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PDFka - Yet another baronessa

I do not know if this should be called a familly curse, a evil ritte that is performed in cycles since the time of Dr. Wesel or simply some huge effort to crush our original line out of this planet and make this biggest fraud ever safe forever, but it is nothing new for me to face a death. It is nothing new that around me people that knows to much about truth on my familly or are members of it are dying from poisons, strokes and guns and knifes or like in case of my father are 'mentally terminated' by electroshock.

But i know for sure who is behind this as i had spent years trying to solve this mysterious puzzle. I know very well who is from hundreds of years making this famous hunt on foxes and i must say that he is very sucessfull in this, acting in the scheme that has traped my familly on  hundreds of years...

I think that each of us that has appeared on the so called world stage in the full of power like our Marshall or just with a strong inter-national spirit, sooner or later meets thier Baronessa - an agent of the enemy. It is also a case for me.

However this time i am not gona into personal details of this person and relationship we had. Let say that he was living in the house next to the house of of some recently arested 'famous enviromental protector' and security officer that was involved in many deadly actions during the soviet time and currently. Her mother was a director of scandinavian branch of the DuPont company. Well, netherless i had come without prejunctions, however i must say i was not aware about role of thier familly in the fate of my father.

But what i want to share with you now is some PDF file. Just recently you could seen some very breatfull action of some in Iraq that to demonstrate his opposition to the constant lies presented by the President of the United States has throwed a boot into his direction on the front of the television cammers.

Around April this year there was some other such action, this time from the brave partisants of the Mahdi Army that has throwed in the American Congress some pile just into face of Ms. Condoleeza Rice. She was so shocked by the content of this file, that just after watching it, she has announced that in the new administration she is not going to take a position of the Vice-president.

The content, or at least part of it, was produced by me, just in case of another dirty move from the side of the NATO forces. It is just releated to some rite - very dirty one - designed to corrupt as much persons as possible. Which they was executing to remove all witnesses...

The event that are illustrated in this PDF has happend on this same night that the dead of the Pope Jean Paul II - on the 2 April 2005 - very specyfic DDay. It was time on which my Baronessa after 11 days and nights of our parting has meet with me again. On this same night as the death of Pope she has announced me that we are going to split forever. It was very emotional night for me. But, by some bad-luck, for whole world. Ehh, well, did this two events correlated by accident? Was the death of our Pope realy natural? What i had found forces me to answer on both question NO!

Especially after i had found that it was just some corruption rite designed to corrupt people and that on this very special day - 2 April - as on my familly Chad Hollidays - 17 December - so many enlighted people has died - by disese or in other strange conditions on this days.

To make this case worse - i must say - that i had found on the blog of one of her very millitary friend a very speciall entry - that i will remeber forever - an entry that was done on the DDay - 2 April 2005....

I died so beautifully for this unwroten 11 days.
And i think it will stay this way forever.

Well, i had also found the reasons and many other details of this purple case and the methods used in this spectacular crime. I must say, that in opposition to Witkacy or other members of the familly i was not millitary agent at any point of the time, but many are respecting my honorary title that belongs to my familly - the Hetman. But on the eve of my familly day - please my brothers and sisters, stay tuned, and pray for me to the God, so maybe i will see the 12 day. Tomorrow, our familly will have very special Chad Hollidays...

And for now just see the PDF that the Secreatary of the State has saw in the U.S. Congress thanks to our brothers from the Mahdi army. Enjoy.

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