barrack Obama (Agent Joy from NSA - you can find more about this in my galleries - check a links on the right side of page)...

But this was long time ago. I had never reclaimed my titles and this truth just recently, pice by pice, is revelead to the public opinion. And now, while so many wonderfull things happends in Amsterdam where I am right now and all over the world (poisoning of Leader of Russian Orthodox Church, bestial killing of some young protester in Malta - just like Przemyk in Poland - to take the public attention off when MO has taked my father - and last week assasination attempt of my person) .

I would like also, as he, to left last testamento. I do not feel good, and whith each day i feel worst and worst. I know technics that are used by the Order of Malta and i thnik that my days are counted. If i am right i has been poisoned on the 6 December and as MO toxin takes exacly 11 days before death - i will just fade away on 17 December - just like Rumi or Simon Boliviar - that has also received such a gift from the Malta Order on the 6 December.

There is huge list of persons that has received this '11 days' poison from Malta Nicolaus you can find it here. They say that Rumi has called a death to himself, but i think that he did this just by revealing to much to the public. He has wroten and sayd to much... To much of truth.... And for some it could be to painfull, so they has responded as they have in thier manner - by poison.

But, i would like to ask you, my dear reader, as some old master in Japan - Mr. Toda - do one basic favor for me and write on the stone in place where they will put my bones - all the titles that should be know to the world and which still belongs to me. Just in case if i will left this world and the angels in ray will say to me that i did not has caugh the famous kolka... Ohh, i love St. Nicolaus culltists, my rybenko...

In the mean time i has wroten down full version of testamento on the paper. Here to confirm it, i will summarize what i had wrote... And remeber that according to polish law - words have this same power as the signature - and there are masses that already has heard the content of it.

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