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The Sanation Elevator

Today is 17 December, as you know from my previous post this is my familly day - The Chad Holliday, but this is also day that marks a begining of the post-advent time in the Chatholic Church and the last week before comming of the Bethleyem Star. In different cultures, there is a poganic tradition of giving a small gifts to the children and other persons.

However, there is a fundamental difference in time when we gives prezzies sometimes it is 6th December, sometimes 24th December, there is even another variant to give it on the Easter. Also a person that gives this presents is called differently in West it is usually called the Santa Claus, in Poland Swiety Mikolaj and in time of Commonwealth also The Nestor. In Russia to this day, it is the Gwiazdor that gives a gifts to the kids.

In the Ancient Rome it was 17 December when people was not only giving small gift but also was for this day changing a places. And to mark some ancient tradition, the slaves very often changed thier places with the masters. In thier sister Greece, this day was however a sad one, to mark a death of Sant Barbaros. However, this tradition that comes from pagan tradition was changed by the Church hundreds years ago to celebrate another saint, a Prophet Daniel. Personaly, i think there was very serious reason of this move from the Papal...

So today, in the modern time, we call this day in the Church the day of Wisdom. Also knows as O Sapientia.

O Sapientia (December 17)

O Wisdom, coming forth from the mouth of the Most High,

reaching from one end to the other mightily,

and sweetly ordering all things:

Come and teach us the way of prudence.

Today i would like you to tell very instructive story that has take a place for real in 2006 in some pre-war building with very unique elevator. I think it was some kind of 'cursed' place. However, before i would like to point you to another one about very similar place, also on the roof of unique building, but in the New York City. The story of the appartment of Benazir Bhutto.

Benazir Bhutto's cursed Apartment

The apartment of Benazir Bhutto in Manhattan, the city’s most expensive area, has a dark and mysterious history. For a visitor, it is a beautifully furnished penthouse, with panoramic views of the East River. But it has often been unkind to its buyers.

The story goes that whoever has tried to buy it has died, either before the purchase or afterwards. One potential buyer dropped the idea of buying the apartment at the close of the deal, only because he felt afraid he would meet a tragic end, the apartment’s ex-owner Seema Boesky has said.

Two persons decided to finally buy it, one after the other. The first died before buying the property and the other — Benazir Bhutto — was killed a year after buying the penthouse, Seema Boesky said.

Belair Apartments, a 42-storey building that houses the Bhutto-Zardari penthouse,is located on 524-E, 72nd street between York Avenue and the FDR drive. In October 2006, a plane carrying a famous baseball player, Cory Liddle, crashed into this building, leaving Liddle and his co-pilot dead.

“My first buyer dropped dead at the closing,” Seema writes in the April issue of The Wag magazine. The second, with contract in hand, bolted down 47 flight of stairs, never to be heard from again, she further writes in her article titled: “The Cursed Apartment.”

Mentioning the final buyer of the apartment, who had bought it last year, she writes that one year later, newspaper headlines proved those who feel there is a curse on the apartment were right. “The sale has left me feeling sad ever since. My buyer? Benazir Bhutto!”

She said even her real estate broker was forced to believe that the apartment’s “karma” (luck) was questionable. Recalling her deal with Benazir Bhutto the final buyer, she said she was sick of meeting potential buyers but her real estate broker said that this time the client was some important person who preferred anonymity.

Before Ms Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari went to visit the apartment. “The husband came alone for the early meetings. He was charming, attractive, in his 50s, and extremely chatty while his crew took measurements and photos,” she writes drawing a sketch of Zardari, the PPP’s co-chairperson.

He mentioned this was their first home in New York, and that his wife was a workaholic who travelled constantly, Seema writes recalling her conversation with Zardari who was by that time living in New York’s Manhattan area, first in a hotel and later shifting to the apartment of a friend, Mona Shah.


Well, so you see that there are some kind of cursed places indeed. I will in moment take you by the elevator on the roof of the another one that i and my friend Mikolaj Frydrychowicz has found in Warszawa. But before, i would like to point you yet again to a 'curse' of Benazir, this time it will be not about place, but about thier 'political' dynasty. I hope, that you will see clearly, the similarities to my story. I hope also, that you will see that while this 'curse' is a mystery, there is a fully resonable explanations and true people behind it...

Bhuttos: 'Cursed' political dynasty

Like the Nehru-Gandhi family in India and the Kennedys in America, the Bhuttos of Pakistan are one of the world's most famous - and troubled - political dynasties.

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto is the latest in a string of violent and sometimes mysterious deaths which have led people to describe the family as cursed.

Benazir's elderly mother, Nusrat, has now seen the lives of her husband, elder daughter and two sons all cut short.

Just one daughter, Sanam, survives.

More: BBC
So you see... So let see even more and go back to the begining of August 2006. I was just changing jobs in that time, but had just finished a fight against novelisation of the polish drug prevention law that has been made by Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro (PiS). I was forced to drop this political fight as i was throw out from the previous govermental company, after they has changed thier top boss in the atmosphere of huge scandal. I had been asked to stop my political activities or my chief will be forced to fire me. I had refused that and joked that maybe some day they will make me a monumentum for me.

I had found good job very quickly. Maybe i will write about it someday, as about this scandal in which somebody wanted to connect my strictly political activities with the former CEO of this insurance company and even claimed that he has supported me because i was involved in the mafia.

Anyway, i was living thees days in the old building, one of very few that has survived the II World War, near the Poniatowski bridge on the street of the Thrid May - a day of the announcment of the Constitution of Comonwealth of Both Peoples. The second one in the world and the first in the Europe.

This building was so unique also because of the only one elevator from the Secesja style that has survived the war. It was very beautifull appartment in the old style on the roof of this building. Before me, some assistent to the Member of the Parliament was living there.

I droped this particural case with the Minister of Justice, as it was not so harmfull for the human rights of the drug users and the pressure he has put on me was to high for me at this moment. Well, to some point i was very victorious and had even been able to throw this novelisation back to the Parliamentary Comission but i needed to give up under the Ministerial pressure. However, i was still active and had just appointed a consultation between me, my friend Mikolaj Frydrychowicz and some activist from a millitary infiltrated group run by Mr. Gota, an informal adept of the Munich School and the pupil of the infamous General Polko from the Polish National Security Agency.

We was making a strategy towards next months, as we was cooperating with Mikolaj and I was trying to reincarnate our association that was fighting for a human rights of the drug users. Mikolaj was thinking more broadly and was in past month involved with many ultra-left initatives as well was one of the persons that was representing Prof. Szyszkowska that was candidate on the President. He has invited us to some demonstration under the slogan 'GMO - Giertych Must gO!' - (Mr. Giertych was an educational Minister from ultra-right LPR party). He has left me a badge from his GMO campaign, so i remeber this meeting very well, as he has not showed up on the demonstration...

Of course the meeting was not only about the politics but we just enjoyed part of the time on more social things, like smoking a joints, joking and drinking a Tequilla. We was in very small cricle. The problem is that somebody has put a poison to one of the glasses. And i had missed my one.

I do not remeber if it was exacly 11 days later, as well it was not the Pope to care to much for the details, but some time later, the 33 years old Mikolaj Frydrychowicz has been found death in his appartment. I am sure that he has drinked a poisoned drink just by mistake. Why? Because just two months later on 1 November they has found dead Mr. Litvinienko. Of course all the world media has pointed thier fingers on the Russians.

I must say you that there was a gossip that Mikolaj was an russian agent. If even not, he was member of the Russian Orthodox Church and has come from the east background. Now imagine what would happen if instead of him that will be I that had drinked this poison. Of course all the media in Poland would point thier fingers on the Mikolaj, not this second guy linked to the German BND. They would shout that this was work of the Russian GRU.

However, it was Mikolaj, that by mistake has drinked this poison. And this russian guy, on which they has made a claim that he was murderer of Litvinienko, well, just few weeks ago, he has announced that he will go to London and will tell them everything. Because it was not the Russians but the famous MO that was behind this plot...

And in the next post i will tell you why i has passed throught this famous 11-12 gateway. So famous because of the very long occult tradition and the poisons used by the enemy...

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